If I could suggest Oliver a role…

This is not a news, but just an idea that came to my mind…

Not that I’m able to suggest roles to anyone, but I’d really love to do it once in my life and would be this one!

I was reading again the fantastic book “HORST – Photographer of style” on the German-American photographer Horst P. Horst from the wonderful exhibition I saw last year at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London.

One of his portraits, taken by George Hoyningen-Huene in 1931, makes me think Oliver Johnstone could play him as young artist in a movie or, even better, a play on stage.

I usually don’t like biopics when they’re pure commercial projects, but I would watch this one, because Horst was one of my favorite artists of XX Century and Oliver is such a talented actor and smart, as Horst was smart!

Maybe it’s just me who sees the possibility, but here, from my book:

Horst 1931

And, why not, John Heffernan could play Hoyningen-Huene, his lover for some time and 7 years older! Just a suggestion, hehe!


And Catherine Steadman as their model and muse Lisa Fonssagrives?

Lisa Fonssagrives

Oh well, I know they wouldn’t necessary be his Oppie’s colleagues, but…let me imagine it…


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