King Lear first review

Here we are with the first King Lear’s review, with a very good comment on Oliver’s performance!!

Alongside the actor who plays his legitimate brother Edgar (Oliver Johnstone) who portrays an exceptional representation of the madness of ‘Poor Tom’, these two are certainly future stars in the Shakespearean acting world.



I haven’t written a review of a theatre production since my A level Theatre Studies exam – this is taking me back to a lot of stressful hours pouring over minute set details!!

So this week me and my mum took a trip to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon to see the previews of Artistic Director Gregory Doran’s new production of King Lear. This was a production that before this year I knew nothing about, which is unusual for me! King Lear is the story of an ageing King who decided to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, depending on which one can prove that they love him most. A controversial outcome leads to the kingdom being plunged into chaos as Lear begins to come to terms with betrayal and loss of his power and other characters face divided loyalties as the old king descends into madness.

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