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richard fitzpatrick @richfitz69 • 8mar
RSC boys 2015…..

Jamie Wilkes @jamwilkes • 8 mar
See you later Stratford Upon Avon – back in London Town. Haven’t been back since December. I just got excited to see a tube train…

john heffernan @johnjheffernan • 8 mar
Bye bye Stratford….

Nicholas Krendel @NicholasKrendel • 8 mar
Final Performance… #Oppenheimer #RSC
Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 8 mar
This cast, man. This CAST. #RSCOppenheimer
Catherine Steadman @CatSteadman • 7 mar
Final day at The RSC Swan Theatre in Stratford upon Avon #costume #RSCOppenheimer

Adam Cross @AdamPCross • 7 mar
The lights come up on Oppenheimer for the final time. #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC

Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 7 mar
Oppenheimer cast, packed up and ready for the London transfer

Jack Holden @jackholdenactor • 7 mar
All the #RSCOppenheimer cast are packed up and ready to go to the West End @TheRSC

Andrew Langtree @AndyLangtree • 7 mar
Have hung up my doublet after the last Shoemaker’s Holiday. An unforgettable experience. Oppie tonight, then away. Thanks Stratford!

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 7 mar
Not the end though, is it? 🙂

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 7 mar
Final Stratford performance of #RSCOppenheimer tonight. A privilege to have my play on the Swan stage. Such a beautiful theatre.

Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 6 mar
Christmas, new year, valentines, pancake day. All in Stratford. It’s been quite a ride. And it’s nearly all over. Emotional packing…
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 6 mar
It might be the last performance of #RSCOppenheimer in the Swan tomorrow, but don’t forget you can see it in London!

richard fitzpatrick @richfitz69 • 6 mar
It’s 100 per cent official…barney will be doing a two month run in oppenheimer in the west end. If anyone wants see him therelet me know

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 6 mar
It’s the last performance of #RSCShoemaker and #RSCOppenheimer tomorrow.

richard fitzpatrick @richfitz69 • 4 mar
Looks like barney is going to London with rest of oppenheimer cast..:-)
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 4 mar
It’s our matinee captioned performance of #Oppenheimer today

Jamie Wilkes @jamwilkes • 27 feb
New trailer for #RSCOppenheimer
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 27 feb
It’s official. After weeks of gossip, rumours & anticipation backstage we now know. We’re coming to the London Town..

Grant Olding @grantolding • 27 feb
Here’s a new trailer for Oppenheimer with some of my music in it via @YouTube

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 27 feb
Website updated with West End transfer news:

The RSC @TheRSC • 27 feb
Sell-out hit #RSCOppenheimer transfers to Vaudeville Theatre, London from 27 March. Check out the new trailer
Nimax Theatres @NimaxTheatres • 27 feb
New show onsale – Oppenheimer, from @TheRSC, will be at the Vaudeville Theatre from 27 March – 23 May.

richard fitzpatrick @richfitz69 • 27 feb
Barney’s in the paper…

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 26 feb
People arriving to watch our open set changeover. Today we’re changing #RSCShoemaker to #RSCOppenheimer in the Swan

Catherine Steadman @CatSteadman • 26 feb
Exciting News!!! Oppenheimer gets London transfer
The RSC Key @TheRSCKey • 25 feb
If you can get a ticket, make sure you see #RSCOppenheimer. If you’ve seen it already, tell us what you think!

Dusthouse @dusthouse • 22 feb
Meet the father of the atomic bomb. #Oppenheimer

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 18 feb
Listen to my interview with @matttrueman for @theatrevoices about #RSCOppenheimer: … (if you want, no pressure)

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 18 feb
Have a listen to Tom Morton-Smith talk about his play #RSCOppenheimer on Theatre Voice here:

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 11 feb
Fantastic understudy run of #RSCOppenheimer yesterday … like stepping into a parallel universe. Incredible cast. Well done @Lassyboi!
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 10 feb
Can hear the #rscoppenheimer company warming up over the tannoy. One of them is rapping the Fresh Prince of Belair theme tune. Standard.

Alexander Lass @Lassyboi • 10 feb
bravo to the oppenheimer understudy company on a cracking performance this afternoon! @TheRSC @RSCRooftop #fusion
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 10 feb
Understudy run of #rscoppenheimer done. No more being preggers and no more rehearsals… Pheweeee

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 10 feb
Listen to Tom McCall from #RSCShoemaker and #RSCOppenheimer on @bbcwm. Scroll to 1hr, 49m, 48s
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 9 feb
Royal Shakespeare Company announces Stratford-upon-Avon Winter 2015 artistic programme:

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 5 feb
#RSCOppenheimer panel discussion with @TheRSC @PhysicsNews: (@angusjac @EricaWhyman @EricaWgnr @alokjha @closefrank)
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 4 feb
Just dressed up as the breaking bad Heisenberg for the #RSCOppenheimer warm up. It made everything ok again.

Jamie Wilkes @jamwilkes • 4 feb
First proper rep double today for #RSCShoemaker and #RSCoppenheimer – tights first, spectacles later!
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 28 gen
John Heffernan talks about playing the title role in #RSCOppenheimer in @covtelegraph
The RSC @TheRSC • 27 gen
Take a look at what audiences are tweeting about #RSCOppenheimer
B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 27 gen
RSC Oppenheimer Stratford-upon-Avon tonight Read more #StratforduponAvon #Oppenheimer #RSC #theatre…

The RSC @TheRSC • 27 gen
Have a question for an RSC Assistant Director? Alexander Lass will answer your questions with our Q&A. Tweet us your questions
The RSC @TheRSC • 26 gen
@waiseakchao sorry, we currently don’t have plans at present to transfer Oppenheimer
john heffernan @johnjheffernan • 25 gen
@sophiehannahCB1 Thank you for being so lovely about ‘Oppenheimer’!
Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 24 gen
Oppie, meet your brothers and sisters … (@OberonBooks)

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 24 gen
Back in London after an incredible few weeks in Stratford-upon-Avon. Feels strange but have left #RSCOppenheimer in incredibly safe hands.
The RSC @TheRSC • 24 gen
Big thanks to @PhysicsNews for collaborating on today’s talk and to all the wonderful speakers #RSCOppenheimer
The RSC @TheRSC • 24 gen
Great to hear the moral complexities unpacked by @closefrank @EricaWgnr @alokjha @tommortonsmith and @angusjac
The RSC @TheRSC • 24 gen
Wow – Gus Born talking about meeting Oppenheimer when his father Max Born was his supervisor #RSCOppenheimer
The RSC @TheRSC • 24 gen
Great panel debating the moral and political issues behind #RSCOppenheimer
The RSC @TheRSC • 24 gen
Great to hear from @tommortonsmith about his ideas behind the play and the process of being commissioned #RSCOppenheimer

The RSC @TheRSC • 24 gen
We’re delighted to be collaborating with the Institute of physics on this talk about #RSCOppenheimer

The RSC @TheRSC • 24 gen
Speakers arriving for our Oppenheimer event this morning. Looking forward to it!
Grant Olding @grantolding • 23 gen
Fantastic reviews coming in for Oppenheimer @TheRSC we’re all really proud of it.
The RSC Key @TheRSCKey • 23 gen
#RSCOppenheimer set #behindthescenes #rsc #theatre #stratforduponavon

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 23 gen
Check out this interview with John Heffernan who plays the title role in #RSCOppenheimer in @HeraldNewspaper
Hedydd Dylan @hedusan • 22 gen
Can’t wait for #Oppenheimer press night tonight! @Erro22 bringing the @GHAgents love to @TheRSC xxx
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 22 gen
It’s press night for #RSCOppenheimer!

Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 22 gen
Oh shiiiit. Here we go. Press night. #RSCOppenheimer

Grant Olding @grantolding • 22 gen
It’s press night on Oppenheimer! @TheRSC the countdown clock begins.

The RSC Key @TheRSCKey • 22 gen
It’s the #RSCOppenheimer press night tonight. Who’s coming? #rsc #stratforduponavon

The RSC Key @TheRSCKey • 22 gen
Keep tweeting us your questions for @Lassyboi. Make sure you tweet @theRSCKey with #RSCOppenheimer

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 21 gen
The press photocall for #RSCOppenheimer is currently taking place in the Swan Theatre ahead of tomorrow’s press night.
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 21 gen
.@TheRSC is ‘one of the best theatres in the UK’ according to @culturetrip

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 21 gen
.@tommortonsmith & @angusjac talk about #RSCOppenheimer today at 5.15pm in the Swan Theatre

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 21 gen
Overwhelmed by the audiences’ response so far. Such an incredible privilege to work with this company. #RSCOppenheimer
Dusthouse @dusthouse • 20 gen
The Father of the Atomic Bomb #oppenheimer
The RSC Key @TheRSCKey • 20 gen
Playtexts of #RSCOppenheimer are available in the RSC shop. RSC Key members get 10% when you present…

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 20 gen
Read Tom Morton-Smith’s blog on writing an epic play #RSCOppenheimer on http://whatsonstage.com
The RSC @TheRSC • 19 gen
Check out the new production photos from #RSCOppenheimer
richard fitzpatrick @richfitz69 • 16 gen
Well he’s done it…first performance tonight in Oppenheimer. He even got to do some autographs at stage door ..

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 18 gen
This is possibly my favourite exchange in #RSCoppenheimer and @CatSteadman and @johnjheffernan play it beautifully.

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 18 gen
Previews of #RSCOppenheimer done. Day off. I’ve got 50% of the first draft of a new play on my laptop somewhere. Might have a look at that.
john heffernan @johnjheffernan • 17 gen
Had a voice lesson with the most inspired &inspiring teacher yesterday. I’m a little bit in love with Cicely Berry #RSCOppenheimer
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 16 gen
Charlotte meets Charlotte #oppenheimer

The RSC @TheRSC • 16 gen
Join us next Saturday (24 January) for an onstage discussion: Oppenheimer and the bomb: Is the possible inevitable?
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 16 gen
Production photos for #RSCOppenheimer are now available:

Dusthouse @dusthouse • 15 gen
Previews for #Oppenheimer start tonight! Good luck @tommortonsmith and team @TheRSC. Trailer:

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 16 gen
Check out this cool interactive guide to Who’s Who in #RSCOppenheimer on @TheRSC website:
Rufus McDermott @redlockrasta • 15 gen
I see that banana loaf and scrambled egg is still in but sadly surf and turf has been cut @redlockrasta. #RSCOppenheimer #PropFood #Props

Jim Jones @jjperc • 15 gen
#RSC band – suited, booted and brylcremed ready for 1st preview of #RSCOppenheimer

Jamie Wilkes @jamwilkes • 15 gen
I don’t know that I’ll ever be brylcreem-free again. #rscoppenheimer

Jamie Wilkes @jamwilkes • 15 gen
Almost time for #rscoppenheimer first performance. Leather elbow patches at the ready!
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 15 gen
Ohfuckinghell. This is actually happening isn’t it?! #oppenheimer

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 15 gen
Look at this sexy thing. Big stack of them in @TheRSC gift shop. Thanks @OberonBooks! #RSCOppenheimer

Jack Holden @jackholdenactor • 15 gen
awesome first night card from @tommortonsmith for tonight’s first preview of #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC. thanks man!
Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 15 gen
Got my hands on the #RSCOppenheimer programme. Illustrations by @RachaelAtWork look incredible.
Catherine Steadman @CatSteadman • 15 gen
1st preview of #RSCOppenheimer tonight! This is Jean Tatlock. A young psychiatrist & Oppenheimer’s one that got away
The RSC @TheRSC • 15 gen
Tonight sees the first preview of #RSCOppenheimer – if you’re seeing the show this week don’t forget to tweet us your review

The RSC Key @TheRSCKey • 15 gen
Science has dominated the arts world recently. #RSCOppenheimer brings science to life. BP £5 tickets available
Adam Cross @AdamPCross • 15 gen
Dress rehearsal this afternoon. #RSCOppenheimer #brylcream

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 15 gen
Here’s an article I’ve written for @theartsdesk about #RSCOppenheimer (which opens @TheRSC tonight): @theartsdesk • 15 gen
Tom Morton-Smith on his new RSC play about ‘Doctor Atomic’ Oppenheimer
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 15 gen
Today is the dress rehearsal for#RSCOppenheimer.

The RSC @TheRSC • 15 gen
Tonight we meet the father of the atomic bomb. #RSCOppenheimer previews start today in the Swan Theatre. Are you going to be there?

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 15 gen
Bloody hell. Today’s the day. #RSCOppenheimer
Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 14 gen
I think he’d like that.

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 14 gen
Wish I could phone 2011 Tom and tell him that the play he’s about to start writing looks pretty damn sweet on the Swan Theatre stage.

Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 12 gen
After a day of science, I just want to watch men in dresses. #oppenheimer #rupaulsdragrace
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 14 gen
Ohhhhh. It’s imminent. Tomorrow we fall in love, fall apart and drop a bomb. #oppenheimer

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 14 gen
We’re in final stages of the tech rehearsals for #RSCOppenheimer before the dress rehearsal & 1st preview tomorrow

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 14 gen
Cicely Berry just giving some voice notes to the #RSCOppenheimer cast. Said the play was “fucking brilliant”. I’ll take that.
RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 13 gen
If you missed @BBCFrontRow last night to hear from the writer and director of #RSCOppenheimer – listen again here –

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 13 gen
ICYMI last night @angusjac and I were on @BBCFrontRow talking to @bbckirstylang about #RSCoppenheimer. Have a listen:

Dusthouse @dusthouse • 12 gen
Shooting #Oppenheimer for @TheRSC Watch the trailer here.

Adam Cross @AdamPCross • 12 gen
Band selfie on the first day of #RSCoppenheimer tech with @hobbitguitar

BBC Front Row @BBCFrontRow • 12 gen
Director @angusjac & playwright @tommortonsmith talk about their new play #RSCOppenheimer about ‘the father of the atomic bomb’

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 12 gen
Hear more about #RSCOppenheimer on @BBCFrontRow tonight from 7.15. Previews in the Swan Theatre from Thursday

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 12 gen
#RSCOpenheimer features in @WhatsOnStage 14 productions to see this month. Previews from Thursday
Jamie Wilkes @jamwilkes • 12 gen
#RSCShoemaker hibernating for a while. Time to get our science on in #RSCoppenheimer! First day of tech

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 12 gen
About to tech this bad boy. #RSCoppenheimer

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 9 gen
#RSCOppenheimer in @guardianstage’s This Week’s New Theatre:

Warwickshire Rose @warks_rose • 8 gen
Oops no not a new @dusthouse trailer. Interview prep had fried my mind. Still: it’s well worth a peek! #Oppenheimer
UEA Drama Studio @UEADrama • 9 gen
…& the brilliant @tommortonsmith’s new play Oppenheimer opens on Thurs @TheRSC #veryproudalmamater Break a leg all!
Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 8 gen
First #RSCOppenheimer blog of 2015 – with shoutouts to @dusthouse and @OberonBooks:

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 8 gen
One week to go. #RSCOppenheimer

The RSC @TheRSC • 8 gen
Find out more about Oppenheimer and the Manhattan project in this new Pinterest board #RSCOppenheimer

Ben Allen @benallenactor • 22 nov
I’ll be doing this from January at the RSC

Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 6 gen
Wig fittings, rehearsal, baby holding practice… All to play this remarkable woman in #Oppenheimer

Dusthouse @dusthouse • 5 gen
To welcome in 2015, here’s our latest trailer for @TheRSC #OPPENHEIMER

Science Centre Stage @SciStage • 4 gen
“After Turing and Hawking, now it’s the stage story of Robert Oppenheimer” @RobinMcKie on #RSCOppenheimer in Observer
Sandy Foster @SandysFerret • 2 gen
Back into rehearsals for #oppenheimer @TheRSC today. My heads spinning. Who even am I?!

Dusthouse @dusthouse • 3 gen
New @dusthouse trailer for #Oppenheimer playing at @TheRSC. … #Theatre #2015

Alexander Lass @Lassyboi • 2 gen
let it begin #Stratfordsunrise #Oppenheimer #Swan2015 @TheRSC @tommortonsmith @angusjac @jackholdenactor @jamwilkes

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 2 gen
Which is nice because @nature gets a mention in the play! #RSCOppenheimer

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 2 gen
#RSCOppenheimer gets a mention in @nature’s Science in Culture 2015 article.

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 2 gen
First day back in #RSCOppenheimer rehearsals and scientific adviser Prof Dave Wark is explaining fusion on a napkin.

Catherine Steadman @CatSteadman • 2 gen
First day in Stratford!

Science Centre Stage @SciStage • 1 gen
Laura Cubitt on playing psychologist Ruth Tolman in @TomMortonSmith’s #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC in the @birminghampost

Catherine Steadman @CatSteadman • 10 dic
#RSCOppenheimer makes the @BritishVogue 2015 highlights section. Previews start 15th Jan
Dusthouse @dusthouse • 22 dic
I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album “OPPENHEIMER SHOOT 2014”

Alexander Lass @Lassyboi • 21 ott
casting understudies might well be as complex as nuclear physics @tommortonsmith @angusjac @TheRSC #Oppenheimer

Dusthouse @dusthouse • 21 dic

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 19 dic
Updated my website with a load of #RSCOppenheimer related goodies, including the new trailer. Check it out:

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 19 dic
The trailer for #RSCOppenheimer is here. Great work from @dusthouse and @johnjheffernan.

The RSC @TheRSC • 19 dic
Meet the father of the atomic bomb – new trailer for Oppenheimer, opens 15 January in the Swan Theatre –

Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 18 dic
Our joint @TheRSC panel about new Oppenheimer play is in January. With @EricaWgnr, @closefrank, @alokjha. Come along!

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 18 dic
Manhattan Project sites to be given National Park status: … … #RSCOppenheimer

Rufus McDermott @redlockrasta • 17 dic
Theatre prop food #RSCOppenheimer #casting #silicone #propfood #propmaking #propsteak #props #LoveTheatre

Rufus McDermott @redlockrasta • 16 dic
@redlockrasta casting prop food prawns #rscoppenheimer #propmaking #propfood #lovetheatre #moldmaking

RSC Education @RSC_Education • 15 dic
Take students to the heart of a discovery that shaped a century with Oppenheimer & the story of the atomic bomb.

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 15 dic
One month to go … #RSCOppenheimer

Dusthouse @dusthouse • 12 dic
Looking forward to grading with @SmokeMirrorsLon for our @TheRSC #Oppenheimer trailer! Can’t wait to share it with you. Dusty.
Dusthouse @dusthouse • 10 dic
Superb day shooting a trailer at @TheRSC for their forthcoming production of #Oppenheimer. With thanks to @Stephen_Murphy and @Panavision

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 10 dic
Spent the morning shooting #RSCOppenheimer trailer with @dusthouse. There was totally a clapperboard and everything.

The RSC @TheRSC • 10 dic
Another behind the scenes photo from today’s Oppenheimer trailer shoot. #RSCOppenheimer #theatre #film…

The RSC @TheRSC • 10 dic
Today we’re filming the trailer for Oppenheimer with our good friends dusthouse. Look out for the…

Rebecca Cooper @BexthurstCooper • 10 dic
Strike a pose @SandysFerret !! “@tommortonsmith: #RSCOppenheimer gets a mention in @BritishVogue this month! @TheRSC ”

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 8 dic
Listening to the Feynman lectures to help combat my #RSCOppenheimer withdrawal:

Tom Morton-Smith @tommortonsmith • 2 dic
Check out #RSCOppenheimer related events, including onstage talks with myself, @angusjac, @closefrank and @EricaWgnr:

The RSC @TheRSC • 13 nov
Intrigued by Oppenheimer? Director @angusjac tell us more about the play in this new video #RSCOppenheimer

RSC Press Office @RSCPress • 19 nov
#LoveTheatre sneek peek into the rehearsal room of #RSCOppenheimer

The RSC @TheRSC • 24 nov
Find out the latest from the Oppenheimer rehearsal room in a new blog by playwright @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer


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