Screen caps from Loaded

U-hu! I had a quick look at episode 5 of Loaded The Boat” of last night and…

…and here Oliver Johnstone playing Callum!!! I was wondering which kind of character he could be. I like the way Ewan and Callum look at each other.

Callum wears an earring, cool! And Fantasia is a nice name for a boat.

I can’t wait to watch the whole episode and the next one! I’m sorry for the big spoiler, but I had to share it! 😂

I’m also sorry for the logo above, but Filmon is the only why I can watch British series from where I live! I’ll make better images when I get the DVD.

Oliver Johnstone is a bold actor, not scared of playing any kind of roles! He seems at ease playing gay roles. It shouldn’t matter, I know, because it’s his work and it shouldn’t be a big deal nowadays, but I find it great!

I’ll make a full gallery soon.

Ok, another intense one for you, I now use as header:


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