Love Theatre Day Donmar interview

18 November has been Love Theatre Day and the Donmar Warehouse posted these tweets some days before, you can see the original through the links:

12 nov Who’s excited for Wednesday 18 Nov? We’ll have plenty of treats to share with you, including…

14 nov Don’t forget to send us your questions now for @lukenewberry & @christopherimbr! #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay
 AskATheatre TeddyFerrara 18Nov15
18 nov We’ll be back this afternoon for a Twitter Q&A with @lukenewberry & @christopherimbr #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay 
And then the moment arrived, from audience’s questions came out a very interesting interview, they seem two nice clever actors from it:
18 nov Welcome to @lukenewberry & @christopherimbr who play Gabe & Jay in #TeddyFerrara. #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay
18 nov Q. What was your first ever stage role? @lukenewberry: “Young Pip in Great Expectations aged 7 at a local theatre in Devon” #AskATheatre
18 nov @christopherimbr “A tour of Peter Pan at the age of 9. I played Michael, the youngest of the Darling children.” #AskATheatre

18 nov @lukenewberry “Every audience response is so varied that it’s impossible to be on auto pilot.” #AskATheatre

18 nov Q. Any similarities between you and your character? @christopherimbr: “Jay & I are both disabled and American…” #AskATheatre

18 nov “…and I was really involved in University issues when I was in college” – @christopherimbr #AskATheatre #TeddyFerrara

18 nov @lukenewberry: “I’m not too far off Gabe’s age and I identify with his desire to please people and be positive.” #TeddyFerrara #AskATheatre

18 nov Q. @christopherimbr, how have you found being a US actor in London? A. “I have LOVED my time in London. I would stay here if I could…”

18 nov “..In London there’s a much longer rehearsal period, so we delve much deeper into the script, storytelling & world of the play” #AskATheatre

18 nov Q. Any advice for aspiring actors? @lukenewberry: “Work hard but try not to take yourself or the industry too seriously…” #AskATheatre

18 nov “…Observe how you respond to people and situations in everyday life.” @lukenewberry #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay

18 nov @christopherimbr: “It sounds cheesy, but: believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid of rejection. I face a lot as an actor…” #AskATheatre

18 nov “…and sometimes because of my disability, but I love acting too much to do anything else – and look at where I am now” @christopherimbr

18 nov And finally @lukenewberry what do you love about theatre? A. “Seeing life presented in an artificial environment…” #AskATheatre

18 nov “…suspending your disbelief and hopefully being moved to tears or laughter” – @lukenewberry #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay

18 nov Thanks @lukenewberry and @christopherimbr! Make sure you catch their performances in #TeddyFerrara before it closes

18 nov In Covent Garden, the #TeddyFerrara cast are taking their positions backstage for #ShowTime…

Luke Newberry 18 nov Our Q&A for #LoveTheatreDay is over at @DonmarWarehouse now! @christopherimbr #AskATheatre #TeddyFerrara

18 nov Thank you to everyone who shared their love of theatre with us. Goodnight! #LoveTheatreDay

I like to share these other nice tweets from yesterday:

Christopher Imbrosciano 23 nov One of my greatest professional accomplishments to date is eating 116 slices of pizza on the @DonmarWarehouse stage. #TeddyFerrara

Griffyn Gilligan ‏@gillidactyl 23 nov @christopherimbr @DonmarWarehouse And with such a debonair elegance, every night…

Christopher Shinn ‏@chris_shinn 23 nov And my greatest achievement as a playwright 

Christopher Imbrosciano 23 nov @chris_shinn Ha! Only 17 more slices to go.

They made me want a pizza suddenly…



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