Oppenheimer – how a loaded gun was dropped in the playground


Stratford-upon-Avon, RSC Swan Theatre 15 January until 7 March 2015

A brilliant inquisitive mind, a thinker, knowledgeable in Eastern and Western philosophies, a womanizer, Oppenheimer was many things, but most of all, he revelled in the beauty of
nature’s set-up.Oppenheimer production photos_ 2015_ press photocall_Photo by Keith Pattison _c_ RSC_RsC.Oppie.4814

Tom Morton Smith’s new play allows the audience manifold angles from which to form their opinion, only to scramble it again, minutes later. Not a mad scientist, not a ruthless mass murderer, but then, there are moments…

John Heffernan is Oppenheimer, lives and breathes Oppie, has him soft and vulnerable and utterly detached within the wink of an eye.
Oppie’s team, his women, his brother, the army environment, every turning away refocuses the view on the spell that Heffernan has his character bind his world with.
Jean Tatlock, Oppenheimer’s on-and-off lover, is played by Catherine Steadman and she leaves no doubt about why these two were drawn to each other…

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