Who Giovanni Rossi Lomanitz was

Who Giovanni Rossi Lomanitz aka Ross Lomanitz was,

played by Oliver Johnstone in  RSC Oppenheimer:


extract from books.google.it



Rossi Lomanitz

They look very similar, isn’t it?

According to what this article says, and to the kind of roles he played so far, I think Oliver with his gentle manners is perfect for the role:

“[…] Barry Sabol, one of his former students, said Lomanitz was known for his kind, even-tempered personality and his way of treating everyone with respect, regardless of age. […] Moore said students loved Lomanitz’s outgoing, friendly nature. He was noted for having “a very good relationship with just about everybody he knew.” […]”

And “[…] Giovanni Rossi Lomanitz was born in Oklahoma. He graduated from high school at age 14. He went to graduate school in the early 1940s at the University of California at Berkeley.  […] His graduate research was cut short by service in the Army during World War II. […] Lomanitz, Oppenheimer and a number of other prominent Americans fell victim to the anti-Communist hysteria brought about by U.S. Sen. Joe McCarthy. […] Lomanitz was called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee in Washington, D.C. He adamantly asserted his loyalty to the United States. He also invoked the Fifth Amendment, declining to implicate either himself or others in involvement with alleged Communist activities, according to the Tech release. “As a result of all that, (Lomanitz) got blacklisted,” said Moore, referring to the practice of discriminating against people and refusing them employment. […]”

So this review on Oliver’s performance spot on:

“[…] Oliver Johnstone makes the teenage genius, Lomanitz, a real treatand the scene where he returns from the front line and begs Oppenheimer for assistance in securing employment is heart-breaking. […]”



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