Oliver Johnstone unofficial site, since October 2014.

Can just one role make you like an actor immediately, because you understand he’s gifted?

I like the TV series “Inspector George Gently” and when, on October 2014, I watched on DVD the episode 3 of season 6 “Gently With Honour” for the first time, I was impressed by the actor who played the protagonist, the troubled ex-soldier Scott Tanner. Oliver Johnstone gave a moving, sensitive performance. I was taken immediately as soon as he appeared on screen, even if, during the story, the character was deeply disturbed and spoke with low voice. I held my breath for him until the end.

So, looking for information about Oliver online, I found out he does Theatre as well, getting very good reviews. I love seeing actors from screen performing live! Fortunately, I hadn’t to wait too long to see him on stage in London.

As soon as his agents announced he got a role in “Oppenheimer” , I booked my ticket to see him and other three actors I was following on Twitter for a while, and I loved his portrait of the young scientist Lomanitz and the play, the best thing and cast I ever saw in a theatre! So good that I saw it four times in eight days on April 2015! You can read my opinion there.

And, some months later, on October 2015, “Teddy Ferrara“, where he played Drew, a seductive but vulnerable and complex Uni student. I don’t know how he was able to say such hot words in front of an audience every day!

He’s a fine actor with a good C.V. already! We will see many other good performances from him in the future!

I thought that he deserved a website to promote his work, although just an unofficial website, I’m not related in any way to Oliver Johnstone or his agents. I’m not sure if Oliver is aware of this blog, I haven’t mentioned it to him when we met, because I didn’t want to be misunderstood.

Regarding clips, photos and screencaps I post here, they are for reference only, I give credits, but tell me if you want me to remove them or to add more credits: E-mail oliverjohnstoneonline[at]

I don’t post personal photos or information about Oliver, just the ones that go public.



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