Today is Cymbeline’s day!


Today is THE DAY! Cymbeline starts in Stratford!

Good luck everyone involved, especially Oliver Johnstone!

The RSC is sharing on Twitter pictures of the tech rehearsals and a blog with the story of the play!

The RSC: “Not sure of the plot of #RSCCymbeline? Say no more. Thanks @GoodTickleBrain!” (that’s very funny!)

Cymbeline by Mya Gosling

The RSC: “What does a good Shakespeare play need? Daggers. Lots and lots of daggers #RSCCymbeline #TechRehearsal

Cymbeline daggers

The RSC: “Quiet please. It’s rehearsal time! Getting ready for tomorrow’s first preview performance #RSCCymbeline

The RSC: “Check out our new @tumblr blog about #RSCCymbeline

I have to wait until September to see it, it’s a long wait, but I’ll take consolation with the material The RSC will certainly share!


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