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15 July 2017 – Aspiring_Thespian‏ got to meet Oliver after the show and shared their photo together on Twitter, adding “#OliverJohnstone is one of the greatest actors around. Go see #Tribes @crucibletheatre“. Here the tweet. I couldn’t agree more. He tweeted me “I’m defo a fan now!“. I’m glad when Oliver gets new fans! Here Aspiring_Thespian aka Jacob’s review on the play.


13 July 2017 –  Emily Howlett did a Twitter takeover about Tribes. Here a tweet I particularly appreciated: “These boys are also very, very professional. I would AD this as “Oliver and Simon trying to be all intent and actory. And failing.” #TRIBES“. Isn’t this photo terribly nice?


1st of July 2017 – I met Oliver after Tribes, he was lovely. After having seen him in five plays, I finally got to ask him a photo together. I like his smile there, I’ll certainly put it in a frame on the wall! The photo was taken by his fellow actress Louisa Connolly-Burnham, who also was very kind, and then Oliver took a photo of us. But I didn’t tell him about my blog, yet. We three had a little chat about the play before they left.



24 September 2016 – Louise, maybe the biggest RSC fan, was a very lucky girl today and got another chance to take a picture with Oliver, plus Paapa Essiedu this time! Who’s a bit green with envy? Haha! Here the tweet.


He also signed the back of her RSCLear production postcard. We wonder what the J in the middle stands for…


19 September 2016 – Have you followed the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Cymbeline’s takeover last night? No? See what you have missed:

For example, this is the Italian party, one of my favourite scenes, when everybody were dancing!


28 May 2016 – Aww, a nice fan of Oliver got a lovely picture with him yesterday, after Cymbeline in Stratford! Read what she says about meeting him on her Twitter account and again here. Exciting!

Louise and Oliver



.24 October 2015 – at the stage door of the Donmar Warehouse after Teddy Ferrara, Oliver and Luke Newberry were signing my and other programmes – (courtesy of



Who the real Giovanni Rossi Lomanitz aka Ross Lomanitz was, source:

Rossi Lomanitz



A great gallery with pics of Oliver and colleagues behind the scenes on nice blog! (I found it from tweet )

orlandojames.tumblr 01 orlandojames.tumblr 02 orlandojames.tumblr 03 orlandojames.tumblr 04

Orlando James on Twitter, 14 August 2013

orlandojames.twitter 01



Photos posted by Oliver’s fellow actors and the playwright on Twitter, rehearsals included:

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