Day 17: Best Response to a Ringing Phone

I wish I was there to see that moment! Both the actors had such a self control! Read this interesting report of a a very particular performance.

Thanks to  for giving me the permission of reblogging it.

Bardolph’s Nose


Sadly, today marks the very last performance of Cymbeline after an amazing run in both Stratford and London. And so we are pleased that our Advent Award is able to see that production out in style with recognition of what we hope was a one-off event.

Theatres have something of a reputation, and we believe that in the main the aspersions cast their way are not warranted. True, there are occasions when our faith in our fellow human beings is rocked, and there is a case for reminding some people that sitting in a theatre is emphatically not the same as sitting in your front room — when you speak other people can hear you!! And if you want to read the programme, do it in the interval not halfway through Act 1 — especially if you’re sitting in the front row.

But now and again, despite all the warnings…

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