Tribes adv+production photos and first reviews

On 3 July there was the Press Night of Tribes at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

Here the adv photos made by the Crucible Theatre


Here the production photos – photographer Mark Douet:

I went to see the last preview on the 1st of July: it’s a beautiful story and the six members of the cast made a terrific performance! Unmissable!

This is a regional premiere of the play, let’s hope it goes farther! The West End, maybe? I do hope so!



read the first reviews for Oliver as Dan:

What’s On Stage 4 July 2017 – 4* – “Oliver Johnstone copes superbly with Dan’s journey from bumptious brilliance, via drugs and hallucinations, to inarticulate desperation. ” (also source for the photos)

The Stage 4 July 2017 – 3* – “the cast give convincing performances. Oliver Johnstone is equally believable as the stammering brother Dan who can’t cope with his sibling’s signs of independence.

Broadway World UK 4 July 2017 – 4* – “The six performers are fantastic – not only did each embody their characters really effectively, there is a clear chemistry between them. […] Although all the actors are excellent, some of the strongest scenes are those between Johnstone and Stewart. The loving and loathing of sibling relationships, and the tensions of wanting to fly the nest vs wanting to stay cocooned in the family home, are expertly drawn, and the way Dan crumbles as Billy becomes stronger is beautifully portrayed.

The Reviews Hub 5 July 2017 – 3*1/2 – “Oliver Johnstone is compelling throughout as Billy’s brother Dan, whether cruelly baiting his parents and sister, or later bereft and wordless at the apparent loss of his brother from his life.

Exeunt Magazine 5 July 2017 – “It’s in the relationship between Billy and Dan that the emotional centre of Tribes lies, though. Oliver Johnstone is all too believable as the brash, arrogant exterior of his character is gradually worn away, his stammer returning with the threat of his brother becoming independent.

Derbyshire Times 6 July 2017 – “All the hearing actors –Simon Rouse, Lindy Whiteford, Oliver Johnstone, and Louisa Connolly-Burnham – are memorable


More reviews will follow. Congratulations Oliver!

Tribes official page on Sheffield Theatres’ site



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