A Professor on Stage, by David Lee Summers

Yesterday in my research, I found by chance that lovely blog post on the late Giovanni Rossi Lomanitz, with refer to the play “Oppenheimer”.

A Professor on Stage, by David Lee Summers, 27 June 2015

<<This last week, I was surfing the internet when I came across references to a play called Oppenheimer put on by the Royal Shakespeare Company in England. One of the characters in the play was J. Robert Oppenheimer’s young protégé, Giovanni Rossi Lomanitz. Thing is, Ross Lomanitz was one of my professors at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Here he is as I knew him.


Huffington Post UK has a review of the play, which also includes a photo of actor Oliver Johnstone as Ross.>>

Continue to read the original post.

Pity he wasn’t able to see the play, but I believe he could have liked Oliver’s portrait of Rossi! Wouldn’t it be great if they made it in U.S.?



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