Ave Cymbeline RCS: hodie auditorium te salutant!

Cymbeline curtain call - courtesy of Clare Parsons on Twitter
Cymbeline curtain call – courtesy of Clare Parsons on Twitter

Today, 1.30 pm there will be the last performance for Cymbeline at the Barbican in London.

It has been a great production, so entertaining, I feel very lucky to have seen it in Stratford, on this particular year of celebrations.

Oliver Johnstone’s Iachimo will stay in my heart, despite he’s a “cheeky bastard”, but I can’t help liking him!

My other highlights are Bethan Cullinane as Innogen, Marcus Griffiths as Cloten, Guideria and Arviragus played by Natalie Simpson and James Cooney, Kelly Williams as Pisania, Graham Turner as Belarius, but it’s well performed all around.

Last but not least, the serenata played by Cloten, Romayne Andrews as Lord 1 and Theo Ogundipe as Lord 2! Not bad also the dance party in Rome, with tranvestites and posh people in colored clothes. Both scenes were hilarious!

I like this story with an happy ending (for almost all the characters). Congratulations to Melly Still and the cast&creatives for the good success!

It sad it goes, but I’m so looking forward to the DVD next year! I really hope there are some extras in it, like the stuff posted by the RSC all these months…



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