I saw Oppenheimer in London!

O programme cover

Finally I saw “Oppenheimer” in London! And I’m so pleased I had the chance to see it four times in eight days and to have met some elements of the terrific cast after the show! Will write longer report soon.

And I’m so pleased I met Oliver, too! He seems a nice young man and he was so kind in signing my programme, like some of the other actors (although I didn’t mention my site to him, fearing to seem cheeky, I just praised the wonderful show and his performance…).

I’m agree with this review and the comment on Oliver:

[…] Oliver Johnstone makes the teenage genius, Lomanitz, a real treatand the scene where he returns from the front line and begs Oppenheimer for assistance in securing employment is heart-breaking. […]

and I agree on the other actors Stephen Collins praised.

I loved all the characters, all had both moving and funny scenes, but those who will stay in my heart will be: R.J.Oppenheimer, Jean, the Serbers, Lomanitz, Wilson, Teller and Little Boy played my favorite performers (John Heffernan, Catherine Steadman, Jamie Wilkes, Sandy Foster – Oliver – Jack Holden, Ben Allen and Barney Fitzpatrick). I’ll continue to follow their careers.


But the others worth a mention:
Haakon Chevalier and Richard Feynman played by Ross Armstrong
Joe Weinberg and Tibbets played by Daniel Boyd
Kenneth Nichols played by Vincent Carmichael
Ruth Tolman and Waitress played by Laura Cubitt
Jackie Oppenheimer played by Hedydd Dylan
General Leslie Groves played by William Gaminara
Frank Oppenheimer played by Michael Grady-Hall
Klaus Fuchs/Richard Harrison/Soldier 1/Military Policeman played by Bradley Hall (brilliant!)
Peer Da Silva played by Andrew Langtree
Hans Bethe played by Tom McCall
Kitty Puening Harrison played by Thomasin Rand

Luis Alvarez played by Toby Webster
Einstein played by Jamie Wilkes




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