Amazing opinions on King Lear Broadcast Night and an interesting video on Edgar/Poor Tom!


Oh my! What a night last night! I wish I could attend to it somewhere in the UK, to watch the play again!

There are some great opinions after the King Lear  Broadcast Night, mentioning Oliver Johnstone, Edgar and even Poor Tom! I think the actor himself would be pleased to read them! He’s so very talented! I report them all on this “Twitter” page.


Hollie Ward ‏”Oliver that was the most moving delivery of the final lines I have ever witnessed. #RSCLear

Jendago STHAT was a production of Lear! Powerful, moving and enthralling. Loved all esp. @PaapaEssiedu Oliver Johnstone + Kelly Williams #RSCLear

Isabella PioliJust watched an amazing performance of King Lear. Edgar left me speechless. The last scene was more emotion than I could handle. #RSCLear

Jane Mosse ‏”Oliver Johnstone the star of the show for me tonight. One to be watched! #RSCLear

Finbar Varrall#RSCLear was epic in every sense of the word. Johnstone, @PaapaEssiedu and of course the legendary Antony Sher were all excellent. Loved it

Kate Evans#RSCLear v good. Antony Sher masterful, @PaapaEssiedu & Oliver Johnstone also outstanding.

StephanieAn absolutely fantastic production of ‘King Lear’, the highlights have to be the visual style of the courtroom and ‘Poor Tom’ #RSCLear

Colin Alderman ‏”#rsckinglear Pt 2: but, D. Troughton & O Johnstone superb. Ps need rethink, redesign for cinema audiences. 3rd RSCLive and don’t quite work

And here, you could find interesting a video: “King Lear – Analyzing Staging in Act 2 – Edgar Becomes Poor Tom” – A look at six performances from 1916 to 2008. It’s amazing to see how performances have changed in one century!


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