Some nominations for Oppenheimer

I would be happier if Oppenheimer got more recognitions from the theatreland: time goes by and some important awards of season 2015-2016 seem to have forgotten how beautiful, entertaining and well performed this play was, giving preference to newest productions and, even more irritating, to more famous – not necessarily more deserving – actors!

I know there were little chances any of the other supporting actors could get a nomination, as they were all at the same good level (and to me would have been great if Oliver got one), but they could get one as Ensemble, at least! How could be possible they didn’t?

No noms for Best New Play, Direction, Music&Sound, Set Design, Light Design and the two Trailers! I would give it a nom even for Choreography for the dynamic movements the cast made on stage, even if it wasn’t a ballet! Are awards juries blind or too posh to reward it?

But, even more absurd and unfair, the wonderful John Heffernan has been totally ignored for his performance as Robert J. Oppenheimer!

Yesterday and even today, I read many tweets of people disappointed by the lack of nominations for Oppenheimer, so I know I’m not the only one who’s gutted!

I know awards shouldn’t matter, and I’m aware anyone can say that about their own favorite play or musical, but I’m still convinced this particular one should deserve more attention!

Anyway, I’m happy to introduce two awards nominations I root for:

Oppenheimer poster

2016 nominees

Fingers crossed for both the nominations!


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