Teddy Ferrara Press Night After Party and reviews

So yesterday night the Press Night of Teddy Ferrara took place. And here two amazing galleries of the P. N. After Party (see them through the images):

Wooller gallery (58 pictures)

Teddy Ferrara Press Night After Party - Dan Wooller gallery

Getty Images gallery (15 pictures)

Teddy Ferrara Press Night After Party - Getty Images galleryI will post just the ones with Oliver on the Events  gallery here on my site, but they’re all very nice!



I’m finding several reviews from the Press Night and before: unfortunately they are from good to bad, from no stars to four stars, which I find strange, but at least all the journalists seem to have a good opinion about the terrific cast. I feel sorry because I’ve seen it finally and I found Teddy Ferrara very good, maybe just the ending could be a bit better explained. Anyway, probably its good when a play divides.

 Press Night reviews

With (*) talk about Oliver’s performance / with (#) talk only about Drew as character. See the Reviews where I copied words about Oliver’s performance.

1 star


2 stars






3 stars












4 stars






(no stars)




















I add again the first reviews from previews 2-6 October:

3 stars



(no stars)

http://lukenewberryfans.tumblr.com/post/130697028060/teddy-ferrara-review (*)

http://theatre.revstan.com/2015/10/review-teddy-ferrara-donmar-warehouse.html (#)


I will add them to this post as soon as I find them, in the next days as well.


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