2008-2011 RADA years

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Reviews on Oliver working on stage during the RADA years
The Young Idea production 04
2011 The Young Idea

“[…] Edward Kemp’s lively, music-filled production overcomes the obvious problem, for student actors, that the play deals with intergenerational conflict. It is one thing for Oliver Johnstone and Eline Pauwels to capture, as they exuberantly do, the assertive charm of Sholto and Gerda. […] These are all names to watch. […]”

  • The Young Idea – by John Morrison, February 11, 2011 Posted at 10:21 AM in Theatre

“[…] Sholto (the part Coward wrote for himself) and Gerda are superbly incarnated by Oliver Johnstone and Eline Pauwels, who unerringly find the layers of subtext hidden in Coward’s dialogue. […] This is an imaginative production by RADA director Edward Kemp, which revels in 1920s period detail  and takes the play beyond proscenium-arch realism with an opening sequence in which Gerda and Sholto mime their long journey by train from Italy to England. […]”