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Rakshita Patel @MycroftBrolly • 9mar
#Theatre Heartstopping central lead performance from @johnjheffernan in #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC 🙂
Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 9mar
@TheRSC just bought my tickets to see #oppenheimer at the Vaudeville…can’t wait till 2 May…what a amazing cast/crew/script…

Annelie Powell @AnneliePowell • 8 mar
@OJohnstoneOnlin @TheRSC ah great. Yes opens this month.

Grace Francis @jurious • 8 mar
@muddy_lane @OJohnstoneOnlin I saw it last night and was gripped. Really well done to all involved 🙂 #RSCOppenheimer
Angela Birkin @ange117 • 8 mar
#Oppenheimer was enthralling & challenging. Great performance by John Heffernan & whole @TheRSC company

Annelie Powell @AnneliePowell • 7 mar
Congrats team #oppenheimer . Now go smash the hell out of London.

Annelie Powell @AnneliePowell • 7 mar
For anyone who didn’t see #oppenheimer @TheRSC DO NOT FRET. It’s coming to London and I’m so proud of it. Go see it. Promise it’s worth it.

Maddie Sheldon @muddy_lane • 8 mar
Farewell #RSCOppenheimer. Sad it’s going, but on to bigger & brighter lights in London. Best wishes to all involved

Hel again @TweedDemon • 8 mar
@tommortonsmith You’ve given them so much fascinating stuff to do. To misquote Charlotte, I fall in love with the play every time.

Karen Mapplethorpe @antontroy • 8 mar
@tommortonsmith A superb last performance from all the cast. @johnjheffernan is excellent as Oppenheimer.
Hel again @TweedDemon • 7 mar
#RSCOppenheimer’s Swansong has been sung. What a scary, magnificent thing it is. #thelightmygodthelight

Grace Francis @jurious • 7 mar
This play is gripping as f*ck. And being in the gallery has paid off – the stage is a blackboard! #RSCoppenheimer

VickyColins-Nattrass @Keziabulldogs • 7 mar
“@scarahnellis: The brilliant #RSCOppenheimer is coming to London from 27th March – … – epic and important.@andylangtre
Hel again @TweedDemon • 7 mar
Hoping the cast has been unboxed again for one last Stratford show. It really wouldn’t be the same without them.
Douglas Schatz @douglasschatz • 5 mar
#oppenheimer @TheRSC: riveting story about moral ambiguity of building the bomb, and political ideals and personal loyalties under pressure

Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 7 mar
@CatSteadman such an honour to see you in #oppenheimer at @TheRSC..good luck for the final show..Stratford will miss you, pls come back soon

Peter McGovern @PeterMcGovern • 7 mar
Wishing @SandysFerret @CatSteadman and all the #RSCshoemaker & #RSCOppenheimer gang a great final day in Stratford. See you later!

Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 7 mar
@jackholdenactor have a brilliant last day in Stratford with #RSCOppenheimer and #RSCShoemaker

Hiromi Tagoh @lotheat • 5 mar
#rscoppenheimer, good luck for the last performance at the Swan. I would really have loved to see it. I am going to see it in London.
neha @q_uibbler • 4 mar
Just watched Oppenheimer at the RSC it was so good

KEVIHS Sixth Form @KEHSSixthForm • 4 mar
Lucky Year 12 are seeing the acclaimed #Oppenheimer @TheRSC for their Activity Day today!

Tom Piper @tompiperdesign • 3 mar
Strong stuff @RSC #Oppenheimer bold simple design @robertinneshopkins well done all
Brodie Ross @brodier1 • 27 feb
This is seriously worth seeing. Extraordinary piece from @TheRSC coming to London. #RSCOppenheimer

Philip R Holden @pwotg • 27 feb
@jackholdenactor You realise now all @TheRSC company on #RSCOppenheimer can build an atom bomb, you’ll be bugged by MI5…

Poly Gianniba @polyg • 27 feb
How happy am I #RSCOppenheimer transfers? Deliriously happy, that’s how. The thought I wouldn’t see it again was a knife in my heart

Chloe Leila @leila_chloe • 27 feb
@tommortonsmith @NimaxTheatres #RSCOppenheimer Great news! Oppenheimer transfers to London from 27th March

Erica Whyman @EricaWhyman • 27 feb
“@TheRSC: Sell-out hit #RSCOppenheimer transfers to Vaudeville Theatre, London from 27 March new trailer …” yay! #proud

Katy Roberts @KathrynLauraR • 27 feb
Yaaay! #RSCOppenheimer is transferring to London! Congrats to the whole cast & crew & @tommortonsmith – a must-see show!

Rebecca Welbourn @BexWelbourn • 27 feb
Who wants to come see @jamwilkes in #RSCOppenheimer with me in April?

Laura Hart @LauraHartvoice • 27 feb
“@TheRSC: Sell-out hit #RSCOppenheimer transfers to Vaudeville Theatre, London, 27 Mar …” Excellent show, recommended

Hiromi Tagoh @lotheat • 27 feb
Am I the only one who feels incredibly nervous before go and see the #RSCOppenheimer? Congrats for the London transfer, by the way.

Ruth Houlsby @ruth_h101 • 28 feb
ooh tickets booked for #RSCOppenheimer theatre treats

Sarah Ellis @scarahnellis • 2 mar
The brilliant #RSCOppenheimer is coming to London from 27th March – … – epic and important.

Brentwood School @Brentwood_Hstry • 3 mar
Just booked a few tickets for 4th Year to see #RSCOppenheimer in London on 27 April. Letters home to parents this week. Can’t wait!

Rebekah Ellerby @rebekahellerby • 3 mar
Oppenheimer @TheRSC is coming to the West End at the end of this month … #theatrenews #transfer

Anne Cox @stage_review • 3 mar
Good news that @TheRSC #Oppenheimer is transferring to @NimaxTheatres #Vaudeville. Story
Amy MacLaren @maccalarena • 2 mar
Great news that @theRSC’s Oppenheimer is transferring to the West End. Heard great things, so must try to get tix!

Kevin Fitzmaurice @kfitzmaurice29 • 2 mar
Oppenheimer transferring to Vaudeville – hooray! – five-star Billington review – @theRSC

YessStage&Screen @YessStageScreen • 2 mar
RSC’s Oppenheimer to transfer to the West End: The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Oppenheimer will …

Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 1 mar
Congrats to the cast & writer of #RSCOppenheimer for getting the transfer to London. See you tomorrow night for #RSCShoemaker post show

Jake @DrJJE • 27 feb
Go and see it – brilliant! “@RSCPress: RSC announces London transfer of #RSCOppenheimer Press release:

Marion Cromb @drwhofreak • 28 feb
‘I have a core of cold iron…” #RSCOppenheimer sketch (@johnjheffernan @tommortonsmith @TheRSC)

Michael White @sharptordweller • 28 feb
Rather loved #RSCOppenheimer tonight

Harry Clarke @haryclarke • 27 feb
Brilliant acting tonight #RSCOppenheimer go see it ! @LOVEtheatrecom • 27 feb
Special preview prices for @TheRSC Oppenheimer transfer to London. @johnjheffernan leads cast

Luke Temple @TempleOfBooks • 27 feb
@MycroftBrolly @TheRSC Ditto with previews. I’m jealous you’re going to Stratford for it – haven’t been since I was a child #RSCOppenheimer
Rakshita Patel @MycroftBrolly • 27 feb
@TempleOfBooks @TheRSC I AM going to #Stratford specially for #RSCOppenheimer next weekend! Theatre, coach + accommodation = Booked!

Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 27 feb
Before #RSCOppenheimer comes2London.Catch our fantastic panel discussion asking whether the possible is inevitable..
Collette McCarthy @Collettemcc • 27 feb
Overjoyed that #RSCOppenheimer is coming to London – it’s beyond brilliant and the world and her dog should see it!

Matt Trueman @matttrueman • 27 feb
Tom Morton-Smith’s superb Oppenheimer coming into the West End. Quite right too. Here’s my @Variety review:

Matt Trueman @matttrueman • 27 feb
And if that hasn’t sated your appetite, here’s @tommortonsmith telling @theatrevoices all about Oppenheimer:

Philip R Holden @pwotg • 26 feb
#Oppenheimer @TheRSC entertaining, thought provoking, superb staging, excellent acting. Soon @NimaxTheatres Vaudeville #WestEnd

Hel again @TweedDemon • 26 feb
Much and rightly. “@TimeOutTheatre: Confirmed that @TheRSC’s much-praised Oppenheimer is going to transfer to the Vaudeville from March 27”
Time Out Theatre @TimeOutTheatre • 26 feb
Confirmed that @TheRSC’s much-praised Oppenheimer is going to transfer to the Vaudeville from March 27 @LOVEtheatrecom • 26 feb
Atomic bomb play, Oppenheimer, gets London transfer
OxfordSchoolofDrama @Oxford_Drama • 26 feb
Congrats @tommortonsmith and @CatSteadman. Very excited to be going to see it tomorrow night! @RSC #Oppenheimer … …
Thomas Hescott @MrThomasHescott • 26 feb
Totally thrilled that #RSCOppenheimer is transferring to the west end. Congrats @tommortonsmith

OliverJohnstoneOnlin @OJohnstoneOnlin • 26 feb
@OGBCollins read the great news announced by @CatSteadman … yuppy! @TheRSC
LHS Physics @LESHighPhysics • 24 feb
Fabulous trip to #Oppenheimer by the @TheRSC yesterday: Physics, Drama and History students loved it!

Trevor MacFarlane @TrevorMacF • 25 feb
Great to see the truly excellent #Oppenheimer @theswanstafford @TheRSC – congrats @EricaWhyman + @tommortonsmith – me + @julie4nw loved it!

Dean @deanvictorr • 24 feb
My review of @TheRSC’s impeccable Oppenheimer is now online
William Reay @reayj2003 • 24 feb
And Robert Innes Hopkins design!
William Reay @reayj2003 • 24 feb
#Oppenheimer is fantastic. A complex scientific subject made accessible and riveting. Hats off to @johnjheffernan @angusjac @tommortonsmith
Ingrid Stevens @ID_Lingoservice • 24 feb
“Oppenheimer – how a loaded gun was dropped in the playground” @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer via @wordpressdotcom
Chloe Leila @leila_chloe • 24 feb
@TheRSC @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer was absolutely fantastic last night, fingers crossed for a move to London & to get to see it again!

Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 23 feb
Here goes another trip to see #RSCOppenheimer Post show after 😀

Holly C Parker @HollyCParkerx • 23 feb
About to treat myself to #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC! Heard such wonderful things…

Tom Manson @man_son15 • 23 feb
#Oppenheimer @TheRSC is something special. Epic, poetic and enormously entertaining. Saw it last week and it has really stayed with me.

Rebecca Cooper @BexthurstCooper • 23 feb
#Oppenheimer @TheRSC My words can’t encapsulate the magnitude of it. Basically. I can’t stop thinking of the grazing horse. @tommortonsmith

William Reay @reayj2003 • 23 feb
Looking forward to #Oppenheimer @TheRSC tonight. Can’t wait to see @johnjheffernan doing his thing! #WebberDouglas

Helen Edwards @justahelen • 21 feb
Heading to @TheRSC later to watch #Oppenheimer – I love a cheeky weekend in the country.

Rebecca Cooper @BexthurstCooper • 21 feb
ROAD TRIP! To @TheRSC to watch #ShoemakersHoliday and #Oppenheimer starring the fantabulous @SandysFerret #stratforduponavon

Helen Edwards @justahelen • 21 feb
@jackholdenactor saw you in #Oppenheimer tonight @TheRSC – you and the rest of the cast were brilliant. Loved the show!

Henrietta Rabbit @henrab • 21 feb
#Oppenheimer WHAT brilliant performances, staging, story and music. Thanks RSC. Will remember this for a long long time

Sue Cowan @StratfordBandB • 21 feb
Just back form seeing the brilliant #Oppenheimer @TheRSC Loved talking to #Franks sister who was watching it for the third time.

Philip R Holden @pwotg • 22 feb
Amazing #Oppenheimer @TheRSC entertaining, thought provoking, superb staging, uniformally excellent acting.

Helen Johnson @HJtweetingx • 22 feb
Great night at @TheRSC watching #Oppenheimer. Brilliantly acted & clever staging. Thanks to all involved. #theatre
Marion Cromb @drwhofreak • 23 feb
Excited to see #RSCOppenheimer again on the UoB trip tomorrow, but sad this may be the last time! (Unless @NanceLarrikin can be tempted…)

miriskusnik @miriskusnik • 22 feb
Wow, #RSCOppenheimer is so good – well written, thoughtfully written, John Heffernan utterly stunning, great cast, fab music. So glad I went
How It Ended @how_it_ended • 18 feb
Thoroughly enjoyed #Oppenheimer @TheRSC earlier today. Slick, stylish and beautifully acted.

Phillip Breen @phillipbreeno • 18 feb
And of course @tommortonsmith what a privilege it was to spend some time inside that enormous inquiring and humane mind. #oppenheimer

Phillip Breen @phillipbreeno • 18 feb
Well. #oppenheimer @TheRSC is huge. In every respect. Monumental. One of the most extraordinary nights I’ve spent in the theatre.

Sam Brown @SamBrown2011 • 19 feb
First ever trip to the theatre as a consenting adult and it is safe to say I will be returning. #Oppenheimer #RSC

Luce @LucyVictoria01 • 19 feb
#Oppenheimer was fabulous! Go see it if you get the chance.

Into Darkness… @HollyMurs_xxx • 19 feb
@TheRSC it is amazing how an event so tragic can be made so beautiful at the same time. A story that should be heard #Oppenheimer #casting

Owen Collins @OGBCollins • 19 feb
Really want to see #Oppenheimer at @TheRSC but I think time may prove to be against me – any chance of a London transfer?
Claire @claireydelune • 19 feb
And John is sublime. Obviously. I could list superlatives but it wouldn’t do him justice anyway. #RSCOppenheimer #totalfanandproud

Claire @claireydelune • 19 feb
Still trying to get my head around how fantastic #RSCOppenheimer is. All the praise is true. All the awards to everyone involved!

John Cannon @johnmcannon • 18 feb
Is feeling a chain reaction #RSCOppenheimer + @RSCPress + @johnjheffernan

Barbara Kiser @barbkiser • 18 feb
Father of the bomb as Macbeth? @philipcball on @TheRSC’s Oppenheimer [review]

Eva Sampson @eva_sampson • 18 feb
#Oppenheimer by @tommortonsmith at @TheRSC was everything I had hoped for. Bloody brilliant!

Thomas Hescott @MrThomasHescott • 18 feb
Highlight of the day – texting @tommortonsmith to tell him someone was using #RSCOppenheimer as their @NYTofGB audition monologue.

Hannah Weaver @Hannah_Sheepsy • 18 feb
Wow. #intervaltweet #Oppenheimer

Eva Sampson @eva_sampson • 18 feb
Stratford-upon-Avon is looking beautiful in the sun today. Here at @TheRSC to see #Oppenheimer. #excited

Wayne Hanley @WayneHanley • 18 feb
Just abot to experience my first ever play the acclaimed #Oppenheimer at the #RSC in #Stratford thanks…

Wayne Hanley @WayneHanley • 18 feb
#Oppenheimer enjoying somr wonderful intermission entertainment. I must thank @helen_sdu_hud for…

Helen Walker @Helen_SDU_Hud • 18 feb
Awesome, a 40’s songstress to entertain us during the interval @theRSC’s #Oppenheimer

Helen Walker @Helen_SDU_Hud • 18 feb
This afternoon’s entertainment is corking. #Oppenheimer

Claire @claireydelune • 18 feb
Wowwwwww #RSCOppenheimer is BLOWING MY MIIIIIIIIIND #intervaltweets #goditsgoodtoseejohnheffagain #worththewait

Hel again @TweedDemon • 17 feb
The RSC is asking me to complete an Oppie survey. I’m slightly afraid. #nooneneedknowwhatlurksinmybrain
Dean @deanvictorr • 11 feb
@NoNmediocrity Oppenheimer was all about American culture!! I’m sure there must be loads
NoN @NoNmediocrity • 11 feb
@deanvictorr so jealous. Sigh, I’m stuck in this culture free, ass-backward country.
Dean @deanvictorr • 11 feb
The Royal Shakespeare Company KNOW how to make a show

Dean @deanvictorr • 11 feb
This show is absolutely incredible so far, I can’t wait to review this. #oppenheimer

Dean @deanvictorr • 11 feb
Today is so great

Jessica Cornwell @JessACornwell • 16 feb
Saw #Oppenheimer in Stratford-Upon-Avon this weekend. Cannot recommend it enough.
Jonathan Baz @MrJonathanBaz • 15 feb
#Oppenheimer @TheRSC has won 5* reviews for its take on the man who built The Bomb. I spoke w writer @tommortonsmith
straymoose @straymoose101 • 14 feb
Oppie Co. – Thanks for a superb night in the Swan. Brilliant writing powerfully put together & played. @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer

MyAnna Buring @MyannaBuring • 14 feb
@tommortonsmith @johnheffernan Just keep hearing the MOST amazing things about #RSCOppenheimer So proud of you both – congratulations! X

Gareth James @TootingGareth • 12 feb
@TheRSC #Oppenheimer is a great new play with a star performance from @johnjheffernan

Fiona Terry-Chandler @FTerryChandler • 12 feb
Really looking forward to seeing #Oppenheimer this evening at the #SwanTheatre #Stratford #RSC

Robyn Henriegel @Schuting • 12 feb
Just enjoyed #Oppenheimer at the RSC, great play with wonderful staging

Fiona Terry-Chandler @FTerryChandler • 13 feb
#Oppenheimer was amazing tonight-fantastic performances, especially @johnjheffernan

Karen David @karenmaydavid • 13 feb
Off to Stratford to see #Oppenheimer at the RSC. What a great way to spend a Friday night.

Physics@SouthBrom @SthBromPhysics • 13 feb
Student comment “The information given was intriguiging…well performed to be thrilling at the same time” #Oppenheimer
Physics@SouthBrom @SthBromPhysics • 13 feb
Student comment, “really enjoyed the play esp since we had great seats” #Oppenheimer
Physics@SouthBrom @SthBromPhysics • 13 feb
Student comment, “The morality of the play was fascinating.” #Oppenheimer
Physics@SouthBrom @SthBromPhysics • 13 feb
Student comment, “A very passionate man with a vision and a genius but blind to what he was working on.” #Oppenheimer
Physics@SouthBrom @SthBromPhysics • 13 feb
@johnjheffernan 19 A level Physics students were mainly blown away at #Oppenheimer last night. Thanks for the .
Ian Walker @walkerij • 13 feb
Looking forward to first @TheRSC visit to see #Oppenheimer
Marcus Green @salvationssongs • 13 feb
#rscoppenheimer is amazing. Wonderful play, great acting, brilliant ideas and deep emotions clearly conveyed. Go see it if you can.
Scott D. McArthur @Scott_McArthur • 13 feb
RSC, “Oppenheimer” is quite brilliant. Pretty accurate too. Feynman sequel next please??! #RSCOppenheimer #science
Physics@SouthBrom @SthBromPhysics • 13 feb
Student comment, “The experience of watching Oppenheimer’s hardship growing up has motivated me to apply myself more.” #Oppenheimer
Barry Thornton @AMidsummerMouse • 13 feb
#StratforduponAvon today 13 Feb RSC Love’s Labour’s Lost 19.15 RST, RSC Oppenheimer 19.30 Swan Theatre … …
Lancet Psychiatry @TheLancetPsych • 13 feb
The unsettling nature of science: thoughts on @tommortonsmith’s “Oppenheimer” at @TheRSC

Harry Waller @harry_waller_ • 11 feb
Breath was taken by #rscoppenheimer tonight – brilliant ensemble production. Terrifying subject and many tricky questions raised.

Kirsten SE @Kirsten_SE • 10 feb
Heff’s understudy was doing a good job in this lovely production of a great play that will be brilliant tonight when Heff will take over
Kirsten SE @Kirsten_SE • 10 feb
A lot of Josh O’Connor in the understudy run of #Oppenheimer ❤ Cameo by Heff as the Doctor -was lovely to see him grinning while watching

Kirsten SE @Kirsten_SE • 10 feb
Yay I managed to get to SuA – #Oppenheimerunderstudyrun #Oppenheffer

Merton Physics @MertonPhysics • 10 feb
Very excited today as I’m off to see #Oppenheimer @TheRSC in Stratford! #DayTrip #Theatre #PhysicsInArt
Smooth Faced Gents @SmoothFacedGent • 10 feb
Off to @thersc cover run of #Oppenheimer! Can’t wait to see @benallenactor, Joel not-on-twitter McCormack & mostly our own @threesco_Mic.
Campden Lit Fest @campdenlitfest • 10 feb
Hi @LydiaMagic last night’s performance of #oppenheimer @TheRSC with @johnjheffernan MIND BLOWING

NCJ @_NCJ_ • 9 feb
#Oppenheimer #RSC an #Awesome performance and production.

Merton Physics @MertonPhysics • 10 feb
Wow, just wow. What an amazing production #Oppenheimer was @TheRSC. #NoWords #BESTPLAYEVER #NotEvenJoking #OxTweet

Peter Basham @actorpete • 10 feb
@TheRSC #rscoppenheimer was astounding. Thought provoking, beautiful, hard to watch at times and big big ideas – my mind is reeling #Wow

Peter McGovern @PeterMcGovern • 10 feb
#rscoppenheimer is astounding: Compelling from start to finish, with a wonderful company and amazing lead performance from John Heffernan.
Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 10 feb
The understudy performance of #RSCOppenheimer was just as stunning as the normal cast and treated to the vocal stylings of @jackholdenactor

Chapel Lane Theatre @ChapelLaneTC • 10 feb
Public understudy run of #Oppenheimer @TheRSC this afternoon – just sublime. Huge respect for all those on stage and behind the scenes!
Kirk McElhearn @mcelhearn • 9 feb
Just saw #RSCOppenheimer. A very good play, but it could have been better. Too many facts, not enough emotions.

Richard Edwards-Earl @redwardsearl • 9 feb
A phenomenal and chilling performance of #RSCOppenheimer this evening. A fantastic blend of science and emotion.

Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 10 feb
All the best to the understudies of #RSCOppenheimer for the performance today @TheRSC #SOUP
Peter Gibson @philosophyideas • 9 feb
Thoroughly enjoying Oppenheimer. The clarinet playing is outstandin. @adampcross

Anna McCaul @AnnaMcCaul21 • 8 feb
Wonderful to see #Oppenheimer at the @TheRSC with @Midgeguy last night, well worth a trip

Sam Holden @BeingSamHolden • 7 feb
@TheRSC #oppenheimer was superb a stellar performance from all the cast oh and of course my bro @jackholdenactor

Zoe L’Okie McAden @zoe0640 • 6 feb
@johnjheffernan Just reading your VERY NICE review in last week’s The Stage. #Oppenheimer #SwanTheatre
Avye Leventis @avlev1 • 6 feb
Beautifully written, directed and performed #RSCOppenheimer is @TheRSC on tip top form. Loved it. Still processing.

Waywardius @jhaywardbenzal • 6 feb
Utterly breathtaking performances in #oppenheimer @TheRSC last night. Moments of genuine tension & heartache. Fabulousness from all involved

Gill Sutherland @HeraldArts • 5 feb
Herald review of Oppenheimer #oppenheimer @TheRSC @johnjheffernan @tommortonsmith @angusjac

B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 5 feb
#Oppenheimer #Stratford #Tonight #RSC RSC Openheimer at the Swan read more…

Waywardius @jhaywardbenzal • 5 feb
In the bar @TheRSC for #oppenheimer tonight. Chilling with a G&T before “meeting” the father of the atomic bomb. As you do.

Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 5 feb
Catch the highlights from the fantastic panel discussion about Oppenheimer and the bomb here #RSCOppenheimer

Grant Olding @grantolding • 5 feb
I’ve just redesigned my website I’m still tweaking but do let me know if you like it.

Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 5 feb
Now live!Oppenheimer&the Bomb talk @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer @angusjac @EricaWhyman @EricaWgnr @alokjha @closefrank

Marion Cromb @drwhofreak • 5 feb
#RSCOppenheimer was SO GOOD THOUGH. @johnjheffernan smashes it out of the park as per usual, can’t wait to see it again on the UoB trip

Rakshita Patel @MycroftBrolly • 4 feb
As #RSCOppenheimer is not coming to #London, I am going to #Stratford! Have bought a £5 standing ticket for closing night 🙂 @TheRSC
Rakshita Patel @MycroftBrolly • 3 feb
@TheRSC @johnjheffernan @TheRSC @johnjheffernan As you won’t come to #London, I am coming to #Stratford! #RSCOppenheimer

Sam Holden @BeingSamHolden • 2 feb
@JaneHillNews if you get the chance go see @TheRSC #oppenheimer in Stratford On Avon it happens to have my brother @jackholdenactor in it!

Fiona Terry-Chandler @FTerryChandler • 2 feb
Taking my #bestie to see #Oppenheimer for birthday. So lucky to be in #Birmingham #RSC #Stratford #theatre

Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 2 feb
@British_Theatre @TheRSC totally spot-on review of #oppenheimer…tho of course I’d have put a little more about the brilliant @CatSteadman

Rakshita Patel @MycroftBrolly • 2 feb
@TheRSC @johnjheffernan Any chance of #RSCOppenheimer coming to #London? I really want to see it!

Jenny Jenkins @Jenny_Acts • 2 feb
Guys, beg, borrow or steal a ticket for #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC pacy, scary, informative, entertaining vibrant #newwriting @British_Theatre • 2 feb
REVIEW: Oppenheimer, Swan Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭ | British Theatre … @thersc

Alex Beiderbecke @ajbeiderbecke • 1 feb
I also now want a chalkboard floor #RSCOppenheimer

Alex Beiderbecke @ajbeiderbecke • 1 feb
Lovely evening yesterday watching #RSCOppenheimer & learning to balance equations on the programme receipt

Duncan Gates @Duncan_Gates • 1 feb
I’ve not seen this show, and praise for it has been very high indeed – nonetheless this is great critical writing:
emvee @churlishmeg • 1 feb
New favourite birthday present: Haydon’s review of Oppenheimer. Blistering.

Suzy Haller @SuzyHaller • 1 feb
The @TheRSC has a fantastic production in #Oppenheimer. Go see it, go see it, go see it. Fingers crossed for a London transfer.

colin davison @IamColinDavison • 1 feb
Riveting dialogue, brilliant portrayal of complex #Oppenheimer by @johnjheffernan @TheRSC. 5* arts diary review at

Lucia Costanzo @LuciaCostanzo2 • 1 feb
Very taken with #Oppenheimer @TheRSC. Worthy addition to pantheon of science plays… tale of physics, politics, passion & personality

Venetia Tanqueray @HerbiesMummy • 1 feb
Really enjoyed #RSCOppenheimer at the Swan theatre this evening.

Jonathan Baz @MrJonathanBaz • 1 feb
#RSCOppenheimer is 5* brilliance from @TheRSC . Here’s the review … Next week I interview writer @tommortonsmith

London Places @London_Places • 1 feb
The Swan mentioned again: – RT @HerbiesMummy Really enjoyed #RSCOppenheimer at the Swan theatre this evening.

Mark Shenton @ShentonStage • 1 feb
Theatre reviews in today’s @ObsNewReview: THE HARD PROBLEM (3*) ; OPPENHEIMER (4*)

B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 31 gen
#StratforduponAvon #Oppenheimer #RSC RSC Oppenheimer matinee today

sandy @BJsunnynight • 31 gen
#oppenheimer @TheRSC @johnjheffernan @jamwilkes and sun in Stratford upon avon

Myfanwy Hill @MyfanwyHill • 31 gen
@TheRSC @jackholdenactor Sending lots of love…. Can’t wait to see you #Oppenheimer

Gabriella S-F @_gabriellasf • 31 gen
I am RUINED. #oppenheimer #OppenHeffer

Mandy Patrish @mandypatrish • 31 gen
# Oppenheimer @TheRSC this afternoon powerful performances and very sobering to find yourself sitting next to the bomb.

UEA Drama Studio @UEADrama • 31 gen
A few shout outs: Firstly, the “massively impressive” @tommortonsmith has written a 5* smash hit for @TheRSC

Andrew Bartlett @Andysixdegrees • 31 gen
RSC Oppenheimer is very good but with a lot of different short scenes perhaps better suited to being a film £5 matinee ticket great value

Rebecca Eve @Bec_Eve • 31 gen
I have no words to describe just how brilliant #RSCOppenheimer is, completely compelling & utterly moving – an outstanding piece of theatre

Nikki R @Nikki_S_R • 31 gen
Head still full of difficult thoughts & feelings after a beautifully staged & acted play. #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC

sandy @BJsunnynight • 31 gen
landslip…no train from Stratford upon avon to London.only via Birmingham.At leat I had a good time @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer

sandy @BJsunnynight • 31 gen
brilliant play #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC @johnjheffernan @jamwilkes+whole cast.Will see it again !!

Liz Fox @Lizzissima • 31 gen
#RSCOppenheimer @tommortonsmith just seen it so impressed such powerful play John Heffernan’s final scene was brilliant

Rebecca Eve @Bec_Eve • 31 gen
I’m here! @TheRSC can’t wait to see @CatSteadman in #RSCOppenheimer

Gabriella S-F @_gabriellasf • 31 gen
@KineticEcstasy Everyone I know who’s been is considering going again, so I’m quietly optimistic!

Gabriella S-F @_gabriellasf • 31 gen
Anyway. I suspect Oppenheimer will be worth it.

Stratford upon Avon @EventsWhatsOn • 31 gen
Theatre today @TheRSC Love’s Labour’s Won 1.15pm – RST Christmas Truce 7.15pm – RST Oppenheimer 1.30pm & 7.30pm – Swan Tix: 0844 800 1110

Rebecca Eve @Bec_Eve • 31 gen
On my way to #RSC for the first time ever! So blooming excited so see Shakey-p’s town and watch #RSCOppenheimer

sandy @BJsunnynight • 31 gen
guess !! on my way to…Stratford uA no snow can stop me to see #RSCOppenheimer today @TheRSC @johnjheffernan

Standard Going Out @ESgoingout • 29 gen
‘The RSC has taken a risk that eventually pays off’ – it’s ★★★★ for #Oppenheimer @TheRSC…

Piers Nimmo Mgt @PNMGT • 29 gen
Congratulations to Catherine Steadman and the cast of Oppenheimer for their five star reviews! … @CatSteadman

VickyColins-Nattrass @Keziabulldogs • 28 gen
@AndyLangtree you do ANGRY so well it’s scary love the play enjoyed the @TheRSC experience Rooftop Restaurant quite delicious #oppenheimer

david valentine @dvintheether • 28 gen
Going to see #Oppenheimer in Stratford upon Avon this weekend …. Can’t wait #LoveTheatre
Arthur V Thomas @AV2518 • 28 gen
Just seen #RSCOppenheimer! Fantastic production. Kept me captivated all the way through and thoroughly enjoyable. What a fascinating life.

Simon Walters @simonthewalters • 28 gen
Thoroughly enjoyed #RSCOppenheimer tonight. Captured a view of a fascinating man, and did the science justice too.

Warwickshire Rose @warks_rose • 27 gen
I really, truly recommend #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC to everyone. It’s harrowing but brilliant. One of the best new plays I’ve ever seen. Bravo

Ben Wooldridge @benwooldridge • 27 gen
Oppenheimer @TheRSC is completely gripping, explosive drama – don’t miss! #RSCOppenheimer
AmyHolley @AmyEHolley • 27 gen
Come on 7pm!Can’t wait to see #Oppenheimer tonight @TheRSC @TheRSCKey! Anyone else seen it yet? Any good? @The_Globe @soglos @ILoveGlosUK
Ruth Kendall @RuthKendall • 26 gen
Hmm. Feeling like a thespian lightweight having just seen all the 5* #Oppenheimer reviews. Must’ve improved dramatically in second half?!

Ruth Kendall @RuthKendall • 26 gen
#Oppenheimer at #RSC #Swan was more physics lesson than drama. We left during the interval. Birthday treat #FAIL 😦

AmyHolley @AmyEHolley • 26 gen
Can’t wait to see #Oppenheimer @TheRSC @TheRSCKey #stratforduponavon tomorrow! @TomCrib @catcribbin

Katy Roberts @KathrynLauraR • 26 gen
Still can’t stop thinking about #RSCOppenheimer. Really think a second viewing is in order!

Poly Gianniba @polyg • 26 gen
I might have been hovering over the #RSCOppenheimer booking button. Again. This is not good.

Pistachio Choice @PistachioChoice • 26 gen
Reviews are remarkable for @johnjheffernan @TheRSC. It couldn’t happen to a nicer chap. Can’t wait to get along to heckle #RSCOppenheimer
Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 26 gen
an idea? @TakeOnPhysics MT @closefrank: Scripts of @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer descriptions of the science would be gr8 for schools

Frank Close @closefrank • 26 gen
Scripts of @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer descriptions of the science would be gr8 for schools @PhysicsNews @EricaWgnr @alokjha @angusjac

Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 26 gen
@TheRSC @cshadforth I can confirm, a video of the panel discussion will be available soon.. watch this space! #RSCOppenheimer
Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 26 gen
Massive thank you to Saturday’s panellists: @closefrank @EricaWgnr @alokjha @tommortonsmith @angusjac #RSCOppenheimer

Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews • 26 gen
Great working with you too! What a fantastic event MT @TheRSC: Big thanks to @PhysicsNews for collaborating on today’s talk #RSCOppenheimer

Brentwood School @Brentwood_Hstry • 26 gen
Using speeches from #RSCOppenheimer in IGCSE History Cold War classes this week – thanks for the inspiration @TheRSC

Cosima Shaw @CosimaShaw • 25 gen
@tommortonsmith congrats on those fantastic reviews #RSCOppenheimer Looking forward to it!
Graham Farmelo @grahamfarmelo • 25 gen
Story behind the Royal Shakespeare Company’s clever commissioning of the triumphant ‘Oppenheimer’ by @tommortonsmith:

Warren Michaels- @warrenmichaels • 25 gen
The Theater News Oppenheimer, Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK — review (Financial Times) Follow Me

Felicity McWilliams @RedKite13 • 25 gen
Really recommend Oppenheimer @TheRSC – emotionally powerful and thought-provoking performance.

Simon_Lucy @Simon_Lucy • 25 gen
We saw Oppenheimer last night at the RSC … The best exposition of science dramatically I can remember.

Matthew Dunster @matthewjdunster • 25 gen
@johnjheffernan tremendous work John. Everything the part needed (ie the whole fucking gamut) but with such control and precision.

Matthew Dunster @matthewjdunster • 25 gen
@tommortonsmith it’s a great play Tom. It’s right up there.

Matthew Dunster @matthewjdunster • 25 gen
@TheRSC @tommortonsmith @angusjac …a full experience. You’ll get to see it – as it’s got West End and Broadway written all over it.

Matthew Dunster @matthewjdunster • 25 gen
@TheRSC @tommortonsmith …..20th C. The ensemble excellence forged by @angusjac makes difficult stuff gripping, clear & heartfelt. Such….

Matthew Dunster @matthewjdunster • 25 gen
#Oppenheimer @TheRSC has everything. The play by @tommortonsmith is gravity defying. A thriller built around the greatest dilemma of the….

Poly Gianniba @polyg • 24 gen
I don’t mind admitting, I feel rattled and shaky and a bit emotional #RSCOppenheimer

Poly Gianniba @polyg • 24 gen
Not its only virtue by far but #RSCOppenheimer might have one of the best build ups to an interval I have ever seen.

Poly Gianniba @polyg • 24 gen
Without a doubt, one of the best things to happen to theatre in recent years is that John Heffernan moved into leading roles #RSCOppenheimer

20th Century Boy @waiseakchao • 25 gen
How about transferring #RSCOppenheimer to Barbican instead of West End? Barbican is a better venue.

20th Century Boy @waiseakchao • 24 gen
@tommortonsmith any chance the show being transferred to London? #RSCOppenheimer
Poly Gianniba @polyg • 25 gen
It’s entirely reasonable to have three paragraphs about John Heffernan in my #RSCOppenheimer review, right?

Smooth Faced Gents @SmoothFacedGent • 25 gen
TEN shows to book in this week’s #sfg5, inc #rscOppenheimer, @theRSC at @AlmeidaTheatre & Almeida’s #KingCharlesIII:
Margaret Longstaffe @mjlongstaffe • 24 gen
Love love love going to @TheRSC – planning the next trip already, I you get a chance go and see #Oppenheimer=stunning

Margaret Longstaffe @mjlongstaffe • 24 gen
Just seen the totally amazingly powerful & brilliant #Oppenheimer @TheRSC – words cannot do justice to this play

Beth Fuller @BethFuller1979 • 24 gen
@TheRSC production of #Oppenheimer – absolutely incredible; moving, thought provoking with an impact to match.

Alok Jha @alokjha • 24 gen
Do watch #Oppenheimer, written by @tommortonsmith, at @TheRSC. Thoughtful play abt making of the atom bomb. Bonus: great physics too

Lizzie @lizzie_brookes1 • 24 gen
Wow, just wow. @TheRSC #Oppenheimer

Jonathan Longstaffe @mathsimprove • 24 gen
@rsc #Oppenheimer absolutely brilliant all A-level scientists and mathematicians should see this amazing play thought provoking science

Ilia Bengal @Ilia_Bengal • 24 gen
“@WhatsOnStage: ICYMI: #Oppenheimer’s is a story we should all know better @TheRSC

Erica Wagner @EricaWgnr • 24 gen
After fascinating @TheRSC #Oppenheimer panel, lucky enough to get a long chat with Prof Gus Born, Max’s son. Living history –

Erica Wagner @EricaWgnr • 24 gen
@TheRSC @closefrank @alokjha @tommortonsmith @angusjac A privilege to participate! #Oppenheimer

Karen Bolton @boltonk45 • 25 gen
Blown away by #RSCOppenheimer. Brilliant fusion of great play-writing @tommortonsmith & great acting by @johnjheffernan.

Katy Roberts @KathrynLauraR • 25 gen
Cant quite process what I saw tonight #RSCOppenheimer. Think I need to sleep on it. Unnerving & overwhelmingly visceral theatre at its best.

Katy Roberts @KathrynLauraR • 25 gen
#RSCOppenheimer blew my mind. An absolutely incredible piece of theatre & John Heffernan is OUTSTANDING. Bravo, @TheRSC!

Angela Whelan @angela_whelan • 24 gen
Mean and moody. @TheRSC @jjperc @AdamPCross #RSCOppenheimer

Nathanael Kent @nathanaelkent • 24 gen
@polyg Seeing #TheRulingClass next week, but can’t possibly fit in #RSCOppenheimer. Argh! Fingers crossed for a London transfer.
Poly Gianniba @polyg • 24 gen
January is not out yet and I have two strong contenders (#TheRulingClass and #RSCOppenheimer) for end of the year top ten. It will be bloody
Jennifer Tan @djientan • 24 gen
Got goosebumps hearing Gus Born reading his father, Max Born’s letter to Oppenheimer during this morning’s excellent talk. #rscoppenheimer

Frank Close @closefrank • 24 gen
@Geraldinecoll @EricaWgnr @alokjha28 @angusjac @EricaWhyman @PhysicsNews An honour and great pleasure. @tommortonsmith has created a classic
Guardian Stage @guardianstage • 24 gen
Oppenheimer five-star review – father of atomic bomb becomes tragic hero at RSC
Barry Thornton @AMidsummerMouse • 24 gen
RSC Oppenheimer Stratford-upon-Avon 2 performances today Read more: #Oppenheimer #RSC #StratforduponAvon #theatre … …
SBT Education @SBTeducation • 24 gen
Final treat for #WinterSchool: after a fabulous #RSCOppenheimer performance yesterday, @johnjheffernan joins us this morning for a Q&A.

Katy Roberts @KathrynLauraR • 24 gen
Tickets booked for #RSCOppenheimer tonight! Heard great things so really looking forward to it!

LosAlamosNationalLab @LosAlamosNatLab • 23 gen
Oppie joins #Hawking and #Turing as @TheRSC debuts the new play “Oppenheimer” by @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer
20th Century Boy @waiseakchao • 23 gen
Will #RSCOppenheimer be transferred to London?
Julia Sandiford @JuliaKhoa • 23 gen
@AndyLangtree so happy you’re having a wonderful time. Get #Oppenheimer to London!! X

VickyColins-Nattrass @Keziabulldogs • 23 gen
@grantolding @OJohnstoneOnlin @TheRSC well done I’m coming down soon can’t wait @andylangtree
Philip R Holden @pwotg • 23 gen
“A stunning play” #Oppenheimer @TheRSC “Superb, serious, humane, riveting, honourable. It must have an afterlife”
Alex Packer @_alexpacker • 23 gen
So after Guardian and Telegraph 5stars for #RSCOppenheimer that’ll be a west end transfer then.
Michael Billington @billicritic • 23 gen
Oppenheimer five-star review – father of atomic bomb becomes tragic hero at RSC:

Dominic Cavendish @domcavendish • 23 gen
And it’s five stars from me. Oppenheimer, RSC Swan, Stratford, review: ‘a dazzling spectacle’ via @Telegraph

Gill Sutherland @HeraldArts • 23 gen
Seeing Oppenheimer tonight – excited! Here’s chat with lovely John Heffernan @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer

Illuminations @Illuminations • 23 gen
Hurrah! – 5 stars, ‘massively impressive’ @billicritic on #RSCOppenheimer
Culture @sr_culture • 23 gen
Oppenheimer five-star review – father of atomic bomb becomes tragic hero at RSC | Guardian

Telegraph Theatre @TeleTheatre • 23 gen
Oppenheimer, RSC Swan, Stratford-upon-Avon, review: ‘a dazzling spectacle’

WhatsOnStage @WhatsOnStage • 23 gen
Review: Oppenheimer @TheRSC – ‘thought-provoking and intelligent’
The Stage @TheStage • 23 gen
Review Oppenheimer @TheRSC: “Draws out the hopes and fears of the team developing the A-bomb”
Dominic Cavendish @domcavendish • 22 gen
I’d be surprised if RSC’s Oppenheimer didn’t make it to NYC. Big subject, deftly encapsulated. Fission science collides with fizzy biography

Nick Errington @Erro22 • 23 gen
Huge congrats to @hedusan for an amazing #pressnight of #Oppenheimer Thanks for being great company @charliestarlie

Barry Thornton @AMidsummerMouse • 23 gen
#RSC #Oppenheimer a stunning new production from the RSC Read more #StratforduponAvon #Review #theatre … …

Joseph Fickus @jfickus • 22 gen
Saw #RSCOppenheimer press night performance. In brief – technically sweet. (Plus, Gadget + Feynman + bongos = pure bonkers brilliance!)

Lauren Luxford @LNLux • 22 gen
Looking forward to seeing the press response to #RSCOppenheimer tomorrow. Staff are raving about it which always bodes well.

Noma Dumezweni @MissDumezweni • 23 gen
@KHKateHorton @johnjheffernan Wasn’t it Great! Thank you too @MunbyJ!! @TheRSC should be v proud of the #RSCOppenheimer company!

Noma Dumezweni @MissDumezweni • 23 gen
Still in awe of the young acting company in #RSCOppenheimer – Stunning new generation to savour!! @angusjac bloody fab production! @TheRSC

Anne Cox @stage_review • 23 gen
#Theatre #Review #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC. ***** Stars. “A triumphant and thrilling night of theatre”.

Libby Purves @lib_thinks • 23 gen
Wiped out by OPPENHEIMER @TheRSC . Irony and humanity, scientific wonder and horror as the Bomb is born. Rvw up,

LondonTheatre1 @LondonTheatre1 • 23 gen
5 star review for Oppenheimer at Swan Theatre Stratford-upon-Avon @TheRSC

David Edgar @DavidBEdgar • 23 gen
#RSCOppenheimer @angusjac Jackson’s production of Morton-Smith’s powerful personal/political drama Oppenheimer. Great new play at the Swan.
Erica Whyman @EricaWhyman • 22 gen
Properly proud to be associated with #RSCOppenheimer. It really matters. Realised with great panache and thoughtfulness by @angusjac & team

Lisa Spirling @Spirlingo • 22 gen
Bursting with #howamazingareyou pride for Mr Tom McCall and @tommortonsmith his wondrous #Oppenheimer @TheRSC

Emily Moseley @emilymoseley • 22 gen
Long overdue first trip to @TheRSC to see #Oppenheimer last night – utterly brilliant modern-history play. #LovePhysics

VickyColins-Nattrass @Keziabulldogs • 22 gen
@AndyLangtree @TheRSC Break a leg for Press night #Oppenheimer Swan Theatre Stratford Making Dreams come true !!

B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 22 gen
#Oppenheimer #NewReview #RSC #StratforduponAvon RSC Oppenheimer New Review Stratford-upon-Avon -…
Jonathan Baz @MrJonathanBaz • 22 gen
Sensational, powerful, educational theatre! @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer @RSCPress @tommortonsmith

Alison Dayani @AlisonDayani • 22 gen
Just seen #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC about atomic bomb science race. Haunting new play with unbelievably powerful lines.

Angela Whelan @angela_whelan • 22 gen
Nuclear fallout shelter? No, it’s the musicians’ gallery…! #RSCOppenheimer

Jonathan Baz @MrJonathanBaz • 22 gen
#RSCOppenheimer A fusion of history, science & above all humanity. Fascinating theatre frm @tommortonsmith @TheRSC @RSCPress #intervalTweet

Anne Cox @stage_review • 22 gen
Never followed science @ school but utterly engrossed in #RSCOppenheimer @ #SwanTheatre. Passionate, intelligent drama from #TomMortonSmith.

Catherine Charlwood @Mnemerica • 21 gen
Intense night of science and ethics. Because, whatever you think, academic study has implications. #RSCOppenheimer

Heston @1whiskeyheston • 21 gen
About to watch a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company #RSC #excited #oppenheimer @ Royal Shakespeare…

Lucia Costanzo @LuciaCostanzo2 • 21 gen
Very excited about the new physics play #oppenheimer @thersc… BBC News – Staging Oppenheimer’s nuclear story

Catherine Charlwood @Mnemerica • 21 gen
“a man of inaction” – Hamlet meets nuclear physics #RSCOppenheimer

Angela Whelan @angela_whelan • 21 gen
#RSCOppenheimer it’s happening. #pressphotos

Rosie Wyatt @RosieWyatt • 20 gen
Just to correct my last RT – Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is being adapted by @angusjac and directed by Joe Murphy. Very excited to be in it!

BBC Entertainment @bbcentertain • 21 gen
Staging Oppenheimer’s nuclear story
Robert Kingdom @robertjkingdom • 21 gen
#RSCOppenheimer – a real must see. Great writing @tommortonsmith & great cast. John Heffernan incredible.

Robert Kingdom @robertjkingdom • 21 gen
#RSCOppenheimer – saw the show again tonight; just as powerful 2nd time round. So proud of our ‘Little Boy’.

Lauren Luxford @LNLux • 20 gen
#RSCOppenheimer is so so well written @tommortonsmith, & powerful performances too, particularly the titular @johnheffernan – see it!

Shacara @carabrim • 20 gen
@TheRSC #Oppenheimer blew my mind #punintended

Mix @mixdevil66 • 21 gen
BBC News – Staging #Oppenheimer’s nuclear story @TheRSC @OberonBooks … #theatre

Lauren Luxford @LNLux • 20 gen
Lots to think about post #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC – mostly this…

Sue Cowan @StratfordBandB • 20 gen
Just back for, @TheRSC #oppenheimer wow a powerful show well worth seeing as @TellDrTom said

Eve Parker @eeeve • 20 gen
I know I’m biased but wow, #RSCOppenheimer is truly great theatre. Such strong writing and John Heffernan is just enthralling. Please go.

Sophie Austin @sophiejanesays • 20 gen
Just booked to see #Oppenheimer by @tommortonsmith @TheRSC 11th Feb 1.30pm. Anyone want to join me? Will be brilliant!
Tracy Benbow @TracyBAdvisor • 20 gen
@TheRSC #Twitter #Oppenheimer. Wow! ‘A phenomenal, towering work of brilliance…Dramatic, immediate and intelligent. Flawless’ Spot on.

James Luxford @JLFilm • 20 gen
Theatre time #Oppenheimer
Jamie Wilkes @jamwilkes • 20 gen
@TheRSCKey #RSCOppenheimer Hi Alex. Who is your favourite in the cast?

Daniel Bell @Dr_Dibble • 20 gen
Fantastic night watching #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC
Daniel Bell @Dr_Dibble • 19 gen
Fantastic night watching #oppenheimer @TheRSC
WhatsOnStage @WhatsOnStage • 19 gen
Guest Blog: ‘Oppenheimer’s is a story we should all know better’ @TheRSC

Oberon Books @OberonBooks • 19 gen
For arts fans & science fans alike, our new #blog by #TomMortonSmith on #Oppenheimer is worth a peep! #RSCOppenheimer
Jon Nicholls @jonnicholls • 18 gen
#Oppenheimer @TheRSC is a thrilling fusion of the personal and the epic; also features the most apocalyptic bongo-drumming you’ll ever see.

Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 15 gen
#RSCOppenheimer was amazing. Can’t wait to see it later in the season when all the niggles are ironed out
Chris Regan @cg_regan • 18 gen
I really recommend #Oppenheimer @TheRSC , saw it last night and it’s amazing!

Lucy Marcovitch @Lucym808 • 18 gen
@TheRSC Fascinating programme for #oppenheimer, but wish you’d included article about women’s roles on the project-touched on in the play.

Tom G Werner @TellDrTom • 17 gen
Enjoyed #Oppenheimer play @TheRSC very much. Now tugged up with warm water bottle @StratfordBandB.

Lucy Marcovitch @Lucym808 • 17 gen
@TheRSC Stunning performance tonight of #oppenheimer. Classic in the making!

Megan Jones @MegJones23 • 18 gen
Absolutely loved #RSCOppenheimer last night at the @TheRSC, completely blew my brain

SBurrowes @stephensscience • 18 gen
#RSCOppenheimer so good in so many ways, the #physics may not be simple but it was clear, thanks to @tommortonsmith and an excellent cast
K.E.S. Physics @kes_physics • 18 gen
I saw Oppenheimer at the RSC this weekend. Excellent, and good Physics too, recommended – very appropriate for A2! #RSCOppenheimer

Hel again @TweedDemon • 18 gen
(That was 3/3. Stupid 140ness.)

Hel again @TweedDemon • 18 gen
For all his tender surface, @johnjheffernan’s Oppie’s iron core bears the world’s weight. His therapy scene lays it bare. Go for that alone.

Hel again @TweedDemon • 18 gen
Amidst all the egos and estrangements, the Serbers (@SandysFerret and @jamwilkes) serve as sweet relief, strength from warmth not metal. 2/3

Hel again @TweedDemon • 18 gen
A second time (yes, already – valid reason), #RSCOppenheimer blazes in the Swan, its myriad big personalities as explosive as the bombs. 1/3

Chris Jones @cjoneswrites • 18 gen
Another fine production at the #RSC Swan. #RSCOppenheimer is crammed with bold acting and precise writing. Excellent evening.

Frank Close @closefrank • 18 gen
Looking forward to seeing @tommortonsmith ‘s Oppenheimer @TheRSC on Fri and then discuss Sat onstage + @Alokjha

Adam Cross @AdamPCross • 17 gen
Ended the first week of #RSCOppenheimer with a full house. Top cast, great play and brilliant music by @grantolding

Box of Tricks @bottc • 17 gen
Performances, play and production all brilliant. A searing examination of the man behind the bomb. #RSCOppenheimer

Nick Keane @nickkeane • 17 gen
Lot’s to enjoy in @tommortonsmith #RSCOppenheimer tonight – memorable night at the theatre!

Box of Tricks @bottc • 17 gen
#RSCOppenheimer at @TheRSC is a phenomenal, towering work of brilliance from @tommortonsmith. Dramatic, immediate and intelligent. Flawless.

Shauni @Oh4amuseoffire • 17 gen
Wow! A tricky subject Brilliantly and thoughtfully handled #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC definitely worth a visit

Mark James @markstuartjames • 17 gen
#RSCOppenheimer EXCELLENT performance of a great new work – funny, moving and thought provoking! Great stuff!

Nick Keane @nickkeane • 17 gen
Ready for #RSCOppenheimer !

Shauni @Oh4amuseoffire • 17 gen
Off to see #RSCOppenheimer @TheRSC #Excited!

Mark James @markstuartjames • 17 gen
#RSCOppenheimer Not long now! Been looking forward to tonight’s performance for a while! Going to be interesting!

Randi @Randi_Burch • 17 gen
#RSC #Oppenheimer A wonderfully vibrant mix of wild dancing, frenetic physics and dark moral ambiguity, incredibly fast-paced, a must-see
B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 17 gen
#RSC #Oppenheimer A wonderfully vibrant mix of wild dancing, frenetic physics and dark moral ambiguity, incredibly fast-paced, a must-see
Barry Thornton @AMidsummerMouse • 17 gen
#StratforduponAvon Saturday 17 Jan RSC #LovesLaboursLost 13.15 #Won 19.15 and #Oppenheimer 19.30 … …

B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 17 gen
RSC Oppenheimer A wonderfully vibrant mix of wild dancing, frenetic physics and dark moral ambiguity #Oppenheimer…

B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 17 gen
#StratforduponAvon #Oppenheimer #Saturday RSC Oppenheimer A wonderfully vibrant mix of wild dancing,…
Janet Lynn @Weez • 17 gen
#RSCOppenheimer is bloody good, chaps. Bold, smart, compelling, and – best and worst of all – utterly unflinching. Book if you haven’t yet.
Karen Mapplethorpe @antontroy • 17 gen
Superb performance from @johnjheffernan as Robert Oppenheimer last night. Fast paced and wonderfully acted. #RSCOppenheimer

Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 17 gen
@johnjheffernan your projection was already immaculate from what I heard on the preview night of #Oppenheimer..very clear and understandable
Erica Whyman @EricaWhyman • 17 gen
Very proud of #RSCOppenheimer. Leaves you breathless with the cost of what he/they did. Beautiful acting. Beautiful writing.

James Farrell @jamesfarrell22 • 16 gen
@grantolding The music for #Oppenheimer was brilliant. Loved it.
Claire @claireydelune • 16 gen
I’ve not seen anywhere near enough #RSCOppenheimer comments on here yet, GIVE ME REVIEWS, PEOPLE! Impatient to know everything. Everything!

B&W Thornton @bwthornton • 15 gen
#Oppenheimer #RSC #StratforduponAvon RSC Oppenheimer, a new play by Tom Morton-Smith has its first preview…

Barry Thornton @AMidsummerMouse • 15 gen
#RSC #Oppenheimer, a new play by Tom Morton-Smith has its first preview in the Swan Theatre tonight … …

Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 15 gen
Good luck to all cast and creatives involved at @TheRSC for the opening/preview night of #Oppenheimer tonight…
Derek Bond @derekbond • 15 gen
All luck to @tommortonsmith and @angusjac for 1st preview of #oppenheimer tonight. May your uranium be enriched.

Ellie Lester @EllieMLester • 15 gen
Holy wow, #Oppenheimer at @TheRSC. So powerful.

smallangry @smallangry • 15 gen
#Oppenheimer @theRSC is, pardon the pun, da bomb. It is very, very good. Bold, natty stuff.

Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 15 gen
@CatSteadman you were captivating…a pleasure to see you tonight at @TheRSC in #Oppenheimer…#breathless as usual…!!!

Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 15 gen
Great night @TheRSC for the preview of #Oppenheimer…fabulous script, wonderful acting & a pleasure to see the amazing @CatSteadman’s debut

Lucien Riviere @LuceRiv • 16 gen
#RSCOppenheimer brilliant new writing; fast-paced, concise, intelligent, understandable science with humour. You could hear a pin drop.
Hel again @TweedDemon • 15 gen
Military uniform! Braces! In coherent news, the trailer speech in context, personalised, is stunning. #RSCOppenheimer #intervaltweet
Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 15 gen
Here goes opening preview of #RSCOppenheimer

Jennifer Tan @djientan • 15 gen
Super proudexcited to see the 1st preview of the magnificent @tommortonsmith’s #rscoppenheimer @TheRSC

Karen Mapplethorpe @antontroy • 15 gen
@TheRSC seeing it tomorrow #RSCOppenheimer
Emily Tan @temilyan • 15 gen
Sending positive vibes to @tommortonsmith on the preview night of his creation @TheRSC #RSCOppenheimer can’t wait to see it!

Thomas Hescott @MrThomasHescott • 15 gen
Sending love to @tommortonsmith for first preview of #RSCOppenheimer

Gobstoppers Festival @gobstoppers2015 • 15 gen
Break legs to @tommortonsmith and his #RSCOppenheimer cast, who open tonight!

Darrell Phillips @bomber90 • 15 gen
Looking forward to #RSCOppenheimer tonight

Hel again @TweedDemon • 15 gen
The Oppentimer goes off in T minus twelve hours! #RSCOppenheimer

Chris Shadforth @cshadforth • 13 gen
@TheRSC will there be any #Oppenheimer merchandise for sale during its run…looking forward to being entertained on 15/1…

Box of Tricks @bottc • 12 gen
Great to hear @tommortonsmith on @BBCFrontRow. Can’t wait to see #RSCOppenheimer at @TheRSC!

Karen Bolton @boltonk45 • 11 gen
Getting in the mood by listening to the playlist for #RSCOppenheimer
Poly Gianniba @polyg • 8 gen
@LNLux I absurdly resent anyone who gets to see it before me #RSCOppenheimer

Lauren Luxford @LNLux • 8 gen
Lots of audience excitement for #RSCOppenheimer today – if the trailer is anything to go by I’ve a feeling it’s going to be brilliant!
Kirsty Lang @bbckirstylang • 6 gen
@cshadforth @TheRSC @tommortonsmith Seeing rehearsal was great fun. Saw the RSCs head of armoury showing an actor how to ‘safely’ fire a gun

Kirsty Lang @bbckirstylang • 6 gen
Watching rehearsal @TheRSC of new play by @tommortonsmith about Oppenheimer, father of Atomic bomb. Gripping wartime thriller, opening soon
Vicky Graham @graham_vicky • 4 gen
A “work of special ambition”. Yep. Can’t wait to catch #Oppenheimer @tommortonsmith @TheRSC.
Hel again @TweedDemon • 20 dic
Well, I’m sold. #howtohityourtargetaudience #rscoppenheimer

Hel again @TweedDemon • 20 dic

Hel again @TweedDemon • 20 dic


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