2012 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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2012 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
“[…] Oliver Johnstone’s Puck was also another interesting one; his role was done in almost a sinister way which worked great with him watching most of the play especially at the beginning when he is on the black bike. […]”

“[…] and Puck (Oliver Johnstone) are less so. Oberon and Puck (Puck particularly) are seemingly more like the mortals of the play in physicality and vocals. […] at the same time, Puck’s more personable qualities and Oberon’s slightly more human-like physicality are also satisfying.  […]”

“[…] The infamous Puck has seen so many reincarnations making him a difficult character to bring new life to, but this production achieves this by having the troublemaker sweeping around the stage on a BMX. Oliver Johnstone plays the part with a collected grin and rude boy swagger, which neatly combine with his celestial traits. […]”

“[…] Oliver Johnstone’s Puck was by far the most interesting character in this production. His menacing portrayal of the fairy, played out on a BMX and wearing a hoodie, created sinister undertones that occasionally appear throughout the performance allowing one to see a darker side of the text. […]”

“[…] Puck as a sinister hoodie on a bicycle also, plausibly, expands his naughtiness into something more alarming; the rude mechanicals make entertaining builders. […]”

“[…] Anger becomes her, and drives Christopher Colquhoun’s diabolical, pantomimic Oberon, too, as he despatches Oliver Johnstone’s creepy, homunculus Puck through the undergrowth. […]”

“[…] The whole cast were first class;  mesmerising and word perfect.  However, four performers really were outstanding; Rebecca Oldfield’s Helena, Oliver Johnstone’s Puck, Harry Hepple’s Quince and Mireia Mambo-Bokele’s Fairy. Their charactiseration worked well with the original text, language and loquacity in perfect harmony. […]

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream – 9th June 2012 – Posted on July 12, 2012 by shakespeareia
    “[…] RADA graduate Oliver Johnstone had a debut public performance playing a hooded, cycling Puck, embodying the role as a sinister and unsympathetic demon; a far cry from the mischevious fairy I imagine the role suggests. If this is the calibre of actor we are to expect from our growing number of drama schools already bursting with talented students, we can expect some excellent plays in this country over the next few years.[…]”

“[…] Puck (Oliver Johnstone) was no “merry wanderer” either, but a disquieting presence speeding around the set on his BMX or hovering in shady corners.  An entirely contrasting world to that of the mortals, which added a refreshing depth and engaging switch in mood throughout the play. […]”

“[…] and Oliver Johnstone, a notable debutant, makes an appealing Puck, genuinely intrigued by the antics of the invading mortals. […]