Tonight is King Lear Broadcast Night!

Tonight is King Lear Broadcast Night!


(there are many great moments with The RSC!)

The play will be broadcast live to UK cinemas and selected countries, at 7.00 pm! I wish the wonderful cast of King Lear a great Broadcast Night! The audience will love it, I’m sure! This play was somewhere in my list of favourite Shakespeare’s works, but, after Stratford, it’s in joint first place with The Tempest and Midsummer!

And here three news regarding the cast:

1. Paapa Essiedu, who plays Edmund in King Lear, has won the UK Theatre Award for Best Performance in a Play for his title role in Hamlet! Congratulations! I loved your Edmund, great nasty (but repentant at the end) villain, and I’m looking forward to see your Hamlet on DVD!


Photo by Manuel Harlan

2. An interview with Natalie Simpson, who plays a lovely Cordelia in King Lear (and a humorous, bold Guideria in Cymbeline), talking on Sound Cloud about the play:

3. An interview with Clarence Smith, who plays a brilliant Albany in King Lear: “For me every day is an historical day as a black actor with this company” for #BlackHistory


Photo by Ellie Kurttz

 It’s true that the RSC got impressively talented black actors in their cast!

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