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Hiromi Tagoh@lotheat 26 mag

The script of #Oppenheimer by @tommortonsmith arrived today. Reading the heart aching last dialog. Am I able to digest this?

Sarah Lloyd@Sarah_in_TL 26 mag

A well acted and thought provoking play, my review of @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer at @VaudevilleTh …

Skye Russell@skyechirps 24 mag

It’s really great to see so many people early on a Saturday morning eager to get theatre tickets! #RSC #Oppenheimer



Paul Chahidi@PaulChahidi 23 mag

@grantolding beautiful work in #Oppenheimer mate.

John L Walters@JohnLW 23 mag

.@tommortonsmith @grantolding We did go to see #Oppenheimer. And it was terrific. Congratulations! Next stop New York?

Kirstygogan@kirstygogan 24 mag

@EnergieduTh I caught the final show last night. Wonderful. Grist to my existentialist crisis in advocating for nuclear. #Oppenheimer

Dan Bunting@Dan_Bunting 24 mag

Finally saw #Oppenheimer in London yesterday. Congrats to @tommortonsmith and the rest of the cast and crew. A very enjoyable experience.

sandy @BJsunnynight 24 mag

@TheRSC treally enjoyed #Oppenheimer again .Amazing production and cast..always nice to see you @johnjheffernan



Shauni@Oh4amuseoffire 24 mag

@johnjheffernan Brilliant play! Fantastic cast! #RSCOppenheimer

Claire@claireydelune 24 mag

This morning my post-Oppie blues and I have been at work, teaching kids about sub-atomic particles. I’m having EMOTIONS D’: #RSCOppenheimer



MyAnna Buring@MyannaBuring 23 mag

Well done @johnjheffernan and @tommortonsmith #Oppenheimer was extraordinary! So moved x



OfficialLondonTheatr@O_L_T 23 mag

Wishing @johnjheffernan @jackholdenactor @CatSteadman @jamwilkes @SandysFerret @benallenactor & all at #RSCOppenheimer a great final show


Sarah Lloyd@Sarah_in_TL 23 mag

#Oppenheimer was a very thought provoking play, glad I got the chance to see it before it finished its run


Paul Gwilliam@TyeSpy_Eye 23 mag

In London for the final night #Oppenheimer good luck to @CatSteadman & all the cast.


Richard T. Watson@RichardTWatson 23 mag

I seem to have ended up in theatres two nights running without planning it. Nice one, diary. Also, nice one @TheRSC: #Oppenheimer was great.


Jeroen V.@JVPianoman 23 mag

@CatSteadman Have a wonderful last performance of #Oppenheimer. What a great play with a stellar cast. All the best for new projects! x


James Burgess@JamesBurgessUK 23 mag

Saw @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer last night. Quality stuff – though I’ve probably left my recommendation a little late…


John Askew@iamjohnaskew 23 mag

Congratulations @jamwilkes @johnjheffernan @angusjac @grantolding and team on #Oppenheimer @TheRSC Really brilliant work-Enjoy the last one


Jane Christie@jane__christie 23 mag

Amazing production of #RSCOppenheimer @VaudevilleTh great acting and loved the staging! @TheRSC


Emma Ongley@EOngley 23 mag

@jackholdenactor break a leg for last show #RSCOppenheimer xxxx


Corrinne Curtis@CorrinneCurtis 23 mag

@tommortonsmith Huge congratulations to you for #RSCOppenheimer – absolutely phenomenal show. Very intelligent writing on all fronts.



Kate Novak@Novak1Kate 23 mag

Last night of RSCOppemheimer @VaudevilleTh will miss being the loser mouthing along to the amazing text every night… #ActorSlashUsherLife


Corrinne Curtis@CorrinneCurtis 22 mag

@johnjheffernan You were phenomenal as Richard II & you absolutely did not disappoint as Oppenheimer. Huge congratulations and thank you!


Tony Peters@tonypetersss 23 mag

Very best wishes to the casts of @WomenVergeUK #Oppenheimer #AhWilderness Have great last shows everyone.




Sarah Lloyd@Sarah_in_TL 23 mag

I made it to London with enough time to queue for an #Oppenheimer seat before stuffing my face with cakes at @westendbakeoff #hungryalready

Hel again@TweedDemon 23 mag

The Oppentimer is set for the last time. T minus 10h50.

Rhian Watts@RhianBWatts 23 mag

Despite @RobbieHand‘s bad post-show drinking influence, I’ve managed to be only 4th in the Oppenheimer dayseat queue

Corrinne Curtis@CorrinneCurtis 22 mag

@TheRSC Also, well done to all involved. The whole production, from writing to design & direction was faultless. Well done! #RSCOppenheimer

Corrinne Curtis@CorrinneCurtis 22 mag

@RSC #RSCOppenheimer Absolutely astounding, exceptional in its execution & richly deserving of every bit of praise. This will stay with me.

Alex Campbell@gingergirlalex 22 mag

Will also be sad to see this go from my daily commute! #RSCOppenheimer



Paul Chahidi@PaulChahidi 23 mag

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC was wonderful last night. Congrats to @tommortonsmith @angusjac @grantolding and a truly fantastic ensemble of actors.

Kamilla Nielsen@Kamilla_HN 23 mag

Have great final shows all with the incredible @TheRSC #Oppenheimer. Overall fantastic cast and I particularly liked @jackholdenactor.

Niamh Walsh@NiamhAWalsh 22 mag

Immensely proud of @jamwilkes tonight in the incredible #Oppenheimer. I was… blown away?

John Askew@iamjohnaskew 22 mag

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC is absolutely brilliant. The performances and direction are spot on. Great piece of work

Ceri Ashcroft@CeriAshcroft 22 mag Tottenham, London

@tommortonsmith @TheRSC I enjoyed it muchly, it’s truly a great piece of theatre – excellent work! X #Oppenheimer



Alex Campbell@gingergirlalex 22 mag

Ahhhh #RSCOppenheimer is still just so bloody good! @tommortonsmith you are a genius.


Chloë Wicks@chloehwicks 22 mag

Oppenheimer was a bit good eh!! Every bit of it – play, cast, staging – fizzes with intelligence & heart. Amazing work from @angusjac


Jenna Mondry@jennamondry 22 mag

Honestly the @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer #CostumeSelfie posts get me through the day #thecutest


VickyColins-Nattrass@Keziabulldogs 22 mag

@TheRSC I saw it at both too loved it blew my mind x



VickyColins-Nattrass@Keziabulldogs 22 mag

@tommortonsmith it’s brilliant it does great on stage. Fantastic cast especially my mate @andylangtree


Alex Campbell@gingergirlalex 22 mag

So glad to be watching #RSCOppenheimer again tonight. Such a fantastic play and cast – will be a big loss to the West End!

APM Associates@apmassociates 22 mag

Another fabulous performance by APMs @TobyRMWebster last night at @TheRSC #Oppenheimer!! Such a wonderful show!



Mark Taylor@taylorm48 22 mag

Last 2 days with #RSCOppenheimer it’s been a fabulous 9 weeks


Damien Stanton@Damien_Stanton 21 mag

@NimaxTheatres – What a cake! It’s been a pleasure, thanks for having us at the Vaudeville! #Oppenheimer #RSC #nimax




essay@misssfitt 22 mag Islington, London

Kudos to bombshell @AlexRomeo for captioning #Oppenheimer @TheRSC tonight. ‘She can make it clearer, she can’t make it simpler’


essay@misssfitt 22 mag Islington, London

Insider tip, get a day seat on the front row and @johnjheffernan will cry all over you. bottle it, worth a fortune on eBay #Oppenheimer


essay@misssfitt 22 mag Islington, London

Brilliantly scripted, performed, designed; a masterclass in intelligent, emotional theatre #Oppenheimer @TheRSC. @johnjheffernan : peerless


Athena WM@eyesthatiown 21 mag

And @johnjheffernan is breathtaking in it. Thankfully I knew to bring more tissues with me on my second time watching the show #Oppenheimer


Athena WM@eyesthatiown 21 mag

#Oppenheimer has to be one of the most brilliant shows i have ever seen. @tommortonsmith has created a modern masterpiece.

Alice Bell @alicebell

Frank Oppenheimer …


Alice Bell@alicebell 21 mag

If I was still teaching sci and literature, Life of Galileo and Oppenheimer would make a good compare and contrast. Same story, sorta.


Alice Bell@alicebell 21 mag

Saw Oppenheimer last night. Lots to like, but it don’t think it quite captured the dramatic potential of the story. Kinda. Interesting play.


Vay Ha@VayHa 20 mag

#Oppenheimer @theRSC was absolutely brilliant! Glad to have watched it before its run in #London finished.




Alexander Parker@AlexanderParker 20 mag

Watched @jamwilkes tonight in @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer, everyone go see it before it ends!! It’s rather brilliant.


Mags Patten@magspatten1 20 mag

Been a great week of new writers @TheRSC #Oppenheimer and #SaltInTheSugarJar @theatrebristol


Kezzy Addams@KezzyAddams 20 mag

Oppenheimer was outstanding! The cast were perfect #RSCOppenheimer @CatSteadman Thank you for injecting some intensity in to my evening.


Jonathan Crossfield@UtkintonJC 20 mag

Looking forward to #Oppenheimer performed by @TheRSC tonight. Need more West End plays about nuclear physics!


Gareth ap Watkins@GarethapWatkins 19 mag

Saw #Oppenheimer tonight #RSC inspired and well performed.


AMovieTheatreGoer@MovieTheatrGoer 20 mag

Ah! I love @TheRSC #CostumeSelfie-s! Appreciation for Wilson @jackholdenactor the pacifist&optimist! #RSCOppenheimer …


PeterKingsfordPetley@petleyhypnosis 20 mag

Saw #RSCOppenheimer. Powerful. Moving. Relevant. Bravo! @johnjheffernan @catsteadman @benallenactor @tommortonsmith @hedusan & cast.

RSC Press Office@RSCPress 20 mag

Does Science work on stage? interesting piece in the Guardian discusses and includes #RSCOppenheimer 

Rebecca Lenkiewicz@RebLenkiewicz 20 mag

Huge thanks to @angusjac and @tommortonsmith & cast & company for an epic & beautiful production of Oppenheimer, great to see a huge play. R

Mei Mac@Mei_Mac 19 mag

#RSCOppenheimer felt almost effortlessly written @tommortonsmith @TheRSC Fantastic script delivered by powerful performances @johnjheffernan

Amy O’Neill@amydanoneill 19 mag

Loved seeing @TomMcCallN1 and @jamwilkes again in #Oppenheimer, if you haven’t seen it, you have until Saturday to see this wonderful play!

sumit paul-choudhury@sumit 19 mag

Warnings at #Oppenheimer: production includes strobes, haze, cigarettes, pipes and a gunshot. A dangerous play, @TomMortonSmith #mildperil

Seren Morgan Jones@SerenMJones 19 mag

@hedusan multi-talented and rather gorgeous. #loveyourwork #Oppenheimer was fantastic!

Hedydd Dylan e The RSC



Kate Novak@Novak1Kate 19 mag

Last week of #RSCOppenheimer @VaudevilleTh going to miss ushering such an amazing show #theatre #london


Tony Langham@TonyLangham 19 mag

“I have the power to kill everyone in the world” John Heffernan stunning as @tommortonsmith ‘s powerful and important #Oppenheimer @TheRSC


David Young@DavidYoungest 19 mag

Loved watching #Oppenheimer in the West End again. @jamwilkes you may be able to build an atom bomb, but you still can’t fix a microwave.


RSC Press Office@RSCPress 19 mag

Only seven more performances of #RSCOppenheimer before it finishes its West End run this Saturday 


Ed Vaizey@edvaizey 19 mag

Saw @tommortonsmith new play #Oppenheimer @TheRSC beautifully staged and thought provoking, with @johnjheffernan mesmerising as the lead


Clare Parsons@ClareParsons_ 19 mag

@mrslaurawood #Oppenheimer is a ‘must see’. Great story telling, superb acting-rooted in a terrible moment in history @TheRSC at its best


fledgling@fledgling71 19 mag

theatre hits and miss… loved #AmericanBuffalo and #Oppenheimer did not love #DeathofaSalesman #londontheatre


Clare Parsons@ClareParsons_ 18 mag

Once again @TheRSC at it best #Oppenheimer by Tim Morton-Smith




Tony Langham@TonyLangham 18 mag

So excited waiting for @TheRSC #Oppenheimer which in 1st draft was 4.5 hrs long and had an animatronics dog ?!




TKTS@TKTSLondon 18 mag

#LastChance on Sat to see #Oppenheimer – tickets £35.00 (were £45.00) 




Robyn Charteris@RCharteris 18 mag

I knew what to expect from #Oppenheimer #JohnHeffernan I did not expect the tight chest & tears #moved #great #theatre congrats @angusjac


Verity Rushworth@VerityRushworth 18 mag

Just had the most jaw dropping experience watching #Oppenheimer – stunning performances and so moving!! Well done all!! John Heffernan –


Verity Rushworth@VerityRushworth 18 mag

@johnjheffernan Congratulations on yet another stunning performance!!! You moved me to tears. Thank you. Such a fan Xx #RSCOppenheimer


PeterKingsfordPetley@petleyhypnosis 18 mag

Less than 24 hours before I see #RSCOppenheimer. Break collective legs @benallenactor @tommortonsmith @CatSteadman @johnjheffernan


Kate Evans@border_minstrel 18 mag

It’s the last week of #RSCOppenheimer. Here’s why you should see it while you can: …


Jimmy Dougan@jimdougan 17 mag

@angusjac not only has Oppenheimer caused an absolute – and fully deserved – storm, the director of it is also a fellow Brummie. Brilliant.


Frankie Ward@getfrank 17 mag

How great is John Heffernan as Lascelles? He’s currently playing Oppenheimer with the RSC – total chameleon #JonathanStrange


Rose O’ Loughlin@RosieOLou 17 mag

See #Oppenheimer at the Vaudeville!! Such ambition, brilliantly executed. Writer @tommortonsmith has made something special @TheRSC


Beth Smith@Beth_Acting 16 mag

Applauding just didn’t feel right after that final speech #Oppenheimer A truly spectacular performance @TheRSC


elips design@elipsdesign 16 mag

Stage design #Oppenheimer #crude #vaudeville 


Frankie Suffell@frozenwolfcry 16 mag

Saw #RSCOppenheimer this afternoon. I can’t even, there just are no words for that masterpiece, it completely blew me away @TheRSC


Laura Fontana@LH_Fontana 16 mag

Seen @TheRSC #Oppenheimer this afternoon, a very powerful show with beautiful designs and a great cast. Just a week left, go see if you can!



CultureWhisper@CultureWhisper 16 mag

#hotticket: Just 1 week left for explosive, electrifying @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer …




James Clutton@JamesOHP 16 mag

Congratulations to cast, creatives and all connected with #Oppenheimer @TheRSC @angusjac – brilliant play and production.


Tina Hobday@Hobnobs_1 16 mag

Off to see #Oppenheimer at the theatre! #ilovephysics



Gareth ap Watkins@GarethapWatkins 16 mag

Off to see #Oppenheimer at The Vaudeville tonight. #theatre #london #actors #RSC #RSCOppenheimer


Frankie Suffell@frozenwolfcry 16 mag

On the way to London to see #RSCOppenheimer this afternoon!! Can’t even say how excited I am!!! 😀 @TheRSC


martha lane fox@Marthalanefox 16 mag

And, If u have another spare night I enjoyed #Oppenheimer @TheRSC – not easy to make physics into theatre but they do it with verve


Rachel Williams@billiwilliams 15 mag

Loved #Oppenheimer – frantic, dazzlingly intelligent and mind bendingly well staged. More top stuff from @TheRSC 🏻


Anoushka Lucas@AnoushkaLucas 15 mag

I feel like “enjoyed” is the wrong word for #Oppenheimer, but it was fantastic.


Sylvia T@sylviatra 15 mag

Brilliant, thought-provoking play #Oppenheimer tonight at the @VaudevilleTh, about the father of the atomic bomb #makelovenotwar #WestEnd



Tom Giles@tweetedbytom 15 mag

Making an effort as I’m seeing, the ever brilliant, @SandysFerret in #RSCOppenheimer tonight #dabomb




James Clutton@JamesOHP 15 mag

Me & @AngelaClutton off to see #Oppenheimer @TheRSC at the Vaudeville Theatre. Directed by @angusjac &designed by Robert Innes Hopkins


Kat Kourbeti@blackbirdwords 15 mag

#Oppenheimer last night was INCREDIBLE, everything a play should be: powerful, imaginative, emotional, revealing. Ends 23/5! Go see it!



Michael Joseph@Michaeljmcm13 15 mag

“Now we are all sons of bitches” #Oppenheimer


Richard Alexander@raalltheway 14 mag

@TheRSC Great night at the theatre. Fantastic method acting. Excellent closing monologue #RSCOppenheimer




PeterKingsfordPetley@petleyhypnosis 14 mag

Got tickets for 19th May for best play in London #RSCOppenheimer. Anticipating standout performances from @johnjheffernan & @CatSteadman


MyTheatreMates@MyTheatreMates 14 mag

Has @tommortonsmith written one of @TheRSC‘s best-ever soliloquys?  #RSCOppenheimer




Gordon Masterton@GordonMasterton 14 mag

Blown away by first act of @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer.


Jonathan Baz@MrJonathanBaz 14 mag

Hey @MyTheatreMates – did you read my interview w @tommortonsmith re #RSCOppenheimer? …




Alison Feist@AlisonFeist1 14 mag

Just seen #RSCOppenheimer -superb production showing the best and worst of humanity. Haunting final scene @johnjheffernan @tommortonsmith


Culture Key@CultureKeyLDN 28 apr

Great play by @tommortonsmith around #Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project @TheRSC 


King’s Drama@KSGDrama 13 mag

On the way back from seeing the fantastic #RSCOppenheimer with @KSGscience

AL and AL@HolmesAndTaylor 13 mag

“I am a loaded gun left in a playground.” Haunted by @tommortonsmith words in #RSCOppenheimer at the Vaudeville last night. Mind blowing.

Sean Ohlendorf@Ohlendorfins 13 mag

Off to see the one and only @jamwilkes in @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer!

KSG Science@KSGscience 13 mag

Large number of 4th form physics + drama students have gone to see #OPPENHEIMER @TheRSC 

MyTheatreMates@MyTheatreMates 13 mag Londra, Inghilterra

Destroyer of worlds: is this the closing speech to end all closing speeches?  #RSCOppenheimer

Terri Paddock, Tom Morton-Smith, Mark Stephen Scott e altri 5



21stCenturyFamily@21stCFamily 12 mag

It’s half time at Oppenheimer with the Royal Shakespeare Company & we’re having a brilliant time! #theatre #london


21stCenturyFamily@21stCFamily 12 mag

It really is worth getting yourself along I see Oppenheimer by the RSC if you get the chance – cracking play so far! #london #theatre


Jonathan Mason@jonathanmason 12 mag London, England

#Oppenheimer is brilliant – definitely living up to the reviews


Keith Mansfield@KeithMansfield 12 mag

Great to meet @tommortonsmith @royalsociety & hear about the writing of #Oppenheimer (1 of 8 plays on 20th c science he pitched to @TheRSC!)


Ciaran Sundstrem@fairdoos88 12 mag

#Oppenheimer last night @TheRSC was fascinating; a mix of physics, politics and relationships with a great cast and staging.


Sam Fox@samthefoxfox 11 mag

Just got back from watching the brilliant #Oppenheimer in town with @BumbleScrunch hope you enjoyed the show 🙂


Dean@deanvictorr 12 mag

@TerriPaddock my favourite script ever, the line about being iron, being stable is impeccable

Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 12 mag Londra, Inghilterra

Had to get #RSCOppenheimer script to relive: ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’ 



Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 12 mag Londra, Inghilterra

When I went, #RSCOppenheimer star @johnjheffernan battled with a tech fault during one of his best speeches  > @TheRSC


Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 12 mag Londra, Inghilterra

Sun’s shining but still feeling dark after #GE2015, I blog about the Destroyer of Worlds (#RSCOppenheimer not Tories) 


Alex Chard@AlexChard_ 11 mag

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” That was some real theatre tonight. #RSCOppenheimer #VaudevilleTheatre



RSC Press Office@RSCPress 11 mag

Join us for an evening of science-inspired theatre tonight at 6.30pm in London. 


Kate Evans@border_minstrel 11 mag

My latest blog – in which I seem to be joining the @johnjheffernan fan club! … #RSCOppenheimer


Zoë Mingos@zoemingos 10 mag

Incredible performance at @VaudevilleTh #Oppenheimer is a theatrical triumph! Loved every minute.


Jacob Meadows@JacobMeadows93 9 mag

Travelled around in style today Great day spent in London at RADA’s vocal workshop & #Oppenheimer was incredible


Nicola Stewart@NicolaJMS 10 mag Lambeth, London

Second bite at #Oppenheimer yday with my mum. Brilliant show and I doubt we’ll see a better performance this year than @johnjheffernan


Stephanie Baldeweg@DrBaldeweg 10 mag

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC at the Vaudeville theatre. Excellent production. Thought provoking about science, ethics, politics …Go and watch it!


Nicole Bralsford@Littleyellowpix 9 mag

@TheRSC #Oppenheimer was as good as the 5* reviews. @johnjheffernan led a brilliant cast – and it makes physics interesting!


Kate Evans@border_minstrel 9 mag

Well I understand why there’s been so much fuss about John Heffernan on Twitter feed…#RSCOppenheimer


Kate Evans@border_minstrel 9 mag

Finally about to see if all the buzz about this was deserved! #RSCOppenheimer

Nicole Bralsford@Littleyellowpix 9 mag

@db26mb loves physics. I love the theatre. So we’re both winning and seeing @TheRSC #Oppenheimer today!

Nattecholamine @nattatouillez 9 mag

Just seen #Oppenheimer and wow wow wow. Absolutely phenomenal

Abdullah Mahmood@AbbyDno7 8 mag

#Oppenheimer was terrific & great performance from @johnjheffernan including the intense eye contact during the final speech

John Pitt@jstewartp1969 8 mag

#Oppenheimer great play and a bit of light relief after all the stress #GE2015

Hel again@TweedDemon 8 mag

In London to soothe some of the woe and finally share the wonder of #rscoppenheimer with @chuftybadger. My welcome:

George_X@GeorgeXris 7 mag

#oppenheimer #ilovetheatre #theatre #play #atomicbomb #rsc #royalshakespearecompany 

George Clayton@georgeclayton75 8 mag

Loved this. Even explained nuclear in understandable way 5-star RSC atomic bomb drama #Oppenheimer splits for London 

Sam Holden@BeingSamHolden 7 mag Torbay, England

V V proud of my brother @jackholdenactor appearing in @TheRSC #Oppenheimer at Vaudeville theatre London, go see if you can!

BethumpedTheatre@Bethumped 7 mag

If you can’t already tell, we loved #RSCOppenheimer!

BethumpedTheatre@Bethumped 7 mag

Last night we saw #RSCOppenheimer. An exceptional play, beautifully performed by the entire cast. And an incredible creative vision to boot!


Rex Obano@RexObano 7 mag

Still affected by the power or #oppenheimer last night.

Ben Hunter@benhunter98 6 mag

Well, saw #Oppenheimer today at the @VaudevilleTh … Incredible. @TheRSC

Charlie Mawer@CharlieMawer 6 mag

#Oppenheimer from @rsc worth all five star reviews. A timely play pre Election Day – grappling with consequences & unintended consequences

BethumpedTheatre@Bethumped 6 mag

@popinjaytheatre At the theatre too! Watching the fabulous #RSCOppenheimer. It’s so sodding good!

Jude Evans@Hey_Jude88 6 mag

Holy guacamole! #RSCOppenheimer certainly packs a punch. Top notch theatre-making! #theatre #newwriting

Jude Evans@Hey_Jude88 6 mag

So far so good! I love all the creative elements of #RSCOppenheimer! Besides the obvious, the lighting is really blowing me away.

Sarah@MeHimAndGluten 6 mag

Seeing Oppenheimer at the @VaudevilleTh tonight, heard tons of good things!Tix from @LOVEtheatrecom inc champagne in the interval #datenight


Lady Boo@bootoagoose 5 mag

@tommortonsmith OppenPIEmer….amazing! #RSCOppenheimer

KaggyGol@KaggyGol 5 mag

Loved #oppenheimer .Great play about the man, the science and the moral arguments with stunning central performance from @johnjheffernan


Ellie Turner@EllieTurner00 5 mag



John Shea@johnshea63 4 mag

#RSCOppenheimer: 5* writing & staging @tommortonsmith @angusjac & terrific lead performance @johnjheffernan @TheRSC …


Auteurs Horsdoeuvres@AutHorsDoeu 26 apr

Maybe I’m just a sucker for 40s fashion and dubious morality discussed over cocktails, but I thought RSC’s Oppenheimer was incredible.


Tanya Page@Tanya_j_Page 4 mag

#RSCoppenheimer what an amazing show. Great piece of writing with a great cast



Richard Hill@Spectrum_CEO 2 mag

Really enjoyed @RSC Oppenheimer. Fantastic theatre.


Stefanie Gerdes @MissSGolightly 3 mag

‘The uranium bomb is entirely possible therefore it is entirely inevitable.’ Sadly. #oppenheimer


Debbie Gilpin@Deborah_Deborah 3 mag

I’ve finally written something about @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer, starring @johnjheffernan:  #LDNTheatreBloggers


Chris Shadforth@cshadforth 3 mag

@TheRSC wondering will there be a digital copy of #Oppenheimer released from The Swan or Vaudeville…this amazing production has to live on


Lilly Gallafent@LilN1 3 mag

Saw #Oppenheimer last night. John Heffernan is fantastic. A charismatic Oppy.

Emma Jouhin@Fuzzy_Lollipop 2 mag

Lovely afternoon chatting with @FairyPenguin87 & @PWHayward before catching the rather excellent (& superbly acted) #Oppenheimer. Good day.

Frankie Suffell@frozenwolfcry 1 mag

JUST BOOKED TICKETS TO SEE #RSCOppenheimer !!!!!! I didn’t think I would be able to go so I’m now crazy excited!! 😀 @TheRSC

John Hollingworth@JAHollingworth 2 mag

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC at #VaudevilleTheatre today was an ensemble triumph in sweet form months after it started: John Heffernan superlative.


Chris Shadforth@cshadforth 2 mag

It was a great pleasure to see @TheRSC #Oppenheimer today at the Vaudeville, the cast/production were so well polished & choreographed…


Fiona Rodrigo@fiona_rodrigo 2 mag

#Oppenheimer – How is this show not sold out?! Unchartered ambitions, damnation and the desire for glory. Superb production @TheRSC


Emma Jouhin@Fuzzy_Lollipop 2 mag

As if I could spend more than two hours in London without buying theatre tickets… Now off to see #Oppenheimer tonight with @kiwi_42

Paul Anderson @sparks_anderson 22 gen

Really proud to be working on such a brilliant play, with such an amazing bunch of people#RSCOppenheimer.

Rosie Fullwood@RosieFullwood 1 mag Islington, London

#Oppenheimer at @VaudevilleTh is amazing. Seriously engaging drama full of complex questions and their relation to humanity. 5 stars.

AgricolaTheatre@AgricolaTheatre 1 mag

Seriously impressed by Oppenheimer at Vauderville @TheRSC Performances, writing, direction, design – all combine for a powerful story.

Amy Leach@amycleach 30 apr

Woke up with mind still full of #Oppenheimer. Brain hasn’t worked that hard in ages. Beautifully crafted piece & superb central performance.


Beth Fuller@BethFuller1979 28 apr

Took at school group to see #RSCOppenheimer last night; they were taking about it all day. Well done @tommortonsmith – it’s a stunner!

LondonTheatreDirect@theatre_direct 25 apr

Review: Oppenheimer Doesn’t Have A Weak Link – Tony Peters–Oppenheimer-Doesn-t-Have-A-Weak-Link.aspx …

The Actor’s Podcast@actorspodcast 22 apr

We managed to catch #Oppenheimer from @TheRSC last night. Simply phenomenal.

Lizzie@lizzie_milton 21 apr

Thought @johnjheffernan was incredibly moving as #Oppenheimer last night with the @TheRSC. Would recommend it.

louis appleby@ProfLAppleby 21 apr

“I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.” O/night in London, chance to see #Oppenheimer, about father of atomic bomb.

Rob Drummer@robert_ad 21 apr

Those were some mighty fine three hours exploring tension between science and compassion, morality and doing the right thing. #Oppenheimer

Rob Drummer@robert_ad 21 apr

Well isn’t #Oppenheimer @TheRSC a revelation of a play. Big and smart and just such a tour de force performance from John Heffernan.

James Lawrence@TheMrJL 21 apr

Just seen @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer. Captivating. You could hear a pin drop in parts and it was superbly executed.

Amy Leighton@amyleighton 22 apr

Got to see @TheRSC ‘s fantastic #Oppenheimer last night. Wonderfully executed.

Michael Hadjijoseph@MHadjijoseph 21 apr

I went to Oppenheimer at the @VaudevilleTh #RSCOppenheimer via @StagedoorTweets Loved it!

Gail E Bishop@gailebishop 21 apr

At the Vaudeville for #RSCOppenheimer – another excuse for a seat review for @seat_plan #voucherwhore #theatre #london

Amelia Vernede@Mia_Vrn 21 apr

#Oppenheimer was magical, the depth of the acting was engrossing and the direction was creative and seamless. What a night!

Nathan Lodge@NathanJLodge 20 apr

Finally getting to see my big bro @richardwlodge cue his first West End show tonight! #RSCOppenheimer #PROUD


Joseph Steyne@JosephSteyne 20 apr

Can’t wait to see @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer tonight at @VaudevilleTh!


Ben Graham@Ben_Hannigan 18 apr

About to arch a 3 hour play about science #Oppenheimer

Sarah Rogers@tractorgirlie 18 apr

I like a play which requires a significant amount of googling post watching #RSCOppenheimer Great lead performances too.

neil foster@hi_im_neil 18 apr

GO AND SEE OPPENHEIMER! #RSCOppenheimer Best west end production I have seen since I moved here!

Richard Sweet@rwsweet 18 apr

If you can get to #RSCOppenheimer (Vaudeville, Strand) in next few weeks then do. Wonderful stuff. Physics degree not required.

HuffPost UK@HuffPostUK 20 apr

“Art can be a gateway to science” – #RSCOppenheimer writer @TomMortonSmith blogs 

Hit The Theatre@HitTheTheatre 20 apr

There is more chemsitry in #Oppenheimer than just nuclear fission. #London #Theatre #WestEnd #CheapTickets 


Katherine Scoble@katherinemma 17 apr

#Oppenheimer at the #VaudevilleTheatre 

Linda Duffin@LindaDuffin 18 apr

The RSC’s #Oppenheimer is extraordinary. Intensely human play abt monstrously inhuman subject.


Theatremonkey@Theatremonkey1 18 apr

@NicolaJMS LOVED Oppenheimer, not seen Golem. If you want 3 hours of intelligent theatre and learn some nuclear physics too, #Oppenheimer!


RSC Press Office@RSCPress 17 apr

Check out @LondonLive ‘s interview with Catherine Steadman, who plays Jean Tatlock in #RSCOppenheimer: 


Metra Theatre@metratheatre 17 apr

.@johnjheffernan is beautiful/terrifying/moving as @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer. Gorgeously staged production


Amanda Reed UK@AmandaReedActor 16 apr

Today’s foray – proper Gaminara-fest! @the3lionsplay pm then #Oppenheimer evening.


Ariane Franke@arifranke 16 apr

Review: #Oppenheimer im Vaudeville Theatre mit John Heffernan in der Hauptrolle … 15 apr

Laurence Green reviews @tommortonsmith gripping new play #Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh …


Hit The Theatre@HitTheTheatre 15 apr

#Oppenheimer received amazing reviews across the board! See what its all about! #London #Theatre #WestEnd 


Siobhán Daly@SiobhanDaly 15 apr

So poignant to read about Fukushima nuclear meltdown clean-up operation after seeing @TheRSC #Oppenheimer #theatre …


theblackwidow@blackwidowstory 16 apr

Saw #Oppenheimer in Stratford. WOW! Moving, long but carried along, never a dull moment. Amazing cast @TheRSC @5WrightStuff @Matthew_Wright


Ben Hewis@benhewis 16 apr

Dear #Oliviers panel, I know it’s a long way off but pls remember #Oppenheimer, @johnjheffernan & @CatSteadman in your nominations. Thanks


Metra Theatre@metratheatre 16 apr

.@TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer tonight. Physics and fascism.


Hiromi Tagoh@lotheat 15 apr

I don’t understand why #RSCOppenheimer has to be described together with Turing or Hawking. Those productions mean completely different. 16 apr Manhattan, NY

John Heffernan on playing an American, being a fanboy & OPPENHEIMER’s move to the West End: 



Murray Batchelor@mtbatchelor 15 apr

Being long time fans of the Bethe Ansatz, we were also enthralled by Tom McCall’s portrayal of Hans Bethe! #Oppenheimer #physics


Murray Batchelor@mtbatchelor 15 apr

With J Phys A editorial board members Atsuo Kuniba and Rafael Nepomechie at the truly excellent #Oppenheimer @JPhysA

Simon@iamsimonwilson 15 apr

#Oppenheimer last night was excellent with John Heffernan outstanding in the lead role. On tonight to @SpendUnion at the @TheUnionTheatre.

Chloe France@chloefrance2 14 apr

#RSCOppenheimer E. P. I . C….F*ck off huge story handled with nuance, humour and humanity.


Hiromi Tagoh@lotheat 13 apr

#RSCOppenheimer It was convincing portrayal of scientists (professionals) who are trapped in between their desire and responsibility,


Hiromi Tagoh@lotheat 13 apr

#RSCOppenheimer Is there any plan for recording? It is rare to have an opportunity for many of us to hear such a story in such a production.


Clair Woodward@Clairywoowoo 14 apr

Bloody Nora, @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer is a big, thought-provoking thing. @johnjheffernan astounding in lead.


Jim Pickard@PickardJE 14 apr

The scientist who killed more than 200,000 people. Can highly recommend #Oppenheimer at #thevaudeville about man who invented atom bomb.

Len Fisher@LenFisherScienc 14 apr

#Oppenheimer Stunningly true to known history, which I knew, but couldn’t possibly have written so well. Very jealous. If in London, go see!


Edward Seckerson@seckerson 13 apr London, England

Poleaxing performance from @johnjheffernan in RSC’s OPPENHEIMER. What a special young actor he is.


Baz Bamigboye@BazBam 13 apr

The @TheRSC #Oppenheimer play at the #vaudeville is vital & unmissable . @johnjheffernan gives a performance of incredible insight

Top 10 Films@Top10Films 13 apr

Actress Catherine Steadman Swaps Downton Abbey For The West End In Tom Morton-Smith’s New Play Oppenheimer  #interview


Caroline@TweetyCazza 12 apr

#Oppenheimer now at Vaudeville Theatre. Go to see this thought-provoking play and ponder the physics, the morality and the horror.


London Places@London_Places 12 apr

Ha! Another mention for Vaudeville Theatre:  – RT @TweetyCazza #Oppenheimer now at Vaudeville Theatre. Go to see t…


JohnnyFox@johnnyfoxlondon 12 apr

Soothe your pre-#OlivierAwards nerves as this week’s THEATRE PODCAST hashes @the3lionsplay #Oppenheimer + #ENOSweeney 


elliot balchin@ElliotBalchin 12 apr

Had the pleasure of seeing #Oppenheimer recently, an absolute triumph! Utter brilliance from @jamwilkes @Lassyboi


Richard@softvowels 12 apr

#Oppenheimer #RSC intense intrigue led by a brilliant company : Bravo! #RoyalShakespeareCompamy #Vaudeville

Box of Tricks@bottc 12 apr

Get them young eh, @TheRSC? Erm, Uncle @tommortonsmith, can I be the baby in #RSCOppenheimer in the West End?

Lynn Sear@eatmybook 8 apr

Just been to see Oppenheimer at the Vaudeville – brilliant but disturbing. Amazing job by @CatSteadman and understudy Michael Grady-Hall.

Nicky James@nicnoks01 11 apr

If you only see one play on the West End at the moment it should be #RSC #Oppenheimer #unbiased #proud

Ellie@elliebirchy 12 apr

@ToOJJohnstone @Keziabulldogs it is a long play, I mean including interval it was 3 hours, but it was incredibly captivating and well done

VickyColins-Nattrass@Keziabulldogs 11 apr

@elliebirchy @ ToOJJohnstone it’s just incredible transfered so well into theatre

T R P Watson@ayultp 11 apr

Plays from (2 of 2) @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer and @TheUnionTheatre #SpendSpendSpend discussed this week 

Jo Baines@Biggestdog 11 apr

#RSCOppenheimer excellent and thought provoking play. Well worth going to see

Alex Sangster@AlexSangster1 12 apr

Go and see #Oppenheimer – a stunning production with superb performances by John Heffernan and cast. @VaudevilleTh

Ellie@elliebirchy 11 apr

#Oppenheimer was a really enjoyable play. What a success! My mum (a nuclear physicist) really liked it too!

Barb Dignan@barbdignan 10 apr

@TheRSC If ONLY #Oppenheimer would play through next October so I could see it!! #FromDenverWithLove

Jake Ferretti@Jake_Ferretti 10 apr

#Oppenheimer is a glorious, beautiful play, directed superbly with sharp, intelligent writing. Loved it. @angusjac @tommortonsmith @TheRSC


A Londoner’s London@LondonersLondon 10 apr

Stunning performances in @tommortonsmith #Oppenheimer @TheRSC, @VaudevilleTh #WestEnd last night. Spectacular production glad it transferred


Nat Gorohova@NatGorohova 10 apr

Booked @TheRSC #Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh. I hear they sing. No longer afraid of this, after seeing #ABreakfastOfEels. Worked beautifully!


Jake Ferretti@Jake_Ferretti 10 apr

@johnjheffernan is all I love to watch in an actor. Submerged in the character and entirely controlled. #Oppenheimer @TheRSC @WhatWent_Wong


Kettle@KettleMag 9 apr

Kettle’s @emilydavis999 talks #DowntonAbbey & #Oppenheimer with the wonderful @CatSteadman 

Joshua Miles@JoshuaMiles5 9 apr London, England

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC is epic! @johnjheffernan gives the performance any actor would die for. And I’m now clued up on Hiroshima. All for £5!

Luca Viganò@LucaVigano68 9 apr

#Oppenheimer #RSC A half hour too long, a couple of unresolved characters, but overall a good show with a good cast


Kevin Shen@kshen 8 apr

Well @TheRSC #Oppenheimer was very good despite some really terribly timed backstage shouting in the last scene.


Lorna Reed@lornareedbaba 8 apr

@TheRSC “correct doesn’t mean right” #Oppenheimer. Great and hauntingly relevant play.


Ed Brody@EdTaylorBrody 8 apr

So #Oppenheimer was pretty special. Fantastic work @angusjac


London Places@London_Places 8 apr

Mentions on Twitter for Vaudeville Theatre:  – RT @AlphaAimee Watching #Oppenheimer at the Vaudeville Theatre… r…


Aimee Baker@AlphaAimee 8 apr

Watching #Oppenheimer at the Vaudeville Theatre… really enjoying it! The physics seems sound so far


Dan Poole@danpooleactor 8 apr

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC for the third time. Understudy excellence. A fine fine job!


Jenny Johnston@JenJeffJohno 7 apr

Well #Oppenheimer was excellent! Fascinating subject, with a powerful, tragic and complex performance from @johnjheffernan


Kevin Shen@kshen 8 apr

I haven’t queued for #dayseats in ages, though it’s a good excuse for a brisk early am bike ride! #Oppenheimer @TheRSC


Dr. Mark Shanahan@LeapfrogMark 8 apr

Good birthday yesterday. Saw excellent #RSC production of #Oppenheimer. Secured teaching development funding & contract signed on Ike book.


Lorna Reed@lornareedbaba 8 apr

Looking forward to seeing #Oppenheimer @TheRSC this evening. Am expecting to be blown away by @tommortonsmith ‘s writing. Pun intended!


Jake Ferretti@Jake_Ferretti 8 apr

Looking forward to seeing what all this fuss is about with #Oppenheimer tomorrow. Sure it won’t disappoint. @TheRSC


Nick Pomfret@NickPom1 8 apr

Cheeky trip the theatre with @helenapomfret + poms for dads bday #Oppenheimer #Pomsinlondon

Jo Baines@Biggestdog 8 apr

#RSCOppenheimer @ #Vaudeville2015 -looking forward to this-has had good reviews-thought provoking guaranteed I think

Claire@claireydelune 8 apr

Wow, the RSC are doing well with their London transfers! Now all they need is a UK tour. Of #RSCOppenheimer. To where I work. That’d do…

Wsc @waiseakchao 8 apr

Well done @TheRSC two quick transfers to London #RSCOppenheimer #RSCSalesman

Adam Cross@AdamPCross 8 apr

Enjoyed revisiting #RSCOppenheimer last night. Great playing @grantolding ‘s score again; interval song #3 has really bedded in.

Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 8 apr Londra, Inghilterra

W/this, @TheRSC will have 3 London prods running. Also #RSCOppenheimer @VaudevilleTh, @ETTtweet co-pro #MadWorldMyMasters @BarbicanCentre

Jill@jellybeantwits 7 apr

Finally saw #RSCOppenheimer tonight. A great play about the tension between scientific achievement and ethics.


Rebecca Bainbridge@beccaba1nbr1dge 7 apr

@TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer “is a play to be seen and heard and felt.” I highly recommend a trip to @VaudevilleTh. …


Lara Stubbs@LaraStubbs 7 apr

Really looking forward to seeing @TheRSC #Oppenheimer tonight! Break a leg @johnjheffernan !!xx


Official Theatre@TheatreOfficial 7 apr

Guest review of #Oppenheimer by @MingledYarns … “A strong cast lead a weaker script” #Theatre

Institute of Physics@PhysicsNews 7 apr

Great to see @TheRSC ‘s Oppenheimer play in this week’s @TimeOutLondon #RSCOppenheimer

Hannah Waterfall@WaterfallHannah 7 apr

So excited for #Oppenheimer tonight…@jackholdenactor watch out for this crazy kid in the audience 😛

Séan Aydon@seanaydon 7 apr

Got day tickets for me and my Pop to see @TheRSC #Oppenheimer tonight. #HeCameHeQueuedHeConquered

Victoria Sadler@VictoriaJSadler 6 apr

Now on @HuffPostUKEnt The personal and professional cost of creating the atomic bomb examined in #RSCOppenheimer …


Mingled Yarns@MingledYarns 5 apr

3*s for RSC’s #Oppenheimer – great cast but lack of focus. Lovely to see it with @TLTheatreblog & @CultureOrTrash 


Sean Rigby@Sean_T_Rigby 5 apr

@jackholdenactor Shit a brick! You were fucking excellent last night. #Oppenheimer


Alex Williams@alexwilliams129 5 apr

@johnjheffernan in awe of your performance last night in #Oppenheimer a subtle study in pride, human nature, power and morality! Bravo!


Tom Underwood@tomcunderwood 4 apr

Went to see #Oppenheimer tonight. An epic modern history play about the birth of the atomic bomb. Stunning central turn from @johnjheffernan


Tom Underwood@tomcunderwood 4 apr

Started week interviewing nuclear disarmament campaigner Bruce Kent Ended week watching play about #Oppenheimer who built first nuclear bomb


Roger Crouch@RogerCrouch1 4 apr

Was feeling a bit trepidatious of @TheRSC production #Oppenheimer but the atomic science is conveyed well & play is thought provoking.


julianne marriott@juliannemarriot 4 apr

The gadget to end all wars. Or leaving a loaded gun in the playground. #Oppenheimer. #RSC.


CKan@Dr_Ponyo 4 apr

@Dr_Ponyo: #Oppenheimer by @tommortonsmith produced by @TheRSC is a fascinating portrait of a dazzling but complex and flawed man. Must see!


Alex Williams@alexwilliams129 4 apr

@VaudevilleTh for #Oppenheimer heard some very good things so expectations are high!! @TheRSC #theatre #EasterTreats #BetterThanChocolate


Mark Brown@markbrown14 4 apr Walthamstow, London

What an awesome play #Oppenheimer is! Saw it this afternoon, brilliantly acted, totally gripped


Hit The Theatre@HitTheTheatre 4 apr

Only performing for a strict 8-week run #Oppenheimer is a must see! #LondonTheatre #CheapTickets 


Carrie@cosmo33 4 apr

Loved #Oppenheimer. Fab insight into science & human cost of developing the atomic bomb. Incredible performances from @johnjheffernan et al


Victoria Sadler@VictoriaJSadler 4 apr

And from a one-man show to a huge scope of a play – #RSCOppenheimer is incredibly impressive …


LondonTheatreDirect@theatre_direct 4 apr

Review: Oppenheimer Doesn’t Have A Weak Link–Oppenheimer-Doesn-t-Have-A-Weak-Link.aspx …

Benedict Salter@benedictsalter 4 apr

Unexpected trip to see #Oppenheimer last night. Incredibly intelligent theatre & magnificent performances.

Devane Boyd@DevaneBoyd 4 apr

So the first play of the day is #Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh. Science!!!

Cassandra Lyons@cass_lyons 4 apr

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC breathtaking brilliance. History, philosophy&physics lesson. Humbling&devastating theatre. Striking performances

Debbie Gilpin@Deborah_Deborah 3 apr

So clever. And so beautifully done! #Oppenheimer #twinterval

Debbie Gilpin@Deborah_Deborah 3 apr

“Are you a Communist?” – “No, actually… I’m a Socialist!” #SunnyAfternoon #Oppenheimer #twinterval

Debbie Gilpin@Deborah_Deborah 3 apr

Seeing #Oppenheimer with @theatretourist tonight, courtesy of @wellcometrust & @TheRSC! Review to follow…

Ariane Franke@arifranke 3 apr

#Oppenheimer is cleverly written & stylish directed. @johnjheffernan‘s performance is outstanding & the finale is worth every penny alone

Shema Tariq@savoy__truffle 3 apr

Kicked off Easter weekend with the fantastic #RSC production of #Oppenheimer 

Amy Khan@amyjkhan 3 apr

Wow @tommortonsmith that was incredible! What an achievement. Such a powerful piece, esp the ending. We loved it. #Oppenheimer @muzzkhan

David Walker@DavidWalk3 4 apr

Hey @TheRSC, any chance #Oppenheimer will be extended? I’m bringing a group of 25 to London in June and we’d love to see it.

Debbie Gilpin@Deborah_Deborah 3 apr

#Oppenheimer was INCREDIBLE. @johnjheffernan utterly sublime. Thank you @TheRSC & @wellcometrust for tonight!

The Theatre Tourist@theatretourist 3 apr

#RSCOppenheimer is unbelievably powerful. A tremendous work worthy of 5 stars. A huge bravo to @johnjheffernan, who is just incredible in it

Ann Muston@CLASSCambridge 3 apr

Review written for ‘Oppenheimer’ should be studied in schools. Would be happy to write the revision guide. Any offers? #RSCOppenheimer


LondonTheatreDirect@theatre_direct 3 apr

Oppenheimer at the Vaudeville Theatre – Save £10 on Band A & B tickets! …

WhatsOnStage@WhatsOnStage 3 apr

A few of my favourite things: Oppenheimer’s Catherine Steadman @TheRSC 

Victoria Sadler@VictoriaJSadler 3 apr

#RSCOppenheimer a smart, dynamic play about a man, & a world, that was full of contradictions …


Emma Clarendon@theatre_emma 3 apr

My thoughts on @TheRSC production #Oppenheimer here: …


105 Uckfield FM@105uckfieldfm 3 apr

Listen to @tonypetersss review of #Oppenheimer at the Vaudeville Theatre, #London …


Hit The Theatre@HitTheTheatre 3 apr

A story of war, love, and destruction #Oppenheimer #LondonTheatre #CheapTickets #CheapTheatre 


Jonathan Baz@MrJonathanBaz 3 apr

@sarahgogs #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC @RSCPress @ Vaudeville. Sensational play from @tommortonsmith


David Collins@daicollins 3 apr

Fifth five star review in two days for @TheRSC and #RSCOppenheimer in London and #RSCSalesman in Stratford #Shakespeareannonshakespeares


Shauni@Oh4amuseoffire 3 apr

@EricaWhyman @johnjheffernan Any chance of it being recorded? #RSCOppenheimer


LondonTheatreDirect@theatre_direct 3 apr

Review: Oppenheimer Doesn’t Have A Weak Link @Tonypetersss–Oppenheimer-Doesn-t-Have-A-Weak-Link.aspx …

LondonTheatre1@LondonTheatre1 2 apr

5-star review of Oppenheimer by @Terry_Ea …

Londonist@Londonist 3 apr

New play centres around the man responsible for creating the atomic bomb in the 1940s ★★★★☆ 

Kate Saxon@SaxonKate 2 apr

Moving and clever mastery of a role by @johnjheffernan in #RSCOppenheimer tonight. Great company.


Graham Warrener@GrahamWarrener 2 apr

Intensely moving and thought-provoking second act of #Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh #Death #DestroyerOfWorlds


Victoria Willingale@andthehumanmind 2 apr

Saw, what I’m sure will be, an award winning performance by @johnjheffernan in #Oppenheimer. Excellent ensemble cast and stunning finale.


Hel again@TweedDemon 2 apr

@londontheatre: Mark Shenton’s (@ShentonStage) 4* review of Oppenheimer, at the Vaudeville: #staralreadyshining


Chris Shadforth@cshadforth 2 apr

@TimeOutTheatre @CatSteadman @TheRSC can’t wait to see #oppenheimer again…amazing cast, thought provoking script and beautifully poignant


Artists Partnership@TheAPartnership 2 apr

“John Heffernan’s mercural and magnetic performance…surely deserves an Olivier Award” (The Times) We couldn’t agree more,@johnjheffernan!


Artists Partnership@TheAPartnership 2 apr

Not booked your ticket to see @johnjheffernan in Oppenheimer yet? The Times 5* review will make you wish you had!

Time Out Theatre@TimeOutTheatre 2 apr

Review: in case you missed it, we gave @TheRSC‘s ‘Oppenheimer’ at Vaudeville ALL the stars 

Time Out Theatre@TimeOutTheatre 2 apr

A blast of FIVE stars for @TheRSC‘s production of ‘Oppenheimer’ at Vaudeville Theatre 

katsonstage@katsonstage 1 apr

#oppenheimer at @VaudevilleTh was stunning…. And @letterslive was cancelled. So I got a tix to #SweeneyTodd at @E_N_O again. Loved it more

Louise Ryder@louise__ryder 1 apr

Saw #Oppenheimer tonight. Haven’t seen a performance that powerful in a really, really long time. Cast gave it everything. Amazing.


Alastair Monk@AlastairMonk 2 apr City of London, London

@TheRSC #Oppenheimer is brilliant! Beg, borrow or steal a ticket! Even if you’re not a nuclear physicist its great!


Kate Bassett@katebassett001 2 apr

.@TheRSC new plays subtly relate to #Shakespeare-era. @tommortonsmith‘s #oppenheimer + demotic-lyrical mix & risks experimental soliloquies


Kate Bassett@katebassett001 2 apr

My 5* @thetimes review #Oppenheimer #WestEnd.@johnjheffernan SERIOUSLY BRILLIANT Take goggles? …

James Wrighton@_jameswrighton 2 apr

Great reviews coming in for RSC’s Oppenheimer. Thanks again for Press Night ticket @alicevjones. Good to see Nica Burns too. #Oppenheimer

Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

The perfect companion to #RSCOppenheimer, on other end of scale, would be #MichaelFrayn‘s 1993 3-hander Copenhagen


Fiona Mountford@FionaLondonarts 1 apr

Just to be clear: I genuinely did give London transfer of @TheRSC Oppenheimer five juicy stars, and our website should now say as much.



AHA Actors@AHAactors 1 apr

So #Oppenheimer @TheRSC at the Vaudeville starring Thomasin Rand & Laura Cubitt is a TRIUMPH. Lots of ★★★★★ reviews.


Ben Kelly@BenKellyMusic 1 apr

At the theatre watching #Oppenheimer about the guy who created the atom bomb. Old tan lady from Benidorm sat near me. #unapologeticbitch


Steph@stephgallimore 1 apr London, England

Really really hoping @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer won’t be cancelled!


Holly Aston@Miss_HAston 1 apr London, England

At @TheRSC‘s production of #Oppenheimer with @louise__ryder. Production coordinators reunion!!


Institute of Physics@PhysicsNews 1 apr

#RSCOppenheimer MT @Londonist: Oppenheimer is an epic vision sweeping from cocktails to nuclear bomb tests ★★★★☆ 


Londonist@Londonist 1 apr

Oppenheimer is an epic vision sweeping from cocktails to nuclear bomb tests ★★★★☆ 


Fiona Mountford@FionaLondonarts 1 apr

Well, @TheRSC Oppenheimer was jolly good and even better than at Stratford. Five happy stars from me.


Theo Bosanquet@TheoBosanquet 1 apr

Really enjoyed #Oppenheimer – if only all bombs were disco balls.


Mark Shenton@ShentonStage 1 apr

2 show day ahead: @TheRSC‘s OPPENHEIMER at Vaudeville matinee with @JillWinternitz as my guest, then MAHAGONNY at @RoyalOperaHouse tonight.


katsonstage@katsonstage 1 apr

Oppenheimer at @VaudevilleTh in a min. Then more @letterslive tonight


Jill Winternitz@JillWinternitz 1 apr

Thrilled to be seeing @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer today with the lovely @ShentonStage!


Roz Wyllie@rozwyllie 1 apr

Tonight I am going to see #oppenheimer @TheRSC at Vaudeville Theatre. #theatretheatretheatre


Janet Davies@JandaviesJanet 1 apr

Saw @TheRSC #Oppenheimer last night. Technical gremlins didn’t detract from @johnjheffernan & rest cast magnificent performances. Powerful


Mountview Academy@MountviewLDN 1 apr

@chrisgrady signing off to go to see Death of a Salesman at RSC Stratford now. PS do try and catch Oppenheimer RSC at the Vaudeville. Fab


Damien Stanton@Damien_Stanton 1 apr

@MountviewLDN there’s Mountview grads working on the RSC’s Oppenheimer which also opened last night… Just sayin 😉 #gradnews


Rachel Souhami@RachelSouhami 1 apr

I saw Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh last night. Excellent storytelling, though I came away feeling v unsympathetic towards Oppenheimer.


CPAStudios@CPAStudios 1 apr

Congratulations to CPA Agency client Finley Jury who has opened as “Little Boy” in the RSC’s OPPENHEIMER at the Vaudeville Theatre, Strand


cja@cjspeechless 1 apr

Very proud of m’buddy @Damien_Stanton stepping out for the first time with @TheRSC for West End press night of #Oppenheimer #bravo


Louise Graham @louisegrahamPhD 1 apr

Saw #Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh last night. Tedious and didactic. Irritating strobe lighting for 10 mins. Hubby loved it


United Agents London@UnitedAgents 1 apr

Great review of #Oppenheimer following its Press Night – ‘Jack Holden…surely an actor to keep an eye on’: …


Stagetext@Stagetext 1 apr

Nothing April foolish about @TheRSC transfer of #Oppenheimer captioned @VaudevilleTh 21 May 


British TheatreGuide@BritTheatreGuid 1 apr

Philip Fisher reviews Oppenheimer from @TheRSC at Vaudeville Theatre: …


Simon Singh@SLSingh 1 apr

However, this BBC doc from 1980 was my introduction to Oppenheimer – whole series on youtube …


Simon Singh@SLSingh 1 apr

Went to RSC’s Oppenheimer last night – great performances by @johnjheffernan in title role+ @benallenactor as Teller …


Jennifer L. Rohn@JennyRohn 1 apr

Sounds like @lablit! RT @SLSingh: Invited to RSC’s Oppenheimer-great performances by @johnjheffernan @benallenactor …


Simon Singh@SLSingh 1 apr

Invited to RSC’s “Oppenheimer” – great performances by @johnjheffernan in title role + @benallenactor as Teller …


Dan Poole@danpooleactor 1 apr

Oppenheimer @TheRSC tonight was superb. Brilliant performances by all. @SandysFerret @catherinesteadman @johnjheffernan #Oppenheimer


Lucy-Jane Halcrow@luckandlove 1 apr

Many congratulations to @TheRSC on a stunning opening of #Oppenheimer this evening. Stunning performances…an extraordinary piece of work.



Murray Batchelor@mtbatchelor 1 apr

@Markgatiss @johnjheffernan Really looking forward to seeing #RSCOppenheimer soon!



Kate Novak@Novak1Kate 1 apr

@johnjheffernan its lovely being an usher when you get to see #RSCOppenheimer and meet the lovely cast afterwards. #theatre #actor #london


Rachael Stott@RachaelAtWork 31 mar

I should go to bed. Getting too excited for @tommortonsmith and all the love going around twitter for #RSCOppenheimer !


Debbie Gilpin@Deborah_Deborah 31 mar

Excited for Friday now – great buzz around #RSCOppenheimer!


Arthur Darvill@RattyBurvil 31 mar

Congratulations to @johnjheffernan @hedusan et al for a stunning night of moving, Important, thought provoking theatre. #RSCOppenheimer


Noriko Ichimura@NorikoIchimura1 31 mar

@TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer It was breathtaking, eyeopening and heartbreaking! The most fantastic @johnjheffernan. Completely loved it! Thanks.


MyTheatreMates@MyTheatreMates 31 mar

For more Mate reactions tonight to #ENOSweeney & #RSCOppenheimer, follow @ShentonStage & @TerriPaddock directly too


Rachael Stott@RachaelAtWork 31 mar

.@Markgatiss saw the play I did programme illustrations for #tenuous but still- #permissiontosquee #RSCOppenheimer


Rachael Stott@RachaelAtWork 31 mar

It’s wonderful to see him get the praise he’s earned and deserves @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer


Amy O’Neill@amydanoneill 31 mar

Very much enjoyed #oppenheimer tonight at the Vaudeville theatre. Cracking performances. Congrats to @TomMcCallN1 @TheRSC et al!


Rachael Stott@RachaelAtWork 31 mar

I have to get a bit emotional seeing all these great reviews of #RSCOppenheimer written by @tommortonsmith because he’s such a fab person!


Steph@stephgallimore 31 mar

@NadiaBunny88 yes same! I’d been passing the #RSCOppenheimer posters for so long without recognising @johnjheffernan!! #TheHothouse #DUH


Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar

Agreed !RT @tonypetersss: @TerriPaddock It managed to be both epic &intimate. Brilliantly staged &terrific performance from @johnjheffernan


Alex Campbell@gingergirlalex 31 mar

Absolutely blown away by #RSCOppenheimer. Fantastic play and incredible cast! A must see!


Mark Gatiss@Markgatiss 31 mar

Wonderful performance from the great @johnjheffernan in #RSCOppenheimer Intelligent, unexpected, disturbing play. Go see!


Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

#RSCOppenheimer #quote: ‘1death is a tragedy, 1m is a statistic’ ‘No 1 man can bear the burden of all those lives’ He died of cancer in 1967


Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

#RSCOppenheimer #quote: ‘Let me tell you how to become a man of power, of influence. You trade in your ideals for self-interest’


Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

#RSCOppenheimer #quote: ‘Everyone will know your name…’ ‘I have it w/i me to murder every soul on this planet. Should I not be scared?’


Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

#RSCOppenheimer #quote: ‘The bomb is entirely possible, therefore it is entirely inevitable. It is not a question of if, but who&when&where’


Rebecca Gloria Yeo@rebeccagyeo 31 mar

Extraordinary play; explosive cast and dynamic writing by @tommortonsmith #Oppenheimer Congrats on a great press night! @VaudevilleTh


Dean Riley@DeanRileyUK 31 mar

.@TheRSC #Oppenheimer press night aftershow party! @cjspeechless @Damien_Stanton


Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

Beyond physics, #RSCOppenheimer is an engrossing study in morality, loyalty & loss of conviction. Thoughtful drama

Chris Murphy@Chris_J_Murphy 31 mar

Wonderful production of #RSCOppenheimer tonight. Take a bow Mr John Heffernan – a stunning performance. Top cast.

Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

#RSCOppenheimer shows the US team racing to out-develop Niels Bohr-trained Nazi physicist Werner Heisenberg, who Frayn’s play centres on



Terri Paddock@TerriPaddock 31 mar Londra, Inghilterra

Inspired by #RSCOppenheimer lightbulb motifs &electric perfs, thought I’d give this a go for tonite’s #theatreselfie


Cazza Black@carolineasblack 31 mar Hammersmith, London

Wow. Was thoroughly captivated by @TheRSC #Oppenheimer tonight. Highly recommend!



Geraldine Collinge@Geraldinecoll 31 mar

So chuffed to have seen Oppenheimer tonight in the West End. Absolutely brilliant production that lucky London can enjoy #RSCOppenheimer


LondonTheatreDirect@theatre_direct 31 mar

Oppenheimer at the Vaudeville Theatre – Save £10 on Band A & B tickets! …

Chris@TyrantLizardRex 31 mar

#RSCOppenheimer performance tonight was fantastic. Tip of the hat to all involved.

Jonathan Baz@MrJonathanBaz 31 mar

@MyTheatreMates @TerriPaddock @TheRSC @VaudevilleTh Enjoy #RSCOppenheimer. I did, 5* …


AHA Actors@AHAactors 31 mar

Double press night for AHA this eve. Thomasin Rand & Laura Cubitt @TheRSC #oppenheimer & @MatSeadonYoung in #sweeneytodd for @E_N_O


RevStan@revstan 31 mar

March’s theatre hottie of the month 


Lucy Casson@lucycassoncasts 31 mar Camden Town, London

Half time at @TheRSC #Oppenheimer press night..the cast are SHINING!

Ben Clare@benclare 31 mar

#RSCOppenheimer is a fascinating new play by @tommortonsmith with a brilliant cast led by the fantastic @johnjheffernan – at the Vaudeville


Rebecca Gloria Yeo@rebeccagyeo 31 mar

And it’s #pressnight #Oppenheimer with @eddydeg @joanna_leese Been waiting to see this @djientan @VaudevilleTh


Margaret Ann Bain@maggieannbain 31 mar

Front row for #RSC #Oppenheimer #PressNight 


Chris@TyrantLizardRex 31 mar

At the top of The Vaudeville. #Oppenheimer #RSC 


Emma Clarendon@theatre_emma 31 mar

At the press night for the @TheRSC production of #Oppenheimer !!


Ali Robertson@ARobertson1972 31 mar

Now off to opening night of #Oppenheimer to see if it’s as good as 99% of them say. Suspect it’ll be all that and more.


United Agents London@UnitedAgents 31 mar

Tonight sees the @TheRSC West End opening of Tom Morton-Smith’s #Oppenheimer at the #Vaudeville with Jack Holden!

Annelie Powell@AnneliePowell 31 mar

#Oppenheimer press night tonight.So proud of the whole team. Took as long to cast as my baby took to make, and I love it ALMOST as much.


GranthamHazeldine@GHAgents 31 mar

Wishing the fantastic @hedusan an amazing press night for #Oppenheimer #WestEnd #Vaudeville


ScottMarshallAgency@smpagency 31 mar

Wishing the very best of luck to #ChristopherShutt & everyone @VaudevilleTh for the #Oppenheimer Transfer #PressNight tonight! #breakaleg


MyTheatreMates@MyTheatreMates 31 mar

Mate @TerriPaddock is off to @TheRSC West End opening of #Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh tonight. Where’s Mark? If you spot either us, say HELLO!


LAMDA@LAMDAdrama 31 mar

Break a leg LAMDA alumni @tommortonsmith @jamwilkes, Tom McCall & the cast of #Oppenheimer. #OpeningNight @TheRSC tonight.



Diamond Management@diamond_mgmnt 31 mar

Best of luck to @SandysFerret and cast of #RSCOppenheimer who open tonight @VaudevilleTh


Jonathan Baz@MrJonathanBaz 31 mar

All best to #RSCOppenheimer for WestEnd tfr. 5* class from @tommortonsmith @TheRSC @RSCPress … 


Carrie Harayel@carrieharayel 31 mar

I’m looking forward to seeing #RSCOppenheimer again. More to see if they have kept in @JohnJHeffernan (cont) 


Williams Bulldog@WBMltd 31 mar

Saw #RSCOppenheimer, excellent cast and fascinating story. Couldn’t recommend enough. Off to see @favaflave perform tomorrow. Awesome week.



Jonathan Arun@jonathanarun 31 mar

Really looking forward to seeing the #Oppenheimer press night! Knock ’em dead @TomMcCallN1 and company @TheRSC




Jack Ladenburg@jackladenburg 31 mar

Hit play #Oppenheimer by @tommortonsmith opens in West End tonight. Tom talks about playwriting on my blog :  @TheRSC


My Dayz Out@MyDayzOut 31 mar

#EasterOffers #CriticallyAcclaimed 5* play #Oppenheimer #VaudevilleTheatre. Book now from £25! 


Robbie Hand@RobbieHand 31 mar

#RSCOppenheimer was fantastic last night. Sensational work from @johnjheffernan, and a wonderfully clever, thoughtful telling of the story.


Tony Peters@tonypetersss 31 mar

Tonight I’m looking forward to the press night of @RSC #Oppenheimer . It should be a blast.


Tim Watson@trpw 31 mar

David Suchet on posters for upcoming show at Vaudeville which is now doing @TheRSC #Oppenheimer. He played Edward Teller in BBC Oppenheimer



Claire@claireydelune 31 mar

Break legs tonight, all at #RSCOppenheimer! Hoping many more thoroughly deserved 5*s are on their way!



RSC Press Office@RSCPress 31 mar

Looking forward to tonight’s London press night of #RSCOppenheimer at the Vaudeville theatre! 


Vampire Soup@VampireSoup 30 mar

And there is another stunning assessment of the world of theatre, brought to you by Soup. #Oppenheimer



Vampire Soup@VampireSoup 30 mar

Not sure how I feel about Heffernan’s curls. They are a thing of wonder, but also deeply disturbing. Perfect metaphor really. #Oppenheimer


Matthew Morley@realmattrmorley 29 mar

Today’s purchases @NTBookshop . Can’t wait to get reading #Oppenheimer #WolfHall #bringupthebodies #RSC

Richthegrimm@Richthegrimm 29 mar

#Oppenheimer Stunning, powerful play. Brilliantly directed and acted by whole cast. #johnjheffernan superb, stellar tour de force. Thank you

Tony Peters@tonypetersss 30 mar

This week I’m looking forward to the press night of @theRSC #Oppenheimer + my second visit and emotional farewell to @MadeinDagenham

United Agents London@UnitedAgents 30 mar

Tom Morton-Smith’s #Oppenheimer is transferring to the #VaudevilleTheatre from the RSC’s successful run last year: …

Gabriel Vick@TheGabrielVick 30 mar

@grantolding dude I’m at Oppenheimer – amazed at the amount of musicians. Looking forward to the sounds #Oppenheimer

Christine Emms@christi1103 30 mar

@jackholdenactor amazing performance tonight #Oppenheimer

Barra Collins@BarraCollins 30 mar

If theres tickets go & see @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer. Pacy, alluringly informative & human – a feat considering the inhumanity of the “gadget”

Steve Daniels@Stephen_Daniels 30 mar

Tonight saw the chilling #Oppenheimer. V good tho too long & theatre won’t win prizes for comfort #fartoohot

Rosamund Hutchison@Roz_Hutch 30 mar

Brilliant writing by @tommortonsmith #Oppenheimer @TheRSC recommended viewing

Flossie Morris@flossmorris 30 mar

Just seen #Oppenheimer (RSC). Atmospheric, chilling and thought provoking. Well worth the trip to London to see it.

Rakshita Patel@MycroftBrolly 30 mar

#RSCOppenheimer in #London via @TheRSC. A shedload of great performances but the play just isn’t strong enough. #theatre

nikki@nikkiiia 30 mar

#RSCOppenheimer has also improved my IQ I swear!! ..How long this phenomenona lasts who know … All Thxs to the cast of #RSCOppenheimer

nikki@nikkiiia 30 mar

I love it when a play transfixes me and utterly transports me into it’s world #RSCOppenheimer was #supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 9/10


Wsc @waiseakchao 30 mar

My top 5 theatre for past 3 month: #CityofAngels #TheTalentedMrRipley #SWPChangeling #ABreakfastOfEels #RSCOppenheimer

Anna Bolton@annabolton_anna 30 mar

Brilliant cast, staging and writing. Go see Oppenheimer at The Vaudville. Bravo @tommortonsmith X

Christopher Tester@CGTester 30 mar

The Heff makes #Oppenheimer sing, but great support (and lovely to see on a w end stage) likes of @SandysFerret & Mr Ross Armstrong. Bravo!

Elissa Ann@TeamChandebise 30 mar

The closing monologue from @johnjheffernan ALONE justifies this. #RSCoppenheimer

Poly Gianniba@polyg 30 mar

Do actors come more exciting, more true, more thrilling than John Heffernan? I don’t think so #RSCOppenheimer

Timothy Powell@TCP1980 30 mar

#RSCOppenheimer comes with warnings of “real pipe and cigarette smoking” on stage. I like it already. It’s not started yet.

Poly Gianniba@polyg 30 mar

Second helping of #RSCOppenheimer In London this time.

Rakshita Patel@MycroftBrolly 30 mar

#Theatre 30 minutes to curtain up on #RSCOppenheimer in #London via @TheRSC. Excited! @johnjheffernan

nikki@nikkiiia 30 mar

It’s Monday and it’s theatre time … #RSCOppenheimer tonite!

Benjamin Everingham@netinyahoo 30 mar

@djientan just seen your Mr @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer poster in Herts at the end @metline

Rakshita Patel@MycroftBrolly 30 mar

#Theatre Looking forward to seeing #RSCOppenheimer in #London via @TheRSC 🙂 @johnjheffernan

Ailis Duff@AilisDuff 29 mar

Stunning performances in @TheRSC ‘s #Oppenheimer, such an interesting play.

nikki@nikkiiia 30 mar

My Week Ahead of Theatre: #RSCOppenheimer (London vaudeville theatre) and #Abyss @arcolatheatre

Steph Tucker@greytortoise 29 mar

A fabulous new play #RSCOppenheimer raises important questions of our time, well worth seeing! @TheRSC

Wsc @waiseakchao 29 mar

This week theatre: #RSCOppenheimer Monday, #ENOSweeney Thursday


Sara@saranevrkla 29 mar

@TheRSC Great evening y’day at #RSCOppenheimer – brilliant production – intelligent, well written, exciting, terrifying

Kate Green@kategreenmusic 29 mar

Brilliant RSC Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh. Can’t recommend enough. Enthralling throughout. Nice one @tommortonsmith @grantolding @angusjac.

Monocle 24 Radio@Monocle24 29 mar

The Monocle Weekly: @tommortonsmith on explosive play #Oppenheimer, @WyndhamWallace on Lee Hazlewood and much more …

Ruth Dixon del Tufo@ruthdeltufo 29 mar

Fantastic new work – #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC about extraordinary people and a time when the world was changing #powerful #creative #gripping

Tim Foxon@timfoxon 28 mar

Fortunately seeing @TheRSC‘s #Oppenheimer tomorrow night…

Kate Malyon@KateMalyon 28 mar

They won’t show off. So I will for them. @SandysFerret in #Oppenheimer & @RachWinters being Stick LadyLove. SO proud.


Carrie Harayel@carrieharayel 28 mar

#Oppenheimer Was very good… deep… oh god another one who spits a lot. Jeez there was a woman knitting in the front row!!

Ro@f1roro 28 mar

From the ‘what could’ happen of earlier to the ‘what did’ of #Oppenheimer .. disturbing and rightly so, very powerful central performance.

Tim Foxon@timfoxon 28 mar

Go see @TheRSC‘s excellent #Oppenheimer. So glad it’s made it to the West End. Extraordinarily accomplished play by @tommortonsmith.

Dean Laccohee@deanlaccohee 28 mar

Very much enjoyed @TheRSC production of #Oppenheimer tonight. Terrific company work, visually excellent. Recommended.

Lorraine Hodgson@lozzahodgson 29 mar

Great play and powerful performances 2nite #Oppenheimer @angusjac go and see it if you can at the Vaudeville .

john conroy@JC_DOP 28 mar

#Oppenheimer @TheRSC @johnjheffernan @tommortonsmith @WilliamGaminara Amazing show at #Vaudevilletheatre tonight! Brilliant performances!

Lara@The_Bogg 28 mar

#Oppenheimer @VaudevilleTh was amazing, powerful & thought provoking. Go see this wonderful show! #idothmycap

Paul Miller@pmiller67 28 mar

Very much enjoyed brilliant @johnjheffernan in #oppenheimer. Great to see such a meaty play. Powerful prod by @angusjac.

blackeyedsusan0@BlackEyedSusan0 28 mar London, England

Wow,full house tonight & only 2nd preview! #Oppenheimer at Vaudeville Theatre

Iona Campbell@IonaCampbell_ 28 mar

@TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer was unbelievable, theatre of a truly amazing scope

djs@OnThe308 28 mar

Passionate & emotional 1st performance by @johnjheffernan portraying atomic bomb creator #Oppenheimer. Congratulations to all the cast.

Indy Theatre@TheIndyTheatre 28 mar

Food for thought: Tom Morton-Smith 


Rachel Fisher@RachelAFisher 28 mar Camden Town, London

Saw @TheRSC production of #Oppenheimer last night. Completely breathtaking.

Cassie LP@HR_Cass 27 mar

Excellent eve @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer. Pacy & gripping 1st half, uncomfortable questions in the 2nd. & I wanted to steal Jean’s wardrobe…


Hel again@TweedDemon 27 mar

And I still bloody love the Serbers. #RSCOppenheimer


Hel again@TweedDemon 27 mar

If the Swan was the blank page, the Vaudeville is tamper material, forcing everything together, building the pressure. #RSCOppenheimer


Hel again@TweedDemon 27 mar

#RSCOppenheimer has lost none of its impact. The claustrophobia of the Vaudeville stage adds to the Project’s insularity and volatility.


Peter Graystone@PeterGraystone 27 mar

Oppenheimer 1st contender for 2015 best play. Utterly gripping. A bad man who may have been great does a great thing that may have been bad.

Peter Graystone@PeterGraystone 27 mar

Oppenheimer is a grim subject but made a thriller by John Heffernan in moral turmoil, spectacle, music & energetic staging. So impressive.

Annie Blackmore@annie_blackmore 27 mar

The interval chanteuse croons “I don’t want to set the world on fire” Gallows humour #Oppenheimer

Annie Blackmore@annie_blackmore 27 mar

Great to be at the London opening of #Oppenheimer @TheRSC John Heffernan conveys the complexity and ruthlessness of the central character.

Rebecca Eve@Bec_Eve 27 mar

@CatSteadman break a leg!!! You’ll be awesome xx #RSCOppenheimer


AmyHolley@AmyEHolley 27 mar

Don’t forget to check out this week’s blog review of #Oppenheimer @TheRSC @TheRSCKey here …

Chris Shadforth@cshadforth 27 mar

@CatSteadman good luck for first preview of #oppenheimer tonight at the Vaudeville…you’re going to be amazing as always #wishIwasthere


Huw@HuwParmenter 27 mar

Off to celebrate #worldtheatreday @TheRSC #Oppenheimer

Paul Chandler@pcchan1981 27 mar

What! #RSCOppenheimer has opened already. Sold out previews I heard. Guess I might just have to suck this one up.


Emily Tan@temilyan 27 mar

Happy #WorldTheatreDay Sending happy thoughts to @tommortonsmith and the #oppenheimer cast on their opening night! London folk, go see it!

Dean@deanvictorr 27 mar

@RSCPress it’s going to take london like storm

RSC Press Office@RSCPress 27 mar

Tonight is the first performance of #RSCOppenheimer @VaudevilleTh Good luck everyone! 

Stand UpCorrect@StandUpCorrect 26 mar

Tickets available at London’s #VaudevilleTheatre for 5 Rated #Oppenheimer by #RSC … BOOK FRIDAYx

Kate Smith@KateSmithMuni 26 mar

Oppenheimer: five-star funds, five-star shows: … #muniland

Wellcome Trust@wellcometrust 26 mar

Our friends @theRSC open #RSCOppenheimer – about the father of the atomic bomb – in London tomorrow. More info here: 

Mark Shenton@ShentonStage 26 mar

My blog for @TheStage has my picks of the new shows in London & around country for next week. 


Matt Trueman@matttrueman 25 mar

No whinging. The West End is really working. Latest column for @TheStage remembers the dark days of dark theatres – 

Luke Toulson@luketoulson 18 mar

Every time I see this #Oppenheimer poster on the tube I think @GeoffNorcott kept inventing the atomic bomb quiet.

Karina Rosa@K_JRosa 19 mar

What is possible is inevitable the outstanding #oppenheimer comes to London

Jack Helsby@Jack_Helsby 20 mar

Looking good @johnjheffernan, hope to see you (and this) very soon! #Oppenheimer

Frankie Suffell@frozenwolfcry 20 mar

I fell asleep this afternoon and dreamt purely about how I wanted to see #RSCOppenheimer but can’t. I think I’m becoming obsessed… @TheRSC

Poly Gianniba@polyg 19 mar

The #RSCOppenheimer / @johnjheffernan poster is all over London. It even made it to Sutton train station.

vickster51@vickster51 18 mar

Theatre Review – Oppenheimer by Tom Morton-Smith starring John Heffernan  @theRSC #JRobertOppenheimer #review


Hel again@TweedDemon 17 mar

Doesn’t it just? “@TheRSC: The outside Vaudeville is ready for the arrival of #RSCOppenheimer. Looking great!… 

Rakshita Patel@MycroftBrolly 15 mar

#Theatre Look who I saw on the tube today! #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC @johnjheffernan @tommortonsmith

Rakshita Patel@MycroftBrolly 15 mar

#Theatre Look who I saw on the tube today! #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC

Maxim B. Wunderbar@MaximBWunderbar 14 mar

#Oppenheimer das Musical! Und ich trau mich keine Witze hier zu machen, da ich weiß @literally_nice kanns besser

Hel again@TweedDemon 14 mar

London sightseeing (Oppenheimer poster)

Jonathan Arun@jonathanarun 12 mar

Tom McCall plays Hans Bethe in ‘Oppenheimer’ which transfers to the West End’s Vaudeville theatre on 31st March #RSC


Claire@claireydelune 28 feb

I finally got round to writing a LOT of rambling, largely nonsensical, biased stuff about Oppenheimer …


Jonathan Broadbent@JonnieBroadbent 9 mar

@johnjheffernan @SandysFerret looking forward to your arrival in London’s glittering West End. X



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