2014 Spring Awakening Interview

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2014 Spring Awakening – Oliver Johnstone talks about Melchior

How have you approached the character of Melchior in Spring Awakening?

Oliver:  I guess before to start in a read through a bunch of times obviously, which helps and just… generally start to think about what similarities they have with me as they have with Melchior, and what difference that we have what had come across likes and dislikes, generally developing his kind of his tests in times of what he… what he reads, what he’s influenced by, what his relationships are and how kind so with mine.

What research have you done?

Oliver:  Is being a teenager again, being in a very difficult time about lessons and just thinking about what that time life was for me and how again, how is very different of my Melchior’s experiences and life lessons, so getting into that I just… not too much but reminding yourself how you behaved, what errors you made, what things you were actually quite proud of, what things you wanted to but couldn’t do and all sorts of stuff because of that.

Which other character in the play is Melchior closest to?

Oliver:  Moritz is the character that Melchior is sort of technically closest to… and… the wonderful Bradley Hall plays Moritz, yeah we have been… we have been developing a healthy, personal and working relationship, we drove up to Leeds together which is a lot of… well, yeah fun fun and he made us ‘90s playlists we enjoyed and yeah generally just I guess we spent a lot of time together, we get along and that’s really helps form Moritz and Melchior’s ease with one another , that two characters have known each other for a lot of their lives and so lot of inhibition already been broken down by the time you see them in the play, there’s still some discussions that it have been featured in the play the first time having this discussion that between interesting point of because Bradley and I are older than our characters we don’t find those discussions as excruciating and embarrassing as the boys do in the play, so I guess we’ve been trying to find what it makes us feels like slightly awkward and like if it’s a new territory what Bradley and my our lives and then trying to make it translated to what we are doing in the play.