News from the RSC shop!

Look who’s on this fantastic RSC’s book The Big Year!! Released 22th March 2017, but you can pre-order it!

Documenting the RSC’s work in 2016, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, The Big Year is packed with photographs and stories that give an insight into what it took to create this celebration of Shakespeare’s legacy.

And King Lear is already available for orders on DVD and bluray!

Region free, extras are the director’s commentary!

They told me to wait for news about Cymbeline, as well!

My next RSC order will be huge! I’m so happy to have Oliver Johnstone’s performances at home, so I can re-watch him again and again!!

Two new screen works for Oliver!

Curtis Brown and Spotlight have just updated Oliver’s profile with two new screen works which sound very interesting, both out in 2017!

Risultati immagini per channel four

A work for television (Channel 4 & AMC) called Loaded, director Natalie Bailey, produced by Hillbilly Films, Oliver will play Callum.

There’s no IMDb page, yet, but on Hillbilly Films site they say:


8×45′ C4 & AMC
Written by Jon Brown

A hilarious new comedy-drama series that follows four life-long friends who become multi-millionaires – overnight.

Josh, Leon, Ewan and Watto have just sold their start-up videogame company for a clean £246 million – the culmination of a billion man-hours of blood, sweat, toil, coding, shouting, swearing, fighting, hugging, pitching, grinding and occasionally showering. Overnight, the four friends are transformed from “people who play games” to “serious players in the game…” – or are they?

Co-production with Keshet UK

Risultati immagini per On Chesil Beach

The other work is a movie, On Chesil Beach, director Dominic Cooke which whom Oliver works again after Teddy Ferrara. Producers Golan Films.

A drama set in the early 1960s and centered on a young couple on their honeymoon.

Oliver is going to work with impressive actors like Anne-Marie Duff, Saoirse Ronan, Samuel West, Emily Watson. It’s from the book by Ian McEwan.

Here the page, the cast is not complete, yet. I can’t find the producers site. According to what I read on Twitter, they have started filming already. Follow the hashag .

It’s great having Oliver on screen, I hope that he plays long roles and that he gets more recognition!

We salute the King!

So today is the last day for RSC’s King Lear and, together with it, the London Season at the Barbican comes to an end!

Well done to the cast & creatives, the production was great and got praises all around, I wish them a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In particular, I found Oliver Johnstone’s performance as Edgar/poor Tom impressive and so dedicated! Once again, I feel very lucky to have seen the play in Stratford the day before Cymbeline, on this particular year of celebrations, in the memory of Shakespeare.

I hope they’ll be back to the RSC soon, as this nice and promising card shared by a member of the cast, Shiv Sharma, on Twitter says:


I’m feeling the post-show-blues now, even if I’m not a member of the team. I’ll take consolation thinking that the DVDs of King Lear and Cymbeline will be realised soon in 2017.

And I’m looking forward to the next role Oliver Johnstone will play. I wonder if he could be back to Stratford with the “Rome Season“.

Meanwhile, let’s feel Christmassy and celebrate the King with a proper image!


Ave Cymbeline RCS: hodie auditorium te salutant!

Cymbeline curtain call - courtesy of Clare Parsons on Twitter
Cymbeline curtain call – courtesy of Clare Parsons on Twitter

Today, 1.30 pm there will be the last performance for Cymbeline at the Barbican in London.

It has been a great production, so entertaining, I feel very lucky to have seen it in Stratford, on this particular year of celebrations.

Oliver Johnstone’s Iachimo will stay in my heart, despite he’s a “cheeky bastard”, but I can’t help liking him!

My other highlights are Bethan Cullinane as Innogen, Marcus Griffiths as Cloten, Guideria and Arviragus played by Natalie Simpson and James Cooney, Kelly Williams as Pisania, Graham Turner as Belarius, but it’s well performed all around.

Last but not least, the serenata played by Cloten, Romayne Andrews as Lord 1 and Theo Ogundipe as Lord 2! Not bad also the dance party in Rome, with tranvestites and posh people in colored clothes. Both scenes were hilarious!

I like this story with an happy ending (for almost all the characters). Congratulations to Melly Still and the cast&creatives for the good success!

It sad it goes, but I’m so looking forward to the DVD next year! I really hope there are some extras in it, like the stuff posted by the RSC all these months…


Day 17: Best Response to a Ringing Phone

I wish I was there to see that moment! Both the actors had such a self control! Read this interesting report of a a very particular performance.

Thanks to  for giving me the permission of reblogging it.

Bardolph’s Nose


Sadly, today marks the very last performance of Cymbeline after an amazing run in both Stratford and London. And so we are pleased that our Advent Award is able to see that production out in style with recognition of what we hope was a one-off event.

Theatres have something of a reputation, and we believe that in the main the aspersions cast their way are not warranted. True, there are occasions when our faith in our fellow human beings is rocked, and there is a case for reminding some people that sitting in a theatre is emphatically not the same as sitting in your front room — when you speak other people can hear you!! And if you want to read the programme, do it in the interval not halfway through Act 1 — especially if you’re sitting in the front row.

But now and again, despite all the warnings…

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Find out more about Iachimo!

Find out more about Oliver Johnstone’s character in Cymbeline – the suave Italian Iachimo. Only 10 days left till the final performance.

Shared on Twitter by the Royal Shakespeare Company!

Bethan Cullinane behind the scenes of Cymbeline

Photographer: Jessie Craig
Photographer: Jessie Craig

The RSC on Twitter:

@ThePicJournal accompanied Bethan Cullinane behind the scenes of #RSCCymbeline @BarbicanCentre – Take a look:

A very interesting interview to the actress, who plays Innogen in Cymbeline, and some stunning black&white photos. She refers to Oliver in the second answer:

Whether they knew it or not, who was most helpful in helping you find your performance or the character ?
Hiran who plays my husband, Posthumus and Ollie who plays Iachimo are both very good friends of mine. We were in the same year at drama school so I’ve known them both for 8 years (our director Melly had no idea when she cast us). I think being in the rehearsal room with those two meant that I was able to take risks at a very early stage of rehearsal. Had I not known my co-actors so well I might not have felt as brave. We had a short hand and could be very honest with each other about what felt right and what didn’t. And although it’s weird kissing one of your mates, at least it’s not awkward afterwards.”

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ


On 3 December, at the Barbican Centre, Natalie Simpson, Jodie McNee, Pepter Lunkuse and Prof Gordon McMullen will discuss Cordelia’s relationship with Lear.

On 10 December,at the Barbican Centre, Antony Byrne and Prof Gordon McMullen will discuss approaches to playing the role of the Earl of Kent.