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Fixed: 2015 Oppenheimer


Tweets that mention Oliver, in chronological order:


 16 March 2011 CBGActors “Harry Kershaw ( & Oliver Johnstone ( open in A Waste of Time, their latest show at RADA tonight.


22 August 2012 CBGActors “Had a lovely evening at Regents Park Theatre last night, Oliver Johnstone and Harry Hepple were fantastic in Midsummer Nights Dream!

17 August 2012 NatashaRickman “Oliver Johnstone storms it as Puck and whole cast were fab in MSND at @openairtheatre

10 October 2012 Nizno_o “waar ken ik deze knul van? Oliver Johnstone #dtv #inspectorlewis” (about “Who’s this boy?“)


16 April 2013 CBGActors “We’ll be watching tonights ep of #TheSyndicate…our regs are joined by Oliver Johnstone@Siobhan Hewlett, Tom Davey + @ElizabethTan8 #CBLoveIn

22 October 2013 PearlMia “I found awsome actor, Oliver Johnstone 


20 February 2014 simonhub “Attention!!! #GeorgeGently BBC 1 20.30, @leeingleby @LisaMcGrillis3, Will Ash, Oliver Johnstone and Jemma Redgrave

26 March 2014 HeadlongTheatre “Oliver Johnstone on playing Melchior in #SpringAwakening  @WYPlayhouse @nuffieldtheatre

5 April 2014 MrSamHodges Goodbye Bradley Hall, Oliver Johnstone, Aoife Duffin, @ekowquartey, @ClaudiaGrant16, @rubyethomas, Daisy Whalley, Adam Welsh. And thank you.

7 April 2014 RichmondTheatre Watch actor Oliver Johnstone talking about playing the role of Melchior in #SpringAwakening

8 May 2014 davidharrison “Finely acted by Oliver Johnstone, Bradley Hall, Aoife Duffin and the rest of the cast. Much credit also to Colin Richmond’s design.

10 May 2014 pumpkincheste “Oliver Johnstones Melchior was mind-blowing and the kids-playing-adults really illustrated how easily neglect is passed on – I was shaking

13 August 2014 WilAttenborough “1 week to go for MITM! V excited to work with @markelwesdonald @daisylboulton Oliver Johnstone & Pearl Chanda 

3 September 2014 junaolista “Oliver Johnstone is really cute! Where have you been?! #inbetweeners2


14 April 2015 InBonobo “Photoset: John Heffernan, right, as J Robert Oppenheimer (with Oliver Johnstone as Ross Lomanitz) But… 

3 June 2015 DonmarWarehouse “The cast of #TeddyFerrara includes @nancy_crane, Oliver  Johnstone, @kadiffkirwan, @RyanMcParland1… #DonmarSeason

3 June 2015 RADA_London “Many #RADA faces in the @DonmarWarehouse’s new season! inc. Rob Hastie, Oliver Johnstone & Janet McTeer 

1 July 2015 RADA_London “New season, new graduates at the @DonmarWarehouse! Robert Hastie, Oliver Johnstone and Janet McTeer 

14 July 2015 TellyVoices “Oliver Johnstone is articulate & charming, with an upbeat & engaging delivery! Voice reel: #TV “

18 July 2015 forbesmasson “my gingery Bottom with Puck (Oliver Johnstone) @GarsingtonOpera @TheRSC 

18 July 2015 vicky_eames “@forbesmasson Oliver Johnstone was also my Puck a few years ago. Lovely to see you two are working together xx

20 July 2015 CBGActors “Congratulations to our CBers #AMidsummerNightsDream @TheRSC @SimonManyonda #OliverJohnstone #toptheatre #proudagents” (the tweet that made me find out Oliver was doing Midsummer again)

21 July 2015 TellyVoices “Oliver Johnstone stars in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the @southbankcentre! Tickets:  #TV

21 July 2015 TellyVoices “Listen in on Oliver’s engaging, intelligent & upbeat sound with his reel on the site here: #TV

24 July 2015 yo_toots “Oliver Johnstone reminded me of Ben Whishaw and Forbes Masson was superb as Bottom in #AMidsummerNightsDream @southbankcentre” (well, it sounds like a compliment, because Whishaw is a fine stage actor!)

2 October 2015 RADA_London “It’s the opening of #TeddyFerrara tonight at the @DonmarWarehouse – good luck to grad Oliver Johnstone!” (and with this nice tweet, it’s Rada Vs. Oliver’s agents = RADA wins!)

2 October 2015 polyg “Meaty characters matched by excellent performances especially Oliver Johnstone & Ryan McParland #TeddyFerrara

9 October 2015 davidharrisonbn “Oliver Johnstone, Luke Newberry and Ryan McParland do their level best while Matthew Marsh is dealt the plum part as the uni president.” (his previous two tweets aren’t better, the opinion on the three performers doesn’t sound that great, but I post it here the same)

8 November 2015 JulianEaves2 (after Donmar’s tweet about front row tickets) “Includes a brilliant performance by #OliverJohnstone as the play’s most complex character, Drew.  Watch this talent!” (I like this tweet! And I’m agree:  I’m impressed he can show two opposite personalities in just one character!)

16 November 2015 streetonraymond (after Donmar’s tweet about last front row tickets offer) “@RADA_London #OliverJohnstone #soproud” (they must be proud!)

3 December 2015 theatre_weekly (Absolutely mesmerised at Teddy Ferrera by @chris_shinn at @DonmarWarehouse #intervaltweet) – “#teddyferrara @lukenewberry and Oliver Johnstone are captivating, the character of Drew is so complex, and at the same time, engaging”

4 December 2015 – Only three performances for Teddy Ferrara, yet, and Oliver got two more mentions! The first one was so lovely that I felt sorry to say him that I’m “just” a fan account:

AlexSangster1 “@ToOJJohnstone – Wonderful performance tonight #TeddyFerrara – you are a great actor! Loved you in #Oppenheimer too!!! You are one to watch!“”

The second one is good, as well: jrphatarfod #TeddyFerrara by @chris_shinn at the @DonmarWarehouse is an incredible production, especially @lukenewberry @nancy_crane #OliverJohnstone


(from January 2016 my account has changed in @ForOJohnstone)

3 April 2016 Alasdair ‏”New RSC Actor Crush: Oliver Johnstone 😍”

30 April 2016 – here the first comment on Oliver’s performance in Cymbeline, she also wrote a review on the play: desperatereader “@ForOJohnstone @TheRSC there was real menace in the bedroom scene, & the contrition later just as convincing. Hope to see him more in future

7 May 2016 – another good one: markstuartjames   “@TheRSC Lots of great performances, but Marcus Griffiths bragging boorish Cloten & Oliver Johnstone’s oily & villanous Iachimo stood out! @@

10 May 2016 – another one I feel sorry to disappoint, saying him I’m not Oliver, what kind words: markdone1@ForOJohnstone Much enjoyed/ chilled by your performance. Put me in mind of Willem Dafoe’s seduction routine as Bobby Peru in Wild at Heart.

10 May 2016 – a tweet by Oliver’s agents I appreciate much, it’s great one of them is going to see him in Stratford: CBGActors “Heading to Stratford-Upon-Avon this arvy to watch the wonderful #OliverJohnstone in #RSCCymbeline @TheRSC #roadtrip

10 and 11 May 2016:

Uneven Stephen: “@ForOJohnstone He’s one of the best things about/in it!

Richard Hopper in response to the previous tweet: “@TheBardOfTysoe @ForOJohnstone the scene in the bedroom is the best scene in the whole performance.

Elaine Goodfellow: “Tight ship tonight at #RSCCymbeline. Ever-strong ensemble, with a stand out Iachimo and great pipes on @jkcooney! – Worth the second visit!

Warwicks What’s On: “Amazing performances from Bethan Cullinane & Oliver Johnstone in @TheRSC‘s Cymbeline. Dark, funny & inventively designed show #RSCCymbeline

Warwicks What’s On: “REVIEW! Amazing performances from Bethan Cullinane & Oliver Johnstone in @TheRSC’s Cymbeline

David Harrison: “Bethan Cullinane and Oliver Johnstone excel as Innogen and Iachimo and I liked Hiran Abeysekera’s Posthumus and Graham Turner’s Belarius.

20 May 2016 – other two good opinions: luread93 “Thoroughly enjoyed #RSCCymbeline. Very impressed with Oliver Johnstone! @MMGriffiths1 & @jkcooney can really sing!” and in response to it: markstuartjames “@luread93 I also really liked Oliver Johnstone’s Iachimo-a suitably oily and untrustworthy Roman!

2 August 2016 – Adam Blitz ‏”@ForOJohnstone @bethancullinane Bravo! Brava! Grazie per #RSC #Cymbeline. (& Romeo for WSC reception)!” Wow, congratulations in Italian and Bethan replied in Italian, as well: “Grazie Mille! @blitz_adam

6 August 2016 – Looks like during this performance, a troll didn’t turn off his/her mobile phone, it started ringing in the middle of the most important scene and that Oliver managed it perfectly. I wish I was there to see that moment. Read yourself, well done Oliver:

Wendy Jardine “@TheRSC where the bar is tangibly high #Cymbeline which I’ve never even read’s staged with awe humour and powerNoting work of @ForOJohnstone

Teresa ‏Full marks to #OliverJohnston(e) for great ad lib in @TheRSC’s #Cymbeline when idiots mobile phone rang this afternoon ” and “he was great – very cool and clever under pressure. Idiot with phone was in front of me, didn’t even look ashamed”

clivejw ‏tweets onetwothreefour:
@TheRSC #Cymbeline — Iachimo about to inspect the breast of the sleeping Imogen — and what happens at today’s matinee performance?

Yep, you guessed it — the most creepily voyeuristic, uncomfortable scene in Shakespeare, and a mobile phone goes off! #Cymbeline

Oliver Johnstone improvised brilliantly, crouching down by the bed, pretending to have been disturbed by some noise in the palace.

Johnstone and the two leads (Postumus was today played by the understudy) were best things in this #Cymbeline.

Mark James “@TheRSC @RomayneAndrews @jkcooney Oliver Johnstone @sicario320 & Graham Turner deserve honourable mentions among a superb cast! #RSCCbeline

This is what I love in seeing an actor performing live, if he/she’s really talented can manage such moments brilliantly!

After the preview of King Lear on 20 August night, here the first tweets on Oliver as Edgar:

21 August 2016 STSD “@TheRSC our group of speech and drama teachers enjoyed the production last night. / Gloucester and Edgar were the highlight.

21 August 2016 Claire Bendall @ForOJohnstone wonderful Edgar last night . Loved it . Hope rest of run goes well. You all deserve a big hearty cheer . You nailed it. /  by the way you nailed it in Cymbeline too !! “ [I was sorry to say mine is just a fan account, again]

21 August 2016 Sarah Kilroy “@TheRSC great opening night – lots to mull over, especially in performances of Sher, Troughton, Johnstone #RSCLear

22 August 2016 Samantha Tucker “Thought provoking production of 1st preview performance of #RSCLear on Fri night. Loved Gloucester, Edgar, Edmund & Reagan!

23 August 2016 Eddie Burton “Anthony Sher is staggering as King Lear at RSC. Oliver Johnstone mesmerising as Edgar. Lear’s entrance unforgettable. See it

25 August 2016 Mark James one and two “@TheRSC Stunning, extraordinary & very moving #RSCLear tonight-excellent performance! Whole cast brilliant! THANK YOU!
…especially enjoyed David Troughton’s Gloucester, Oliver Johnstone’s Edgar & (of course) @PaapaEssiedu ‘s vilanous Edmund!

30 August 2016 Warwickshire Rose ‏”Oliver Johnstone was a fantastic Edgar; incredibly moving performance, as was David Troughton alongside Sher. @TheRSC

08 September 2016 Ben Mallett “@TheRSC is having a fab year with Faustus and King Lear amongst others, also some stunning young actors in @jaammmesss and Oliver Johnstone

09 September 2016 Oh My Shakespeare “Particular  to @PaapaEssiedu (Edmund) Oliver Johnstone (Edgar) and @Natsiepom (Cordelia) – esp. loved these performances tonight #RSCLear

10 September 2016 Nick Holland, that’s a funny and ironic one: “My heart bleeds for the makeup artist who has to cover Oliver Johnstone’s entire body in dirt every day #intervaltweets

10 September 2016 Jane Holyoake “Just seen @TheRSC #KingLear. Great performances by #DavidTroughton, #OliverJohnstone, #PaapaEssiedu and #AnthonyByrne

13 September 2016 Campden Lit Fest “THNX for RT @ForOJohnstone Loved your @TheRSC Edgar last night.

23 September 2016 Alison Saint “Gloucester & Edgar particularly affecting in this production of Shakespeare’s best play! #RSC #DavidTroughton #OliverJohnstone

24 September 2016 Michael Durcan “Great #RSCLear @TheRSC today, sterling performance from Antony Sher, @paapaessiedu  and Oliver Johnstone impressive as Edmund and Edgar

28 September 2016 lot of comments on Oliver’s performance as Iachimo, after Cymbeline broadcast.

Stuart Rathe “And @ForOJohnstone a deliciously slimy but perhaps slightly regretful (?) Iachimo #RSCCymbeline #IntervalTweet” “He was excellent!

Zoë Brown “Brilliant first half – special mention to Iachimo, Innogen & Pisanio! 🙂 #intervaltweet #RSCCymbeline #LiveFromSUA

Myfizzypop ‏”#rsccymbeline Iachimo brilliantly played by Oliver Johnstone. Hard not to swoon.

Victoria Penn “Looking forward to seeing more of the scene stealing Oliver Johnstone as Iachimo in #RSCCymbeline …

Brian Gillett ‏”Oliver Johnstone is superb. The bedroom scene was breathtaking #RSCCymbeline

Diane Bass “RT UKShakespeare: RT ZoeBrown: Brilliant first half – special mention to Iachimo, Innogen & Pisanio! 🙂 #intervaltweet #RSCCymbeline #LiveF…

Archimedes Posthumus is camper than a row of pink tents, not so sure why Innogen is fussed. Iachimo on the other hand, positively wolfish! #cymbeline

Finbar Varrall “#RSCCymbeline was incredible. Massive well done to Iachimo and @Natsiepom as Guideria who were fantastic  (although whole cast were great)

MsEcky@school ‏”Big shout out to cast members playing #Cloten #Iachimo #Guideria especially. Enjoyed gender swap too #RSCCymbeline

Jendago S “Loved creative + crazy #RSCCymbeline this eve. Fantastic casting and loved the music. Esp. loved @Natsiepom and Iachimo  #ShakespeareLives

Harriet Wood “#RSCCymbeline just watched at flicks, saw live few weeks ago. Still wowed by Iachimo – such a complex role!

Kerry McGee ‏”Well done @TheRSC  #RSCCymbeline. Loved the staging and subtitles, but that Iachimo is a nasty piece of work.” haha I consider it a compliment, means Oliver did a great work!

29 September 2016, the compliments continued…

 meg o’magic   “#RSCCymbeline absolutely bewitching- Iachimo glamorous, serrated villainy & a stunning Innogen. electric. loved it all

Julius McFly “Und ich hatte heute den geilsten Abend ever und fangirle jetzt Joseph Millson und Oliver Johnstone so hard.” The translation should be: “And today I had the hottest night ever and now fangirle Joseph Millson and Oliver Johnstone so hard.” – And in fact she replied: “@ForOJohnstone yep, you can put it like that (and I’m going to chat with Joseph this morning and seeing Oliver again in King Lear tonight!)” and later she wrote “@ForOJohnstone I saw Cymbeline on monday and he was absolutely stunning. Wish there’d have been more scenes with Iachimo and Imogen 🙂

Becky Wilson ‏”…also Iachimo is a definite contender for Shakespeare’s sexiest villain. It’s between him and Iago #RSCCymbeline

Yvonne Delahaye ‏”Last night’s live screening of #RSCCymbeline @thewaterside1 reviewed @realuktheatre enthralled by #OliverJohnstone, a rising star for sure.” and later she wrote “@ForOJohnstone @TheWaterside1 @realuktheatre completely inhabited the character, I shall be watching his career rocket I’m sure!

Lauren Shewan ‏”Finding the bad boys of Shakespeare attractive  @ForOJohnstone

Claire Kay “@ForOJohnstone  his performance was stunning. So glad I’ve discovered him. Will def be seeing him in his future projects

1st October 2016 tweets are great: they say something more about the unfortunate bedroom scene they were referring on the 6th of August, above!

NP Boyce ‏@RenaissanceMA_n  tweet 1: “1 Best moment of performance I saw of @TheRSC’s Cymbeline: audience member’s mobile went off as Iachimo crept through Innogen’s chamber…

tweet 2: “2 …Actor dived to one side of the bed, shushed offender. Audience applauded. Actor looked even more alarmed & shushed whole house. @TheRSC

tweet 3 after my reply: “@ForOJohnstone @TheRSC He turned potential disaster into triumph! A great young actor & one to watch.

2 October 2016

AmyHolley, after I shared her review: ‏”@ForOJohnstone @BethanCullinane is one to watch! So talented! Very hard to watch scene as is such a disgusting, yet plausible idea.

Myfizzypop “@ForOJohnstone Hadn’t heard of him before Cymbeline (for shame), but so so impressed.

Tim Blythe ‏”Because he retweeted, big shout out for @ForOJohnstone – sleazy in Cymbeline and a noble Edgar in Lear. Thank you for a tremendous weekend.” (I’m always afraid of telling I’m not Oliver, just a fan account.)

Mark James ‏”@ForOJohnstone @luread93 Oliver was rather brilliant in yestetday’s #RSCLear. A very talented young man with a great future!” and again @ForOJohnstone @luread93 He’s just so very competent-every time I’ve seen Oliver, he seems on top of the job, like a rock! #impressive

5 October 2016 clivejw ‏”@theRSC Edgar possibly most difficult character to make convincing in Shakespeare, Oliver Johnstone gets nearer than most. #Lear

6 October 2016 Morne Voigt ‏”@ForOJohnstone  saw you today in king Lear and you were amazing! When are you performing next in London?” (I had to say I’m not Oliver, again)

7 October 2016 Alexandria Adamson “And it’s tomorrow!! @TheRSC #RSCCymbeline @BethanCullinane @ForOJohnstone see you in the front row!! Suspense is killing me!” (excuses, again)

8 October 2016

Jehode “@ForOJohnstone Thx for the RT. The way he went from brilliantly comic but uber-cool Italian to a man beset by doubt & regret was awesome imo

Andrew Marlow ‏”Saw #RSCLear at Stratford this evening. Outstanding performance: Oliver Johnstone as Edgar.

9 October 2016 Jehode ‏”@ForOJohnstone Yes, def.A lovable almost-moral rogue, but so damn cool. His backstory must be fascinating 🙂 Posthumus is just a nice guy!” and again Yep, #RSCCymbeline was superb, helped a lot by Iachimo, the coolest dude I’ve ever seen strutting the stage…” and I liked the Daid Bowie mention @ForOJohnstone Ha, no one! When I saw him first I thought David Bowie. Then when he walked across stage like he owned the world- awesome! 🙂

11 October 2016 Paul Murphy ‏”Stunning #RSCLear: @TheRSC at the top of its game. Many fantastic, revelatory performances, especially all three Gloucesters.

12 and 13 October 2016 – some great opinions after King Lear broadcast night, mentioning Oliver, Edgar and even Poor Tom! I think he would be pleased to read them! He’s so very talented!

Stephen Watkins ‏”Amazing #RSCLear. This ensemble – & it IS one – is astounding: Sher, colossal; Goneril, heartbreaking; Edgar, incredible; Edmond, a bastard.

That_actingirl ‏”#RSCLive half way through! Loving Edmund, Edgar and Kents performances, really enjoying🌟

Hollie Ward ‏”Oliver that was the most moving delivery of the final lines I have ever witnessed. #RSCLear

Katy Griffiths ‏”Outstanding performances, costumes & sets tonight at #RSCLear especially Edgar & Edmund 👏🏼

Jendago STHAT was a production of Lear! Powerful, moving and enthralling. Loved all esp. @PaapaEssiedu Oliver Johnstone + Kelly Williams #RSCLear

Isabella PioliJust watched an amazing performance of King Lear. Edgar left me speechless. The last scene was more emotion than I could handle. #RSCLear

Jane Mosse ‏”Oliver Johnstone the star of the show for me tonight. One to be watched! #RSCLear” I couldn’t be more agree!!!

Diane Waugh ‏”#RSCLear how about a line in Goneril & Regan’s opening scene frocks? Also Edgar’s harem pants and hoodie looked well comfy😀 #theatrewear

Finbar Varrall#RSCLear was epic in every sense of the word. Johnstone, @PaapaEssiedu and of course the legendary Antony Sher were all excellent. Loved it

Archimedes ‏”Loved #RSCLear, Sher must be knackered given his energy exhausted me just watching him. Edmund and Edgar stole the show for me though.

Kate Evans#RSCLear v good. Antony Sher masterful, @PaapaEssiedu & Oliver Johnstone also outstanding.

✿ Bella Jenkins✿Edmund and Edgar made the performance for me! ❤ #RSCLear

StephanieAn absolutely fantastic production of ‘King Lear’, the highlights have to be the visual style of the courtroom and ‘Poor Tom’ #RSCLear

Colin Alderman ‏”#rsckinglear Pt 2: but, D. Troughton & O Johnstone superb. Ps need rethink, redesign for cinema audiences. 3rd RSCLive and don’t quite work

Scarlett Fanos£5 and I get to see Oliver Johnstone and Natalie Simpson at the front row honestly I’m so happy rn

4 November 2016 – a nice one from Oliver’s agents, Curtis Brown Actors! @CBGActors “‘The game is up!’ 👑🌳👫 We had SUCH fun at the #RSCCymbeline @TheRSC #pressnight last night @BarbicanCentre with #OliverJohnstone @sicario320” I’m glad they went to see the two actors on stage!

Luke Blackall‏ “Theatrical treats on @LondonLive @ 12: I meet @BethanCullinane & Oliver Johnstone -Innogen & Iachino- in @TheRSC’s Cymbeline @BarbicanCentre

Cheap SeatsI preferred his Edgar, but I think it’s because there’s more range in the character than with Iachimo…

5 November 2016 – Tom Rollinson‏ “#RSCCymbeline Oliver Johnstone, Graham Turner and Bethan Cullinane stand-out performers for me. Bedroom scene drew gasps around me.

10 November 2016 – Emily Foskett‏ “I definitely marry you Edgar #rsclear

12 November 2016 – Lula Suassuna‏ “Oliver Johnstone & @PaapaEssiedu are a delight to watch in #KingLear by @TheRSC @BarbicanCentre @ForOJohnstone

Nicola Kerr#rscLear Sher’s king loses his temper and authority but largely keeps his marbles. Set impressive. Gloucester family trio my highlight

Richard HopperSome brilliant young actors in last nights #RSCLear @TheRSC @BarbicanCentre including @PaapaEssiedu @ForOJohnstone

16 November 2016 – Curtis Brown ActorsBlow winds! Crack your cheeks! ⛈ Superb #RSCLear press night @BarbicanCentre @TheRSC #OliverJohnstone @PaapaEssiedu @sicario320 #AntonyByrne

Annabelle@ForOJohnstone Went to see #KingLear at the Barbican 2 days ago.Olivier Johnstone absolutely stole the show. His take on Poor Tom was genius

18 November 2016 – James M Charlton‏ “RSC Cymbeline mixed – some dodgy casting, poor verse speaking, confused design but lovely work from James Clyde & Oliver Johnstone.

19 November 2016 – AnnabelleI loved it so much! Bethan was out of this world. Oliver was so entertaining and hot. The production was flawless.

29 November 2016 – Cultural Capital#BethanCullinane & #OliverJohnstone ‘add unusual depth’ to #RSCCymbeline now at the #barbican – ‘a decent effort‘” plus review.

1 December 2016 – DaveActor crush must go to Edgar/mad tom might fine legs #RSCKingLear @TheRSC

3 December 2016 – Ruthwnearly had to run n the stage Iachimo always fall for the baddies #RSCCymbeline 😜”

Jamie Henderson “A truly excellent Innogen from @BethanCullinane & very fine, sexy ‘villains’ from Marcus Griffiths & Oliver Johnstone #RSCCymbeline”

6 December 2016 – Cassian BiltonFinally saw @TheRSC’ Lear at @BarbicanCentre – brilliant direction and some great performances, particularly from Edgar and Gloucester. #RSC

7 December 2016 – The RSCFind out more about Oliver Johnstone’s character in #RSCCymbeline – the suave Italian Iachimo. Only 10 days left till the final performance” plus video.

9 December 2016 – James BarwisePowerful RSC production of King Lear at the Barbican tonight. Paapa Essiedu’s Edmund & Oliver Johnstone’s Edgar were particular highlights.

12 December 2016 – Telly VoicesBehind door number 12 is the lovely #OliverJohnstone looking very suspicious of his new friend! #TellyAdventCalendar #StayVocal” (plus photo)

15 December 2016 – Ryde School English‏ “On our way back from the moving & powerful #RSCLear. Highlights: Antony Sher’s Lear, an exceptional Edgar &, of course, Gloucester’s eyes…

15 December 2016 – HelenI always love a cheeky bit of Oliver Johnstone. But his Edgar in #RSCKingLear has to be his best performance yet, really stole the show” 💃🏼
continuesand damn he looked good in that hoodie / trackie combo towards the end #RSCKingLear #OliverJohnstone


9 February 2017 – Tom Race#RSCLear Edgar is such a spice 😍😍😍”

Abbie MarshallWho plays Edgar he’s fit #RSCLear

Lottie Lou’ Grogan#RSCLear waiting for act 2 so we can see more of Edgar😍”

Molly GriffinPut me on the Heath with Edgar #rsclear

22 February 2017 – BegbieOliver Johnstone and Paapa Essiedu are gifts from God

26 May 2017 – radalondonRADA graduate Oliver Johnstone joins the cast of Nina Raine’s #Tribes for its regional premiere in Sheffield:

29 May 2017 – Curtis Brown ActorsThe bank holiday may nearly be over but the fun keeps going on @Channel4 as #JuliaDeakin joins #OliverJohnstone in #Loaded 🤑💷💰”

13 July 2017 – Crucible TheatreThese boys are also very, very professional. I would AD this as “Oliver and Simon trying to be all intent and actory. And failing.” #TRIBES” (plus a photo of the two actors together.

15 July 2017 – Jacob Bush#OliverJohnstone is one of the greatest actors around. Go see #Tribes @crucibletheatre

17 July 2017 – Louisa C-BurnhamMe & #OliverJohnstone in rehearsals for #TRIBES! Very lucky to have him playing my big brother, learnt loads from him & laughed loads too 💛

18 July 2017 – Culture CallingThe award-winning #Tribes is on @crucibletheatre. We were lucky enough to talk to one of the stars, Oliver Johnstone

18 July 2017 – Tim Blacklock “Wouldn’t like to pick anyone out from the great Tribes cast, but Oliver is certainly an actor to keep a good eye on.

24 August 2017 – radalondonAlumni Richard McCabe, Oliver Johnstone, Michael Grady-Hall, @TheJoeDixon & @josklos have been cast in #RSCImperium

Louise Read#RSCImperium Joe Dixon, Simon Thorp, Peter de Jersey, Guy Burgess, Oliver Johnstone, Joseph Kloska @TheRSC You’re the BEST!!! 🎭”

23 November 2017 – Darrell PhillipsPlay 2 done. Oliver Johnstone makes a great entrance as Octavian with @thisispierro as Agrippa, you see his hair and just want to stroke it now it’s shaven. On to play 3 #RSCImperium

29 November 2017 – Conor Gray “#RSCImperium @TheRSC is a real showcase of young talent: @josklos, @eloisejsecker, @thisispierro and Oliver Johnstone to name just a few. They more than hold their own amidst the seasoned veterans in @Robert___Harris’ epic.

5 December 2017 – Hilary McGowan‏ “@ForOJohnstone And Oliver was terrific too, coming spectacularly to life in the Hybrida trial scene. Was wondering why he was wasted in the role til them! @TheRSC #Imperium

8 December 2017 – LiveTheatreUK.comOliver Johnstone and Pierro Neil-Mee give the most compelling and assured performances of the evening. The Imperium : The Cicero Plays via @LiveTheatreUK

28 December 2017 – Patrick Kincaid‏ “Part 2 of #RSCImperium even better. Richard McCabe continues to dazzle, but show almost stolen by double act of Oliver Johnstone and Pierro Niel-Mee as Octavian and Agrippa. Wish I could see it all again. @TheRSC


1 January 2018 – Divus AugustusA headline of obvious: “Hail Cicero! He’s all talk and no toga”: | but @ForOJohnstone got a nice call-out with his portrayal of the young princeps! 😉

11 January – Heather Self@ForOJohnstone interval 2 in Imperium Part 1. As expected, OJ is fabulous. #RSCImperium

13 January – Heather Self@ForOJohnstone have to say that OJ was magnificent as Octavian in #RSCImperium part 2 last night. He has that rare ability to completely command the stage, particularly when silent/speaking quietly.

20 January 2018 – Paul Murphy#RSCImperium was outstanding theatre – immersive, imaginative and moving: like a particularly gripping box set! Great to chat to @thisispierro and his lovely grandparents last night, and the mesmeric @ForOJohnstone this evening: gracious young actors both, with a bright future.

25 January 2018 – Phil Sellars#RSCImperium great companion to Shakespeare’s Roman plays. Star perf from Richard McCabe (more please in meaty Shakespeare roles, eg. Shylock) and great sounds from the band, esp drums & trumpet. Joe Dixon plays “bonkers” to perfection, Oliver Johnstone a suitably creepy Octavian

King Lear in Brooklyn 7-29 April 2018

11 April 2018 Michele AngeliniLoved seeing #KingLear last night @BAM_Brooklyn with #RoyalShakespeareCompany. All around amazing performances, esp Sir Antony Sher and I loved Oliver Johnstone’s Edgar. #Shakespeare #NYC #Brooklyn