Culture Calling

Will Rathbone’s interview with Oliver Johnstone, “one of the stars” of Tribes, on Monday 17 July 2017.

Here the original link Thank so much to Culture Calling, who gave me the permission to post the interview on my blog.

Here the interview.



Sincerely, Amy

Amy Stutz interviewed Oliver Johnstone on the occasion of the live streaming of Cymbeline, on 28th September night.

Here the original link, I’m grateful that she gave me the permission of posting it in full on my blog.

Here the interview

London Weekly News

Nicky Sweetland’s interview with Oliver Johnstone about 2016’s Royal Shakespeare Company London Season.

Here the original link, I thank them much for the permission of posting it in full on my blog.

Here the interview


Out in South London – LGBT Magazine Show

Alex Goldberg speaks to Oliver Johnstone who takes on the role of student newspaper editor Drew in Christopher Shinn’s play Teddy Ferrara.

Listen again on (from 45.00 to the end).

I wonder if this is the New Yorker article Oliver is talking about:

With the help of my friend Elisabeth, I’ve wrote it down, I hope I got it right:

Here the transcription


From the “Inspector GeorgeGently” “Gently With Honour” press pack page 31:

(actually was season VI)

Here the interview


Spring Awakening

Oliver Johnstone talks about Melchior:

Here the transcription

Thanks to my friend Lina who helped me with the transcription.


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