Bethan Cullinane behind the scenes of Cymbeline

Photographer: Jessie Craig
Photographer: Jessie Craig

The RSC on Twitter:

@ThePicJournal accompanied Bethan Cullinane behind the scenes of #RSCCymbeline @BarbicanCentre – Take a look:

A very interesting interview to the actress, who plays Innogen in Cymbeline, and some stunning black&white photos. She refers to Oliver in the second answer:

Whether they knew it or not, who was most helpful in helping you find your performance or the character ?
Hiran who plays my husband, Posthumus and Ollie who plays Iachimo are both very good friends of mine. We were in the same year at drama school so I’ve known them both for 8 years (our director Melly had no idea when she cast us). I think being in the rehearsal room with those two meant that I was able to take risks at a very early stage of rehearsal. Had I not known my co-actors so well I might not have felt as brave. We had a short hand and could be very honest with each other about what felt right and what didn’t. And although it’s weird kissing one of your mates, at least it’s not awkward afterwards.”

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ


On 3 December, at the Barbican Centre, Natalie Simpson, Jodie McNee, Pepter Lunkuse and Prof Gordon McMullen will discuss Cordelia’s relationship with Lear.

On 10 December,at the Barbican Centre, Antony Byrne and Prof Gordon McMullen will discuss approaches to playing the role of the Earl of Kent.


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